Monday, November 2, 2009

November Rain

Blink your eyes, close your eyes, shut your eyes, blink it some more..
One more month ending the year
Geez... seriously it was a weird challenging adventurous year indeed for me
I've upgraded myself to a workaholic and it wasn't by choice
Time just really flies and maybe am just lazy to organize it myself
Squeezing sometime when I can to play a lil bit
And.. weehoo I got an assistant today!
Hope all will work out well....
Few of them giving me tat attraction magnetism and yet am still threading carefully
Bleurgh... what ever it will be, come what may lah!
I did sailing last weekend at Royal Selangor Yacht Club which was freaking awesome and might take up as a hobby hehe
Cool crew and only half way I realized am the only malay gal on board hehe
Despite the wet month gloomy days I did managed to get awesome tan lines -____-
Since I got my juicy berry I rarely goes on my lappie hence the lack of updates and sharing
Yes, I miss talking to myself here blabbing venting spreading juicy ♥
Halloween I was trying to be a last min Harajuku gal with my chaperon as a sexy naughty nurse
Some public smooching involves.. what the hey it was a partay haha
The new club rootz above Lot 10 rooftop was jam packed at one point I was kinda suffocating
Gosh supper in Melting Concorde takes ages makes me think that my wantan soup was ordered from the stalls far outside haha
Oh did I tell ya my fav after hours lepaking now is The Library quite cool la
There was someone flirting w moi shamelessly and happens to be a friend to my company tat nite
Somehow I think all the games are in my juicy pocket already hehe
Will be away in Oz next weekend for a short biz trip
Maybe another Asia trip end of the month for a break -__-
New year... hmmm.. where will I be???
Lotsa plans... but which one ;)
Oh well good nite!

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