Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So Long Farwell... Hello 2009!

Wish ya all a juicy new year and may it fills with tonnes of juicy happiness!
Have a blast celebration and stay safe!

My left eye has been itching incessantly today... Why oh why....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I shoulda been in Sin City last Saturday

Oh gee... Viva Las Vegas!
I don't fully regret it but *sighs* am no longer the crazy wacky dive first and think of the consequences later sorta type of gal haha
Not losing it too much but I do weighing my actions now and be more responsible *trying hard*
Btw it's snowing there you know tee hee hee
Was flat on Sat due to cramps ugh!
Again I didn't go out dancing and shedding some kilos or grams haha
Instead after dinner with the boys we browsed around PS boutique aka Petaling Street
Eventhough I don't get anything but I bargained a tee for bambam
I love the hustle and bustle *chuckles*
Stayed in last nite too and now spending time at my parents
Gonna shower and meet with the gals later... For some sing song!
Mas no longer pimp landed last nite with his beau
Yup am expecting a countless nite of painting the town if we are all in the same wavelength as before like every new years!!! LOL!
Enjoy your hols peeps!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Well I guess certain things actually never change especially the mentality
Work is easy but the people always making it difficult hence adds to the delaying process
I totally blame the school and upbringing at home hmmmm...
Penat la!!!!

Watched Kung Fu Panda wif bambam finally last nite
Hilarious and I love it
Impromptu dvd of Mamamia at Jas's place earlier and OMG I instantly knew where it was
Yes... a land that I will add to my juicy experience.. one day
Cobbled stones, blue seas, rocky mountains, quaint houses, full of history and mythology
*twinkling eyes*
Yes! One fine day! Not sharing wif ya yet -____________-
Here's a piccha of one impromptu nite wif the gals near my neighbourhood
We sat on a little gazebo and I had one of the best tom yam
Oh Alphard the van (wouldn't call it MPV) is really spacious inside yo! Jakun!
Ada ceiling lights that can be dimmed too woooo hahahhahaa

I wanna shimmy shimmy
Boogie woogie oh yeah

Ok I'll save my energy for 28th onwards! Woohoo!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another Surprise

I, well the 3 of us had another surprised birthday last nite!
And I got more pressie
Thank you so much to the ladies who are great in surprising people
Merry Xmas
Ho ho ho
I really wanna go out and dress up but my god tired lah
So most likely just gonna chill and cuddle up at home
Yeah... losing the party animal in me slowly heheh
Enjoy your holiday tomorrow and yes am claiming another pressie tee hee hee

Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa Must Be Hiding In Oymyakon

I came across this after firefox loaded my home page
Like WTH is this place and there are people living there????
Don't think I'll survive there LOL!

Oymyakon is the coldest permanently inhabited place on earth which located in Siberia, the lowest recorded temperature here is minus 71.2 degress celcius! (I've been somewhere snowing wif minus 10 okay almost frozen as a statue). According to wikipedia this is the lowest officially recorded temperature in the northern hemisphere
The village has a population of around 800 and is located 690 meters above sea level and lies in a valley between two mountain ranges (the reason for the low temperature)
Oymykon means non freezing water becos of the natural hot spring close to village
You wanna buy a ticket there???? LOL!

Anyway Santa,

If you ever free to drop by... LOL!
Can you please slide these under the tree for me.. ya? Heheh
No wrappings needed >.<

Actually I got a lot of things I wanna wear in the juicy closet
But problem is am too lazy for outing nowadays *sighs*
Must get the mood back maybe.... *grins*

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Can I Call It Complete

Sometimes I thank god for the blessings he showed even things can be really upsetting for me
Yeah.. I under estimate most things and goes back to having no expectation from anything
Keeping mum at the right time/place/occassion (TPO) is the best thing to do
I learned a looooooooooot!

Spend a great time wif my darling bambam and family
We enhanced the living room a lil bit thanks to bambam and hopefully we can drill the ceiling for canopy (I got in Bali) in my master bedroom

Congratulations to Feisal ok we call him Penang my ol friend/bro for getting hitched finally
Nadiya the bride is gorgeous and they were looking perfect for each other
They ride that cute white buggy for their grand entrance *throws confetti*
Loving the fairy lights they had all over the garden and I think KGPA is a nice place to hold the reception
We were discussing how and this and that if we were to have OURS! LOL!
Am truly sincerely happy for the both of them! WOOHOO!

Earlier went out for buffet lunch in Shogun OU wif mommy and bro
We walked around covering the old and new wing.. seriously! Ha ha
I reserved a little black dress and got a pair of awesome platform heels
Yes.. am happy and now *pebbles* is loafing near my feet while licking his pink paws... aaawww...
What a great weekend and hope yours too!

I usually under estimated things haha

The road (business) trip was awesome OMG pretty exhausted cos after shower back home I kinda knocked off
Missing my birthday outing and Marcell show too *sighs*
Only if I had more energy left la...

I totally dig Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort yo!
Seriously the place is awesome too bad I always missed it up north and ended up straight to Penang
It is nice for a short get away and I had fabulous time at the Eco-Park
For a moment I was in my own world with the animals
I hold a bear cat, phyton, feeding the deer, rabbit, sheep and watching those intelligent Argentinian parrots doing tricks
Only if we have more time we can pay a visit at the Orang Utan Island about 15 mins away from the lake
Though I took a piccha wif an orang utan baby called baby with his bantal busuk (smelly little pillow)
As usual piccha later ya!
Maybe if I have enough money to retire I definitely will lend a hand of taking care animals and be a zookeeper!
Anyway on the way up to north do spend one or two days visiting Bukit Merah cos it will sure add the fun for your trip! See you there!

Here is a vid of one of my favourite Indo singers! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Early Morning Yo!

I had great time tonite following bambam to meet his Aussie buyer
Yup.. of his old RB26 that monster aaaawww...
He had to leave due to economic crisis and all.. boy.. I found out Iceland is a bankrupt country like seriously?!
NO time to google it though but you can just to get the facts right
Snapped some picchas of his adorable son my god he's really big for a 4 years old
His wife is from Surabaya and she's cool too
We had dinner in Italiannies and continue drinking next door
Been awhile we hang out there.. Loooooong time -________________-

I'll have to wake up in another 5 hours plus
LB in such a bad mood today but I should have prevented the silly M drama man *sighs*
I'll be more cautious next time!
No worries cos am gonna doze off in the 4-wheeler tomorrow for our northern site visit
It's gonna be a loooooooooooooooooong day yo!
*big big yawns*
Good nite peeps!
Most likely am gonna miss Marcell in Wine Room also my birthday drinks in Zeta *sighs*
Oh checking out Sultan too dammmmmn... oh well!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hey look what I found!
Isn't it awesome -__________-

If I have the time I will make one
Yes definitely -__________-

Wiser & Selective


I had great two days celebration over the weekend
With people who are important to me and those who can drives me nuts and to laugh uncontrollably all the time
*feeling all fuzzy*
This year I had FOUR CAKES!
Oh no... am staying away from dessert now.. I HAVE TO la...
Enough of the bulging on my sideways.. ugh!
It was a nice quiet well not exactly quiet la dinner with people matter to me most (except few who were busy with baby showers, weddings and escapede with lover haha)
We had at The C Club
Food was great and ambiance aaah.. I luv luv it how can I resists bling bling all over yo!
Price equals to food was on the value for money side
My spring chicken was awesome but bambam's tenderloin was sooooooo much better!
Will order that next time!
Waiters/servers were helpful and accommodating to us -_______-
Only to find out later when we got home that they didn't deduct the lamb shank from the tab (supposedly the first order for bambam and said it was finish and to change to something else) that costs us RM55
Hmmmm... tak best la kan but when I called about the error the manager said I can have it the next visit
Hmmmmm... whatever.... so overall it was satisfactory and the place is really nice to chill with friends!
Juicy moment!

My loco friends

Blow baby blow!

The boys vs the gals

Love this piccha of us -______-
Love my dress too!
Super Surprise!
Also I had my first ever surprised birthday
Seriously I was not just surprise but also SHOCKED too cos the poppers was pretty LOUD to a point I thought I was being robbed with a gun shot at home ha ha ha ha
I was way too busy practicing the new guitar for wii they burst in and shouted "SURRRRPRISEEEEEE!!!!" hahaha
Confettis were strewn the whole house and *pebbles* were shocked and hid under my day bed in the walk in closet
I love my friends... they literally cracks me up!!!
Thank you!

Friday, December 12, 2008

juicy advance birthday celebration

Working in the new place is like moving into a new house and getting to know your room mates

Yeah I mean you will not trust stranger right where you've to live together under one roof and yes I really want to be anonymous this time
If only I can cos reporting to LB is like no way I could do that
So far things has been alright but I can see some drama swasta happening really quick man
They're like those restless hamsters! LOL!
As long I have LB trust is what important to me now
Oooh.. I received a nice pressie from her before she left for the family annual trip
It was an advance birthday gift
Red is something that I don't have yet... yay!
The other office that I'm based is really majmuk and boy am so so glad
It was really sweet when they got a birthday cake for me earlier before we close shop haha
Turkish tea really goes well with the blackforest
Yup.. it was an early celebration for me... Splendid!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

World Hold On

Oh my the day tick and tocks quickly
Almost wrapping up 2008 which was quite an unfortunate year for me and also some people close to me
Nevertheless I met lotsa interesting people and living some of my long due dreams haha
I think I'm pacing myself slowly lately
No more unleashing the social/party side of me more cos I really appreciate quality time and resting nowadays
Looking at other peeps party pix sorta give me a reminder that gosh I've been there done that *whistles* haha
...and would these people actually taking a break and giving more attention to themselves but maybe they haven't realized that yet -____-
Went out last weekend for a birthday (yes I only go out for birthdays or events nowadays) in Frangi
There are a lot of interesting parties in town especially now that it's a festive month but man.. I think I just had enough
This year am gonna spend my birthday wif people who only give their juicy tender cares and constantly keeping in touch wif me through my bad times too
Yeah.. I would love to have a small company that I can rely on which I intended for last year (too) but somehow the list goes on uncontrollably without hurting anyone's feeling
But this year... I had enough of pleasing people and yes now it's time to give attention to me my juicy self yo!
Be gone those toxic and bullshits
I don't have to be everyone sweet girl that they can climb or copy on
Yeah.. I think am much wiser now *winks*

Yellow toga embellished top - CW bought ages ago hiding in juicy closet
Black skirt - Ms Selfridge
Chunky onyx ring - F21
Hidden gladiator heels - e-shop
Oh I had great juicy dose of sushi the other day when bambam took us to Sakae
Man... I just hooked on chuka hotate shinmi yum yum

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I was like a jell-O

It was so so funny thinking back about last nite
One of my fav indonesian singer was just across our table
Like totally opposite and I can see him clearly but at that time we were all unsure whether it was him or not!
We just sang his song the other day when we had impromptu sing song nite
It's actually a must song (lagu wajib) in the karaoke for me and get bambam to sing on his part LOL!
Quite a drama to prove it was him la hahaha
Got two pix of the said drama but will upload it later laaa

I can be crazy and shameless sometimes!
So you do have a problem?! Haha!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Deepest regrets

My hearfelt condolence and regrets to the victims from the landslide disaster that took over on the weekend :(
It was a shocking but I believe it can be prevented if we don't disturb the earth in the name of development *sighs*
Hmmmm... it's a tragic and seriously I don't really know what to say....
When can we ever learn yeah....

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

I had my fair share of rendang, kuah kacang, masak lodeh wif nasi impit
Thanks mommy I love love you...
Soon I will really learn to cook like you haha.. yeah am spoiled!
Shame on me -____-

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The day my jaw dropped

Woke up early this morning cos I had to go for AGM
LB picked me up wif cayenne while I waited by the road side LOL!
I was damn sleepy but yeah no choice lar

Colleague warned me that there'll be drama like every other year from the shareholders
Those chinese uncle uncle aunty aunty who come for the goodie bag and food instead listening or bombarding questions
My jaw really dropped once the chef/waiters pull the lid for the food cos they swarm and fight like vultures!!!!
I mean like really really fight to fill up their plates (one even have four plates wif her) and dashed to the corner took out clear plastic bag and tapau the food!!!!
Once a loud bang came from the casserole which toppled on the ground while they shoved each other to get the god damn (free) food!
Freaking scary unbelievable yo!
While I was talking to LB in the medan pertempuran (without realizing) ie. between the tables for the food a waiter came wif a tray of jelly about 5 glasses
Guess what before I could turn they rushed to the waiter and fight holding the stem and the jelly flew out hit on the carpeted ground near LB bwahahahhaa!
*jaw drop*
Both of us were AMAZED and speechless
Like what on earth is going on and I bet those ppl in Africa don't even behave like that and even so they have the right to be so eager to have their share becos of depriving ish ish ish
Shameless gila and man I was embarrassed >.< style="color: rgb(153, 51, 153);">Man O
where we had dim sum
Yup I realized working here... eat eat eat and eat!
Thank god for the good food -__________-

Oh I forgot to mentioned that I am now worth 7k... seven grand????? hahahahaha *jaw drop*
Like seriously? Boy am on top of the world yo but being realistic anybody can offer even more until I see it in black and white
You know what I mean tsk.. tsk..

Impromptu shopping wif lil ms chatterbox of mine -___________-
Supposedly looking for her winter jacket for her trip
Told her to get the plaid tights which are in now and to match it wif nice calf boots
She did and Ifinally found (yeah so drama) the shiny pvc leggings which were sold out in every single blog e-shop
It was perfect but wif a slight unnoticed torn and hides my thunder thighs looking slimmer heheh
Love it!

I like the one from American Apparel below which I was on Camelia from the piccha I saw in FB

Super awesome and yeah leggings are the new jeans!!!
My dear friend bought a similar pair in different boutique after she saw how gorgeous it was on the window display
The tassle black dress that I tried was perfect but definitely not important and waaaay far from my budget *sobs*
Am happy enough to shop for my friend.. full stop kekekekeke

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Incredible Me!

Yes I definitely wanna add this on my vanity shelf
You know I super luv luv Escada's scent since their first bottle of sexy graffiti yo!
Hmmmmm.... naaaaaaaaaak!

Oh in exactly 10 days I'll be adding a number 1 after crossing the big three-O
Dang! LOL!
I don't feel much changes except... oh yes except I've freaking gained 1.5 kgs from my last trip at the food paradise
Dang! Dammit!
I hope I don't bloat anymore after it's over so I can still see the two lines on tummy >.<
For lunch I had air flown fish which cost almost 1k per piece cooked in asam pedas
You read it right... super expensive fish that now sits in my round tummy hahahahhaha
UNBELIEVABLE and of cos it was soft and nice!

Also I had the opportunity to visit my most admired leader Tun M's office in Albukhary Complex
He's out of town and OMG nothing can describe how wonderful the whole complex is
I like the wood and white leather interior.. plush luxe classic at one go!
Picchas in my n93 but am so so lazy to bluetooth it la
It was an awesome experience... WOW!

So MsBagaholic has awarded juicy moi in her blog *blush* *shy*
Not so sure on what kinda award but since it sounds fun so am responding to the T&C as requested -____-
Only I wish it wasn't a monkey boohoohoo hahahhaha!

So I think if I were to choose my juicy seven would be those in my juicy dose here!
  • wat tha' fudge
  • biker's babe
  • ramblings of a mad woman (takpe kan I choose you back)
  • +tripfantastic
  • blackjettas
  • stylesightings
  • secretly, I'm tall
I realized I wanna put more! LOL!

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