Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I dreamt I was pole dancing in the stadium

Ha ha ha!
It was a weird dream last nite... probably I was too tired and excited at the same time for my next class
I remember I was smiling after I did it hahaha
Anyway I love vimeo they have cool and original stuff flowing with creative juices
See what I stumbled on over there :)

Reulf from Charlesque on Vimeo.

Hey it's his first day at new office...
Good luck and may it change your course of life for the better

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Weather Is Extremely Hot!

Woah! These whole Chinese New Year hols is super hot!
Showered most of the time when I feel sticky and spent mostly outdoors so I can get some healthy tan :)
He offered to buy me lunch so we went to Ole-Ole Bali, Solaris and afterwards some refreshing frozen yoghurt in tutti frutti frozen yoghurt parlour
Firstly our Indonesian lunch was really yum! I ordered Nasi Uduk which amounting to RM33 per plate (in flat wooven basket actually) comprises of otak-otak wrapped around lemon grass stick, grilled squid, dory, chicken rendang and some condiments with sambal to go with my fragrant rice
Top off with cold barley lime which was soooo refreshing!
Ambience was really nice with Balinese music in the background so it was somehow took me away from the heat and transported my mind back at the magical island :)

Chatting with him (again) without any hatred nor expectation was calm but am just not giving in anything yet
He was a superb companion I ever had but yeah it wasn't easily be forgotten of what had transpired earlier
Life is short am yeah am not the kind of person dragging things and missing a beat in this journey of mine
Let's move forward to a positive path and let it flow...

Here is swirl of goodness on a hot hot day!
Pomegranate + death by chocolate with fresh strawberries and choc sprinkles
You get to pick your flavour and DIY and then weigh it for the price voila!

This costs me RM15.90 but it was really nice and refreshing!
Try it!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Trekking and conquered Sg Chilling, KKB

We were supposed to meet up at 10 am at the mamak nearby my place
Woke up not too late but instead rolling on the bed and waiting for everyone
End up we were all pushed off on our road trip by 12ish after we bought our food supplies in Jaya Grocer (oh I luv the supermarket below my apartment as they have all imported yummy stuff!!!)
3 cars and we got slightly lost from my uncompleted printed map and GPS haha
Asked around and we found the place after about an hour half drive from home

I didn't expect it will be a long trekking/hiking inside to reach the waterfall from the main entrance
Oh my god!!!! It took about say an hour walk for us to reach the 2nd stream where the top was crossing 6 streams!
No joke if you have to carry lotsa food supplies (in our case 8 packs of nasi lemak, lotsa snacks, marshmallow, chocolates even jam tart cookies haha) and big mineral water bottle haha
Paid a buck each for a person to enter plus writing down on the log book also I paid another 2 bucks for a couple who came the same time as they both left their cash in their car so what the heck
Let's enjoy the water on a hot sunny day!

Good that there were 8 of us so it was a fun walk la haha

The current was really strong due to rainy season and we found a perfect spot to jump as some part of it was calm and quite deep
I do somehow attracted crazy munkees therefore everyone start daring another to jump from the small cliff of the stream hahahaha
See my keropi jump below.. darn funny la

I look like that cos I stepped on a bunch of dried leaves and sticks in the water.. yikes!

There was a slight panic on our way back trekking downhill as we were walking me leading the pack there was a loud rustling noise on our right side and we saw a big fat wild boar fleeing
Boy I was quite surprised and back track haha lucky our own hero took the lead and we hold our breath walking slowly until we know we were far from it *phew!*
It was a fun outing and yeah... good company guarantees a hell of awesome time.. FOR SURE!
Thanks guys my weekend was one of the best after 2 consecutive shitty experience earlier...
Here is KKB juicy jump vid taken by him
Check it out!

Oh gee, it's the V-Day

So here comes the day where most singles will feel either sad or down in the slump
Not for me cos I never really make a big deal out of it even when I have someone
Though it's nice to go for a nice dinner cos they usually have extras on the menu on what's nice and you get to dress up too
Instead of accepting the invitation I decided to spend time with family at home
Cos mom and bro was eager to have bbq!
Took hours (exaggerating) to build the fire from the damp charcoal haha but we managed to have nicely marinated chicken wings and drumsticks, fish and some sausages
Simply mouthwatering and full in the end

Went out to in changkat with Rapunzel and him
Love the cocktails, chill and danced a little bit
Perfect day and ending with a happy mood.... *grins*

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Morning In The Park

We went CYCLING!
Damn hot! Damn nice! Damn pain!
Rented the bikes and we toured the area stopping by some places like winter house, by the lake, fish farm and teasing the peacock haha
The 3 of us had the same level of fitness (luckily) cos at certain point climbing up the hill we went down and push our bikes....
Didn't manage to cycle the whole park (it was darn big ey) but good enough to build our stamina and burn some calories :)
We will come back again and yes I just looooooove cycling (sakit bontot) haha
Gonna make it a routine activity :)
Die fats die!


Have a Happy New Year to my chinese friends out there and enjoy your holidays!


A close acquaintance called me up for castings
Couldn't make it but went for another set up by my agency
I was selected for the second round but unfortunately I had to skipped as office work held me up :(
The offer was good some grands and a trip to Taiwan!
Always a blessing coming along as the one that I couldn't go for casting called me up saying the want me!
Oh yay! But I had to be at the set by 6 am in Shah Alam
Damn early right but since it's a day job and for tvc with kinda decent pay I took up the offer lah
And the director wasn't the one that was annoying too so yeah it all went smoothly
I was supposed to be a mother with my family sharing our meal
Tell ya that my "instant daughter" was super funny!
She look shy on first impression but then she loves to crack jokes to us!
He accompanied me for the shoot (that's where we got back to meet and talk) like usual
Well I'm not sure when it's gonna be aired but shout to me if you see lah
My instant daughter on set, meet Maya Sari
*pix later*

Grab That Pole!

..... and work it baby!
Woah my body sore and slight bruise on my knee cos I bumped it on the pole for a pole dancing class
It's fun and it's way harder that it looks!
Our instructor is super hot and the body belongs to Carmen
Small class about 7 of us and oh boy to get the right technique took several times till I get to clip my legs on the pole
Can't wait for next Thursday!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Can I Ever Feel It Again And Be The Fool?

Stay Away!

Seriously, I would never expect you to be so irresponsible and selfish to the max with your (I thought) level headed facade
But then again people have issues but not anything that can't be solved or counter in a better way
My rule of thumb never take advantage of a girlfriend cos she will be there for you no matter what!
For you ditching me so many times with random strangers is so not cool
Sorry is fine but repeatedly it means nothing la!
For god sake we are no longer in our teens and random sex isn't so much liberating yo!
I lost my respect and try to earn it again if you ever wakes up!
Buat malu je!
Sheesh... The best part was when you borrowed my stuff and left it at the stranger house WTF!
Have some dignity what ever it is there's always another way to counter your issues
We all been there and I can even guide you lah! Free of charge! But not for missing my precious stuff!

Mad Friday Nite with Mad People

There was SPiettes dinner with the gals in The Banquet BV2
Myself, SPDrama (Tasha), SPKalut (Suzy), SPGossipCeleb (Dawn) minus SPMommy (Hyda)
Awww we missed tat gal who is freezing her ass now in the Swiss land ;p
We chatted and exchange stories whilst savouring escargots, foie gras as appetizer and I had baked butter fish
Adjourned for presecco in The Social Bangsar for awhile before getting my car back at the condo to meet the mad people
Could have save the time if a friend told me I couldn't catch a ride back home.. Oh well! They can wait :)

Must include Hyda eventhough she's not around :(
Here is her stolen pix!

Anyway,I suggested to Mad People to check out The Social in Changkat BB
They loved it and I'm happy my kinda place is appreciated
It was lil awkward initially as we are no longer in island and beach mode but then in between the concrete jungle haha but yeah FUN is the main mission of the nite
So the nite was on fast fwd button and we ended up just few doors away in
My juicy lucky charm got us a table right infront of the dj console eventhough the place was jam packed aha!
Spread the positivity ey....

That's me with The Mad Scandinavian People i.e. Frank (Lee-Hao) & Viggo (Dong-Lee)
Their travel blog is mad funny!
I luv my blue peep hole dress I got from Oz hehe also saying it's pretty nice by Arne (Lao-Chen) below with Zets

Friday, February 5, 2010


Phew! How time flies! Craaaaaaaaazy!
Pay day.. paid bills... work work work
This week was so busy tat I don't have time to exercise no swimming, no jogging and no badminton!!!!
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! *looking down at the 3 packs belly*

I went for a quick pampering the other day visit to one of my fav spa Hammam in BV2
Had an hour of aromatherapy massage at the turkish morrocan inspired sanctuary
Boy it was good and i was in deep sleep
Back to work the next day the tense on my shoulder came back... ugh!

Got some funny trio guys from Norwegian coming down today
Will bring them out later bar hopping maybe as they should be shopping now haha
It was only last week I was at the beach and how I wish I can run there on the sand now!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun In The Sun Over The Weekend!

It was kinda last minute plan but I just booked my flight tix instead
Cos I will never say NO to any travelling for some fun in the sun :)
I did tweeted earlier saying can I just live in an island and sell some juicy coconuts instead? LOL!
Back to reality, concrete jungle bah!
Will share more when I have ample time *winks*
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