Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shedding Kilo(s)

I totally used up helluva energy last weekend
Twice nite out of dancing and lugging and dragging two humongous bags containing my pre-loved items which was quite disappointing cos I don't think I will participate anymore
Not the dancing part of cos
Well very disappointed after being loyal and be part of it but it seems welfare or genuine interest wasn't shown to us
After paying in advance and getting our so called table nos it was so poorly organized
Lesson learned and bah forget about it we've been bitten twice so enough of that!
I had muscle pulled on my shoulders and a bruised on my right arm dang!

Dragged bambam on Sat nite to Frangi catching up wif a fellow babe for her bf's party
Meeting my doctor babe and her hubby too and bumped into Wawie (surprised!)
The place were jam packed after midnite and THANK GOD we had our own spot a lil higher than the crowd
Stuffy, smokey and hot to a point I was drenched in my sweats eeewww...
Some sightings of sour souls haha
My fellow babe kept holding my hands while we were shaking and teased me towards them
I don't bother cos I don't have any what so ever feelings anymore and my god just go away....
Some small chaos (a lil fight after ppl get too tipsy and hyper and being over sensitive) which are expected if we hang out wif the group so told bambam not to get involve and we headed home and I was hoping I shed at least 2 kilos from that unexpected sauna

My cycle back on track this time around ugh... damn... got a huge pimple on my left temple which is quite painful
I had two consolations a packet from mommy and VS Romantic Wish body lotion from MuiMui
Hope that I'll receives good news tomorrow (in couple of hours later)
Yup I better rest and have a good Monday yo!

Some juicy notes I want to remember:-
I posted a poem to bambam on his FB wall ~ yeah, am expressing how important he is to me and I know am being emo.. blame the cycle!
Jas won karaoke solo and brought back a tv on her family day
Now I can call Melon again for being positive. Congrats!
Am extremely happy to danced last nite (testing the durability of my glad heels) esp wif Doc Zet and see Wawie wif her gfs having a gals nite out
Thanks YanieCB for lending me her digicam and loving her new hairstyle
Wondering Azah's preparation for her big day cos we didn't meet up which was supposed to wif the rest
The focacia chix mushroom + hot choc @Starbucks earlier was satisfying over the discussion of the much anticipated LV trip
Hope I get some great answers tomorrow!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Come All To Solaris

This Weekend!
Cos I'll be participating with none other the coolest peeps of Bijou Bazaar
I kinda like the venue and hope it'll be accessible to everyone so yeah peeps head down to Solaris Mt Kiara
Attached is the flyer and also the map for you to find us
Click the piccha for larger view

Check out my stall J.P.G and say hello yeah!

See ya juicy peeps there and have a great Saturday & Sunday ahead
I know there's a lot of sales going on in town especially in Park Royal and BV II but I bet the fun will not be the same as where I'll be and the rest of awesome people!
Come! Come yo!


I thank my lucky stars today that I finally got the offer less than 30 mins informal interview


I may just leave my car and walk to work!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Taking My Dance Shoes Out

It's been awhile that I went out to clubs
Like man.. am way out on that phases okay but I need to dance and be free
So i had an invite (shit now I forgot to collect the member card) and catching up wif a gf whom I know I can dance and had a good time wif since she's free
So many times I missed her gathering and this time I make my time for her -____-
Heavy downpour the whole freaking day.. but managed to do some laps and 15 mins of steam bath and another 15 in sauna
Gotta burn those damn fats ugh!
Before we drove off to town managed to have a quick dinner wif my darlings and of cos Juju before she flies back
God knows when we'll meet again but hey.. now Air Asia offers ticket to London for only 1.5k yo!
Hehehehheee.. a dear friend who has a mission to Europe already booked herself! Very fast! Go girl!

The nite went smoothly and bambam couldn't come out cos he went to hospital for his sister (her second operation) and she's allright
We somehow got inside without the need to rush with the crowd and stayed and danced for the last 6 hours straight in that room
The rest of other rooms were too many pretentious ppl who just wanna be seen.. BORING
Yup my kind of music we danced, danced, danced and my glad heels survived this time cos we had the best carpeted spot haha
Bumped into familiar faces those you clubs before and we said how old we felt haha
Yeah I said once in a blue moon is alright and as tonite is the relaunch so what the heck
This guy asked about *tat catfight* I had wif those monkeys
I laughed it off when he say no chance of reconcile with each other I shakes my head and shrugged
When they kicked and elbowed me on the dance floor that one time I said gosh they're not those ppl that you would ever consider to associate ever and I pity they instill those kind of upbringing their family gave them
Oh well I don't need them anyway... and added but those times when we had fun I enjoyed it eventhough if it was a fake one they showed to me haha!

Tomorrow I have two interviews (yay!) but if both doesn't give me that kind of vibes I think by Monday I know where to make up my mind and confirm it straight away
Hmmmm... I really wanted to go for NY trip but seriously my budget is killing me
I don't feel comfortable travelling and knowing I don't have enough like HELLO!
Being realistic and logically I know what I should decide
At this point I definitely need to do more calculations and already half hearted and foresee I'll be miserable *sighs*
How? How? How? dammit!
Stupid stupid hippieman!

Good nite!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Should I go or should I stay?

That depends on the approval *sighs*
Also there's so many too many holiday plans shite
I should make the call tomorrow morning and secure for next year hmmmm...
Anyway, how I wish I can pull these two looks off if am blessed wif tonnes of moolah to fly away and get each of them!
One day! LOL!

I found this first set which inspires me to do my own

Nice eh perfect for xmas or new year!
Remember that black feather bolero I posted earlier ~ looks good wif the full circle dress, killer CFM stilettos aaah.. those blood red fringe dress, ankle booties and furry warm coat!
Super luxe!

Itsy Bitsy Boo

Banner it!
Fiddling around wif photoshop (wif my super karat skills) and my gazillion collection of juicy picchas cos am stuck indoors I decided to give a brand new banner to savor some juicylicious luxe yo!
Like it?
Do you say...


I was taking a dose of other juicy blogs that I've linked here and one that shocked me was
Well.. *notty grins* I can see Prince William's willy bwahahahhaa WTH!
Maybe he cannot tahan so bad that being a royalty doesn't stop him releasing the nature's calling in public
Man... shameless betul!
*click here if you wanna peep*

Wanted to jump off in the pool but dark clouds and sudden shower stops me
It drizzles now *sighs*
Yeah most of you peeps are either in the goddamn cold office or teary eyed from staring the screen so long
But am home and thinking of a dip in the pool and pampering my hair in the steam bath after that heheh
Well I'm making the most of my impromptu honeymoon here!

I was driving back happily from town looking at the bright blue skies with mighty fluffy clouds earlier
Submitted my application at HLB and hopefully the sweet gal will give me good news in 2 or 3 days later
Amused at myself of the achievement of not buying/spending on unnecessary stuff when I strolled in KLCC for my EPF updates heheh!
Bravo Nurul!
It was just a quick dash!

*pebbles* is happy and fluffier cos I just bathed him with his green tea shampoo
Had lunch wif Melon, lil Ian and Ian's daddy
Boy! He's sure one show off cos he managed to climbed the high stairs till the top and look at me for approval
I clapped my hand and he claps back! Should have video it but I was rushing

I'll wait another half hour if the sky is clear gosh I need to work my ass!
Btw I fixed my other two shoes heels, need to pick up my stud bag sent for stitching in OU and change 4 of my juicy watches batteries
ONE MAJOR thing to do while am bumming now is to SORT MY Gulati's CLOTHES so that my friends can help me to throw some that I don't actually need haha!

Noticed the smiley icons? Gosh how I miss clicking them... xanga rocks it!

Yay! The sun is up again.. taaaaaa!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Juicy juicy smile(s)

This morning there were few missed calls when I woke up
Couple of sms but I had to rush for for my luncheon
Managed to return calls checking where were they from and mostly replying on my applications yay!
Couldn't reply any sms but dashed out after cleaning and feeding *pebbles* and left him outside so that he'll be happier to chill off on my bed which has been his current fav spot now (if bambam isn't around) haha

The luncheon went well but I always has doubts oh yeah I hate believing things now
Don't blame me but I just don't swallow any pretty promises anymore
The big co didn't call (yet) but another one big co which will give me a whole new experience rang and bargaining with me
Man.. I suxx on selling myself, my capabilities and wits sometimes but I told him to call me back if he can negotiate it wif the respective people
Anyhoo there'll be another interview this week and a recruitment agency called saying she'll fwd my cv to one oil and gas company... hmmm I'll wait and see
Things are picking up I guess I hope so and how I wish for a brighter year next year!
Might postpone holiday plans hmmmm... yeah I don't like a half hearted enjoyment who does innit
But dunno I might just pack my yellow suitcase and fly awaaaaaaaaaaay....
At times I do miss my luxe life yo! Dang!

Flossy! Flossy! LOL!

I'll bounce back... I know juicy I will be -________________-

Monday, November 24, 2008

I should be thankful

That I'm Blessed!
With great people around me even when I'm in unfavorable times *kisses*
After the short power packed trip last last weekend, this recent last weekend was another filled one
From dancing, drinking, uno-ing, girlie thing, barbie-ing, swimming and wii-ing gosh thanks to JuJu for making it an awesome one (eventhough it was intentionally for hers)
Yup, we had to crashed our plans since she'll be going back end of the month
They camped in my living room for two nites hahahaa.. sorta slumber party for us
Seriously they're all a bunch of toxic free pure happiness
I cherished those time.. like seriously
Eventhough I missed an exclusive rave event and some others too nothing compensate of what I had last
And I danced till the newly fixed glads heel I sent to the cobbler earlier in the evening broke again dang!

Oh I found out the repair cost for the cam is almost as buying the cool new one so WTH I shall compare at other places too... *sighs*

People can really makes me super upset too
Discovered this stupid b*tch blog after some CSI-ing
Like WTFHMOFO trying to say and after much hurtful words drama queen acts with that certain someone the b*tch changed the damn post!
EH????!! WHOA!
Ugh! Why creatures like this lil immature attn seeker who naturally comes from either two of the states that I loathe most will cause some unpleasant situation for ppl like me?!
The game is not over yet but I shall see how far it will go.. best friends MY ASS!
I really feel like puking reading her first post like what kind of delusional can she be man
Maybe she haven't seen how super lunatic I CAN BE hahaha
And what kind of response did she receives which was denied as understood by me
They (my darlings) decided to call her E.T I dunno how that came across but thinking back it suits the perasan face
Haih.. am tired of entertaining these kinda bullshits
Bloody waste of time for another lesson man....

Gonna have a chat lunch tomorrow regarding job opportunity *smiles*
Hope it's another streak of rainbow that I can count on!
I don't wanna be choosy but I think I am cos I'm not a FAKER!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stolen Picchas

Cos mine doesn't work
All were taken from one of the best digicam belongs to a dear friend -_______-
Wish our stay were longer... that what you will always feel when you're on a holiday innit!
Expect vomits of juicy memories from here on heheh!

Our first stop from the journey
We had char kuey teow as our first savouring in the food paradise *grins*
Then we chill by the beach @Sunset Bistro it felt amazing and I was totally relaxed and HAPPY

Supper we had soups with bread slices just across from the clubbing spots

Had breakie (yes we woke up early for Saturday) in Transfer Road for some roti canai

You can see am loving the teh tarik damn it was good tat I had to tapau another haha
Then we drove off to Penang Hill or Bukit Bendera and I wanted to show them how beautiful it was up there at the guest house cafe overlooking the whole city but too bad the train/tram only stop half way up the hill for some maintenance service

We then took a walk and enjoyed ourselves at The Botanical Garden
Simply lovely and I wish more parks near my home has it similarities so I can picnic there every weekend

I heart this piccha -____-
When I saw the tree I asked bambam to take up from below to capture the beautiful branches

We went loco at the park so so funny hahaha ROLF

Our gazillion times to capture the jumping effect!

Imagine a bunch of locals being touristy and camwhoring in one of the state worst than mainland chinkies visiting the first time to the concrete island bwahaha!

Then another funny thing happens cos we had difficult time circling around looking for the Sleeping Buddha Temple
My god it was driving back and forth from it and before reaching the right temple we went to a different one up the hill.. sorta Amazing Race moment you know
The huge statue is actually hidden inside and it was smiling instead of sleeping and it was so colourful cos it belongs to the Thais

Back to food hunting we savoured ais kacang and chendol and rojak buah
Loving the set up of the ol skool charm buildings and I'm always fascinated to it

We walked a bit and continued eating cucur(cucuq) underneath the zinc top inside the bazaar
Freaking hot!

We knew we had to fully utilized our time we headed to Feringghi Beach and took a dip
The current was quite strong but how I wish the water is as good as my precious island Perhentian

Sunset was awesome and I just gazed at it in the water telling myself how beautiful it was and blessed I am *beams*

I didn't shop at the bazaar cos am broke but there wasn't anything that I don't have anymore haha!
But being a beauty junkie I snapped some super awesome make up heheh
Juicy awesome.. woohoohoo..
Bambam said I could imitate this mannequin and snapped it right away haha

I passed out after shower when we reached home (yes we stayed @Jas amazing apartment in the city)
Thought of playing Old Maid but while waiting for everyone I dozed off till the next morning
My leg muscle pulls cos I walked too much haha but it was all worth it
We missed Sunday breakfast but we stuffed good with nasi beriyani @Hameediyah

Oh my god I wish I can tapau the rice back... finger licking good!
We ate our food quietly cos everybody was concentrating savouring it
Yup by this time I feel fat as a cow.. no make it two cows haha

UNO was started when we did our last pit stop @Gurney Starbucks cos the two coffee junkies needed their fix
Believe it or not the saga continues through out our journey back home
We are glad Juju is happy with the trip and bring back some sweet memories to Dublin
Unbelievable but the memories are irreplaceable!
We will see you again O'Pearl of the Orient!

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