Monday, October 28, 2013

Make doa our practice everyday :)

Allahumma yassir wala tu’assir robbi tammim bi’khair..
O Allah, make it easy, and do not make it difficult. O Allah, make it end well

What Superhero Are You?

So I took the same test last 2008. 
Of cos the result changes haha... why don't you try it too!

Your results:
You are Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
Green Lantern
The Flash

You are a beautiful princess
with great strength of character.
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Guess what. I went for a training with my bosses and took exam on the last day. I was so kiasu that I had gastric attack day before the exam and didn't actually managed to read all the pages on the handbook.
But tadaaaaa... I passed my exam woohoo only beaten 3 marks ahead from the bosses.. Imagine if I had read them all :P

Anyway, COBIT stands for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology. It is a framework created for IT Management and IT governance. It is a tool set aligning enterprise goals and IT goals. OK why do I need to know all these? Haha cos my role now is very challenging I need to speak the same language as my bosses and also educating and managing my stakeholders. Insyaallah this knowledge will help to understand the role better.

I am so glad that I went for the course and made my boss proud by not flunking it tee hee hee

Carpe diem!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On The Way To Becoming Geek

Cos deep down I am hahaha
I was so fascinated with IT I wanted to take C++, MCSE and do wonders with programming
Heck, I am still and where I am now hopefully, what I do still interlink and connected to it.. 

I am in training now.. COBIT 5
Have you heard?

Well everyone has their own whims and fancies innit 

Monday, October 21, 2013

He who has the best inspring tweets!

Patience is what I learned to be where I am today


How time flies. Yes I think every time I try to revisit this lil spot of mine, I realized we live day in day out without realizing there's so much we should or we could do to achieve a fulfilling and contented feeling. I have always been keeping myself busy. Climbing higher in career and pushing myself as long I have the hunger for knowledge and challenges, connecting with family and friends, buying stuff (which I try to keep it at minimum cos I tend to have withdrawal later on and end up buying more at one go!!!!) and involves in social activities.

When my job is more secured I will try to get myself into some charity works as I feel I need to give back to the society who need our support and care :)

These past few months along the way there are good and bad things cropping up. I had kinda tough Ramadhan this year as at work place people are just too insecure and selfish that they tried to kick me out.. Just like the other 4 team members who opted to leave than stay and face the music. It was bad but deep down I am a fighter when I know I am being treated unfairly. I fight cos I have given in and put my effort to make things right. I turned to Almighty for courage, confidence and guidance. Yes, we shall seek for his Mercy not only in time in need... He should always be around us in good and down time... Insya allah.

In this process I also realized my gut instincts are usually a spot on. Again a girl who cannot share and embrace others happiness turn to betray my sincerity. I thought I have moved on and selecting few who can be happy around me but I was wrong :( 

I should realized that confidence are not instilled in everyone naturally. Mental strength is acquired by sincerity. It doesn't mean you speak the same language, read same book, share the same coffee the other is not judging you silently. Hmmm.. seriously, you can actually judge a person look, the crowd that they hangs out with and the things they do to kill their time. I have summarised all these in profiling people. Yup, I just love to observe and I should remember to take a step back not be taken advantage again. Insya allah. 

Also sooner or later you will connect with the right people that you share the same character even though it might be in different levels but yeah.. He will clear the way for you :) they say birds of same feather flocks together so that is how the universe do their magic for us here...

Another sour apple who was the caused of my fall out with another friend I heard came back and got separated with her husband. Perhaps that's why she was too frustrated to see me going out and about with her gf and play her dirty tricks on me. I am no replacing anyone and I have a lot of friends that know I am the outgoing person who is so OK with impromptu plans. I forgive cos I don't play childish game and get stuck there... the worst part is out of the blue, her ex send me mssgs and I tell you it is not a hi-bye, flowery one. Ugh!

I think he must be losing his mind or there's too much revenge and vendetta that he needs to give a big pay back to her. Do you think I would interfere? No way am minding with people issues but deep down I know God is testing me to see what would I do with these chances. I rest my case and blocked that idiot like how I did to his ex and the rest... *puke*

An ol friend who called me Zoe (the only gal whom I allows - btw it was my cheerleader nick) passed on the same date as Dy-O left us. Innalillah... Alfatihah. She was young and lead a rather interesting life, battling cancer and fight thru the end... Our path always crosses uniquely but I am glad I managed to ask for forgiveness and told her to be redha and accept our fate. She cried incessantly and my heart breaks. May her soul rest in peace along with my Dy-O, atoks, families and friends too. We will all be we there are now one day.

I can't wait for November and December. It will be a great achievement for my life journey in 2013 *grins*

I shall share bits and pieces of what I am excited about hehehe

Take care and bisous.


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