Monday, January 31, 2011

Bonjour 2011

Hi! It's been awhile..
First month of the year is finally over. Aurevoir le mois janvier.
I lost my Internet connection at home where it's the only time I can update my dusty ol blog. I got an iPad yeah 32g 3G and finally downloaded google for this new toy.
Not really familiar with tuning my post yet hence please bear with me. It takes 2 mins slower than usual haha

Yeah rambling away and share my feelings and thoughts out open in the websphere
Frankly life had been bitter sweet for me
Biggest impact last year we lost Dy-o my dear ol man daddy
It was an unexpected thing to happen but yeah almighty wants him back and I guess he was quite ready insya Allah
I was on the way to London for work and got the news as soon as I landed... Managed to take the turn around flight :(
But I miss the pengebumian... I just told him before I left that I'll come home soon...
We grieved in our own way and I always pray that he will always remember us and vice versa. Alfatihah.
Life is short and seriously family is the most precious thing u could ever have...

Love life has been blooming again and if it's meant to be just go with the flow
I believe so.
We are planning bigger and more serious things together :)

Workwise it's about the same...
Just have to tolerate the unexplainable character of storm as always
Somehow my assistant has been given another task as a nanny and caretaker in their big mansion in Perth
I wouldn't want the offer as life is short and I got only my family here with me
Wish him luck as pleasing the famille can be a daunting task

I have started yoga and also taking French lesson
It keeps my sanity juggling between work and other things
Something that satisfy my own me time :)
Je m'appelle nurul. Je suis malaise. Je travaille et damansara perdana. J'aime beacoup le mange, je detest les bouchons.
Haha that's the most basic we learned and trust me it gets harder every time!
Am at beginner 2 (BU2) now and passed the earlier test we had :)

I missed traveling especially the beach
But this year there are bigger plans we need to give our effort together
Yeah me and my bambino :)

Heading out to my yoga class...
Find your centre peace and harmony mes Amis

A bientot!
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