Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Remove Ball Point Pen Ink

Wonder what is the picture all about haha
It's the moleculor formula for isopropanol (alcohol)
Ya this morning I wore a nice white silk top and unfortunately I accidentally smeared a tiny black mark on it *cries*
For a klutz like me that is nothing new!
Btw let me share this information with you if it works!

I tried it when I got home and I swear it works w the shaving cream!
Now we know ;)

Love Boat

It has always been my dream to be on a boat/ship someday
My first was a ship that docked at the port where our family greeted two foreign exchange students to stay with us for 2 weeks.. I was twelve that time haha so I can't really recall my experience onboard
Thanks my juicy luck it came true last April! Hooray!
Eventhough it was a supa short getaway (just over the weekend) but we enjoyed it fully!
I can't believe I did it and gosh it was so amazing and am glad I grabbed the offer :)
We thought that we were the only young people to be onboard but thank goodness that there are even young teenagers who know how to enjoy the luxury *envy* (or prolly their parents send them away for their own QT together)
Our flight arrives Langkawi was at noon and we were picked up by Lili Marleen rep to jetty and then took a small boat to the ship which was anchored in the middle of the sea
We were greeted with refreshing welcome drinks and our bags were being sent to the cabin
All crew were men except one lady who I think is incharged of the housekeeping
Then we had lunch immediately which was yummy. It was so good that bambino even polished off his dessert cake!!! He is not a fan of cakes or anything sweets ya so for him to eat and finish it all is abnormal haha!

We then have our own free and easy time either resting in the cabin or wandering around the ship
Of cos not wasting time we did the latter!
There are no telly onboard so you can opt to read in the library or just laze around anywhere :)
I love the ship! It's really nice not too big and yet take you quite awhile to familiarize from bow to aft and port to starboard
Had amazing time and met great people onboard
There were some french speaking guests who joined us for sunset cruise and while we enjoyed the evening at the after dinner we chatted and get to know with each other
Stefanie from France whom been speaking french with Brian from KL and the rest of his gang, Sakinah and Hana and Lydia from Holland. There was a couple from Phillipines Mharj and Ro Wen and Kavita and Tom (i think so) hails from Holland too

Instead of spending the time on the boat we went down to the mainland to have fun with them and back again onboard wee in the morning hehe the boat ride in the dark was kinda adventurous!

Our cabins were compact but comfortable :) and I can say everything was really pleasant
Captain and crew were friendly and I smiled all the time as am so happy that one of my dream came true!

The highlight of the trip was when I jumped off from the boat into the sea!
It was kinda high and I did it! I don't wanna lose my mojo hehehe
Kinda funny as Tom & Ro Wen were doing it and instead of bambino I DID IT!
Was applauded by the crew for my bravery hahah cewah!
Made new friendships and everlasting memories!
What a wonderful weekend it was :)
They said wish harder and it may come true one (fine) day!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

jusqu'ici tout va bien!

Hey ho! Hey ho!
It's been two days at the new place and looking good
Got my new lappie and blackberry... Syukur!
Carrying 3 phones are not funny la haha but thank god for handbags innit :D
Can never part with my ol faithful nokia, still reliable and the best especially the torch light function
It helps a lot even it managed to find a random white chick shoes in a club last week hehe

Anyway before I joined had to go thru medical check up
I am in pink of health *phew* be it urine, heart, blood, lungs
Except gotta check on my count for hemoglobin slightly lower but all good :)
As expected I fainted when they took my blood for test
Apparently it is normal for some people
I was braving myself while laying down on the bed but once the blood was extracted from me whoosh I felt lightheaded and gone!
Needles! No! I fear them! Haha

Am looking at my pattern and timing as driving back from work will need a lot of patience
Yeah traffic so yoga and French class has to wait awhile
I am sleeping early too so my day is as other morning birds now hehe
I could say am happy but not expecting much and everyday is a challenge
We learn something new :)

Counting days for the weekend cos me and fiancé gonna have a short escapade
Yay! It's good for my soul and I have to go to the sea or beach at least!
Lili Marleen here we come!!!!

To those who silently read my updates just be happy for me and wish me well please
Cos I'll do the same for ya!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dans les rues de Paris

I want to share with ya what I missed most from surfing my favorites fashion sites
Like these pop colours from
Ooh how juicy!

Gosh it's sooooo painful to blog from iPad
Can't wait to install unifi cos windows are definitely friendlier to blogspot or is there better way with Mac?

la liberté

Je suis libre, enfin!
While different part of the world pulling out pranks on the 1st of April, I handed my love letter to the management of MonKey Land
Truthfully I swallowed the treatment they gave me the whole freaking month till my pay credited in my bank sans bonus like everyone else
Unbelievable but I managed it thru and left feeling liberated ;)
It is sad that I have to leave the new team but if the whole show is run by shallow spoilt brats I have no time to entertain any monkey business haha
So long bloody fools :D

Had strong support from my bionic mommy, bambino and close friends and am so blessed to have them in my life
The two pondans that I recruited well, let just say "kacang lupakan kulit" and they need a lot of luck to babysit tat baby gorilla
3 years was a long time and a record and I started losing myself.. The happy me the juicy me!
Too much sacrifice which wasn't appreciated.. At all.. so yeah life has to go on and MOVE ON!
Managed to clear my name w the No. 1 and he wish me all the best :)

Nouveau chapitre, nouveau départ et nouvelle aventure
(New chapter, new beginning and new adventure)
Life has so much to offer innit!

Up upon the star I bet Daddy-O is smiling for me...
I miss him dearly. Alfatihah.

P/s: I am now officially engaged to the man that understood what real love is :)
Alhamdulillah. God laid his plan for all of us so just embrace it with open heart...
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