Friday, May 27, 2011

50s inspired LV

Louis Vuitton high heel booties
$1,120 -

Louis Vuitton monogrammed jewelry
$540 -

Louis Vuitton small ring
$280 -

Louis Vuitton glass shade
$570 -

Made In Borneo (baby) - Sereni & Shentel

I've been given the "Surprise in Kiwi" as a birthday gift as my 1st piece from SS Collection
Since stumbled on them via twitter I just adore all of their pieces cos I <3 wearing headbands :)
I ordered my first customized "Kuching Cat in Plum" above via their official website
Still waiting in my post box for precious customized headband!!!
Anyway a brief description from the designers are as below *click to enlarge* or go direct to their webbie
It's nice to see some best friends turn their hobbies and collaborate together to make other people happy <3
I bet it's not easy but as long as you enjoy what you do your passion will lead you to an adventure!
Wish them all the best xoxo

50s theme: What to wear?

I've been invited to a birthday party with 50s theme
Oh yay! Western --> think Marilyn Malay--> think Saloma
I googled and realized that it is an era where full circle skirts and tutus are in trend
Oh boy I would love to be in that era baby *winks*
Here is a piccha that I like or perhaps inspired for the nite :)
If I was in 50s the two ladies boogie will definitely be me hahahaha!
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wish Harder and It Will Come To YOU sonner or later!

I am so grateful that this year god has granted most of the stuff that I wanted
Not being materialistic but with his blessings I managed to acquire it.. Alhamdulillah
Am not bragging either but I have understood that if you have patience and dream and set your mind on it you can actually achieve it
My juicy metaphor is not just to shoes and handbags but I realized I can actually applying it to other things too
They said if you give your best and be optimistic the universe can hear you!
Or a matter of fact if you pray harder of course the Almighty can hear you :)

I always wanted to work in KLCC, you know being in the tower and have a posh office address
I DID! Even it was temporary but I did it! *beams*
I always wanted to work with an expatriate you know grasp different culture and knowledge
I DID! In fact it was in 3 different companies with different background and I gained loads of experience
I always wanted to involves in trade shows/exhibitions and fly on business class in my business suits
I DID! I've been to the biggest IT expo CeBiT in Germany, Shanghai, Australia and India *beams*
In fact twice I travelled on 1st class which was a great privileged!!! *winks*
But I do get tested with so many things too like annoying co-worker, impatience bosses, temperamental associates and other things. Guess good things only comes along after you've been greatly pushed to your limit!

I am blessed to have a great family eventhough they are not perfect but they are MINE!
We only learn to discover to tolerate better when we grow older where I stop answering to my parents everytime they point out my mistakes hehe
I just let them be cos they're always right in the end :)

We all should embrace our life as it is. Live with no regrets cos if it meant to be it is what it should be!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fashion Musing

You do know tat I have a penchant for fashion
I keep on buying those that caught my eye and been sharing my pre<3 in bazaars after bazaar
But the problem is it's still collecting to a mountain of clothes, shoe boxes haha
In a way am so glad am blessed with all these stuff, nice things, things tat makes me skips :)
Last year I had a spring cleaning and managed to seperates 5 bundles of clothes in a big black bags
Hoping tat I'll be joining in a bazaar again but oh no no no....
My time is soooooo tight and I don't have the energy to join any!
So what I did when my friends come over I told them to pick anything tat they like
A friend went to an island holiday in full sets of juicy pre<3 stuff haha am so glad she likes em all
Eventhough there are several friends who came and snagged whatever they like it seems that those bundles didn't really budge!!!
I really wanna sell them of in a jumble sale or something even if I sell them off at 5 bucks per piece I think I can make some decent moolah haha
All my unused shoes has been donated to the cleaner in my apartment :)
Don't think I can give them to anyone I know cos juicy feet is the biggest among her girlfriends hehe
Well if I do have time to sell of the stuff anytime soon will keep ya posted!

Here are some awesome soles for you to peek at :)

I just love to wear like this to work. She's pretty too innit!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Bonne fête des mères

Had a great lunch date with mommy
She enjoyed good food, nice stuff and travel
That's what I inherited from her...
But I can never been as bionic as her!
She's my superwoman!

How do you spend your time with your superwoman?
Je t'aime Maman!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Labour Day!

1st May
It's a holiday for everyone and also a day that change something in my love life
It's quite a weird and unacceptable but somehow God has laid his plan for us innit..
Now I don't look back but instead plan and hope for a better future with lotsa great adventures :)

Yesterday we had a tea w some of my favorite ppl in a new French bakery
It's called Levain Boulangerie Pattiserie right in the busy street of Golden Triangle
The place is an old bungalow converted to a cafe
Nice set up but it's not exactly French at all
Had a good catch up with them and I would return for the le durian macaroons!!!
So yummy it melts in my mouth
Go and check out the place nice to hang out w a group of friends :)

Anyway enjoy your holiday.. Lucky it falls on Sunday

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