Monday, August 7, 2017

2017 it's a LIT year!

Hey guys!

It's been another 2 years hiatus after my last post! Geezz.. people don't write anymore!!!
We got all these Instagram, Snapchat and FB live updating on our photos every seconds.
I had to record my feelings, what I've been up to.. places that I was lucky to visit this year and taking another round of career break too!

The big four is creeping at the end of the year..
I traveled to most of my bucket list this year e.g. New York, Angkorwat, London, Paris aaahhhh... am truly blessed!!!

Oh a lot of people's face masks fell off this year too and never ending drama for some people...

I gained weight and hoping I can be 50 kilos at forty!
Got a lot of work to be done...

Let me rants about the masks that I've mentioned in next post :)

Hang on tight!
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