Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It was a party... Durian Party!!!

An old friend sms me... "come for durian party tonite by the road side near Rothmans roundabout"
Hey... bestnya.. so I said "on! fetch me pls!"
The 4 of us hopped into his mini cabrio w the rooftop down blowing our hair like perempuan gila
Lucky I got ma hair clip to control the flippin frenzy mane
Haha and Jas was really pleased with the ride as it was her fav car!

It wasn't the buffet durian that I expected like the one in SS2 RM10 eat all you can but this was the bomb!
The durians are from diff category; Raja Kucing, Kaki Buloh and those D24, D11, D119 etc
I guess it was the top notch ones hee hee and for the second time Jas ate those smelly good fruits in her life!!! YAY!
Will bring mom and the two munkees to this place cos our party managed to eat the whole basket and the price was half than I expected!
The feeling after eating 16 ulas of those yellow creamy bittersweet fruit gave me the same effect as stoning aha!
My surrounding became slow and I just couldn't focus and spacing out!!!! Daymn!
Super satisfied and yeah kenyang nak mampus after that ~_~

Since it wasn't tat late yet we followed the boys to hit some balls in SS15
Wah we kinda like the place, music ambience and civilized crowd
It's been ages since I hold a cue he he and yeah it was a good game between me and Jas :)
Thanks Sham!
We definitely will come back ehe

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's all about being H when you talking about S!!!!

It is really a super packed week!!!!
Late nites and juggling work and personal stuff *raises two hands up*
Somehow my time is fully occupied which is good and surrounded w ol friends like ol days
Yesterday after driving mom to down south (my 1st long distance drive and the traffic was really like a bitch on way back) from atok sedara's hometown managed to catch up w
Jas & Hana at usual mamak place and later joined by NinaChopard & ShamFendi
Nina can drive now yo and has her own white cool ride!!!! *applause*
Am so proud of her and I realized girls nowadays really hit their goals eventually
Great improvement!

We hang out in ma juicy crib and played wii
I realized oh this is how the controllers work and yada yada yada
Always taken for granted that somebody would made it ready before... ish ish ish
Ignorance happens when you are dependent on someone else is not good la haha
So yeah we were so excited (when the Krabi gang get together the hyper level turn to madness speed) and we decided to scream our lungs out and drove to our usual sing song place
At 2 freakin in the morning for a good uno hour!
Tsk.. tsk.. tsk

So yeah I was quite stoning at work today and had to conduct 2 interviews.. bleurgh!
Somehow for me I believe in my intuition, the first sight of a person that can give good vibes
But I could be wrong (not totally) so yeah testing is important innit
We shall see....
The Krabi gang came to visit again we had early dinner in Curve and back home again and she really hooked on wii
I asked him to see this makcik who can really give a good massage at nearby my place to fix his shoulder and wrist from the accident and he came back with a big smile!
I cooked simple supper and we love the veggie balls dipped with the chili shrimp paste
Two rounds of uno session and pebbles couldn't take the madness of our shrieking and laughter he went to hid himself under the daybed in the wardrobe room hahahahahahhaha
I know he loves visitors but he just couldn't handle us!
We chatted on a lot of things and I came out with a realization that apparently most gals are more daring and being so independent than guys
It's like we have our own cars, proper job and our own pad where else the opposite mostly that we know are actually living in with their parents or those staying out will need someone to live with them... innit
None that we know who actually have their own bachelor pad la
Doh! I'm not being a feminist but are we more daring to handle our life and take control of it?
I believe so!
Hmmmmm... *looks up* yup we know what we want and more focus on what we need and achieving it
C'mon la are men nowadays uncertain of what life is all about?!
They like options but at the end of the day with those options they have... are they really choosing the right one or even dare to pick one
Fickle fickle fickle
So yeah I was kidnapped after shower to coffee hut with my hair still wet
The 3 of us 1 boy and 2 gals having a good late nite conversation
I foresee this boy who is young can be one of the rare sensible guy in future
Matured cool and intelligent
Good upbringing I would say and we just yack on S topic
Exchanging views and so forth and the gal encountered a very awkward kinda sticky situation worse than mine which I confided her earlier hahahahahaha
The world is really small and all interlink with each other bleurgh!
The topic got really hot and hahhaha so jadi la H
We learned a few good things and some of my curiousity left without a good conclusion
I like 'em thick! High density as he puts it...
Oh well something cannot be answered you have to discover it yourself innit
What a swell Monday hee hee
So good nite peeps and sweet dreams ~_~
Off to snooze land ♠

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad - May you rest in peace

Just as we bid the demise of our King of Pop recently now our dear talented individual Yasmin A left us earlier
All of her work were so touching and has it's own special symbolic message
Not cliche and emphasizing on what is REAL!
Her last post was 3 days ago in her *blog*
Al-fatihah and semoga roh-nya dicucuri rahmat.... Amin!

There's a lot of deaths this year...
I have lost count be it acquaintance, relatives, colleagues and legend
Also the death of my longest relationship *sighs*
Seriously life is really short... I've been telling myself and close ones that there's nothing right or wrong that we should question on our action
We have to create our own happiness and giving our best to make life more meaningful
Come what may!
Easier said than done cos feelings are not an easy thing to handle innit
I just wish that god surrounds me with good souls so that I can stay afloat and survive
Yeah I need to gather back my guts and speak out my mind!!!!!
Bring back the ol juicy me yo!

CD print shoot : ex wife hook up : comedy club

My head was a bit heavy from late nites earlier and I managed to find Tmn Desa by my own for the shoot
Yup.. am my own juicy GPS yo! ~_~
I love the make up from this cute chinkie guy, Max of CD as it was natural and enhanced my small eyes, making me looking alive!
The photog somehow recognized me and I said ya good ol days back in NST
It was fast after the hair was done and snap snap snap!
Walla am ready for their issue ~_~

Then I buzz tis gal tat I know of thru mutual friend after the shoot
Catching up for lunch or something in BSC
She mentioned she wanted me to meet someone as in getting to know each other bla bla bla
Seriously I'm not into tat kinda stuff (cos am too proud haha)
This someone ex-wife turns up and secretly I was laughing hard to myself
What a small small world and hello! I don't need to be anymore famous wei hahaha
Cannot handle my current fan base pun!
But being nice (as always) and a sport I layan je laa..
She is pretty but it is pretty weird on what she's trying to do hmmm..
At that point I was telling myself regardless your age or your race or your status even if you have 5 kids the sense of maturity is hard to measure until they try to speak out..
Told ya life is funny and I am amazed at how people connects and the separation is seriously could be just a degree

My day didn't end just there I kidnapped another friend to catch and support a new friend let's call him Mr Loud comedy show
Yeah it's a stand up and it was quite interesting
Those comedians really have guts to be on stage and trying to make people laughs
I think it is a tough job!
So at one point I was really tired cos we couldn't get a place to sit.. it was packed
To divert the coldness and grumpiness I had bullied this guy who seems to be full of himself (and partly drunk)
We were debating on craps and somehow he lost it to me kekekeke
Jahat kan!
He ends up making a quiet exit and yeah gone for the nite
Hoo hoo am such a real prat and it does feel good to bash up male chauvinist oink!
Give it to me boy! LOL!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blame it on the eclipse!

Found out there's eclipse this morning via twitter
And stumbled on pretty picchas that has been captured by some *click me*
Was a busy day and interviewed 3 guys so far as boss personal driver
One can make it but he can be bullied la
Need to see more faces

Had a great bonding with the Dulang Gals United (as Gina puts it) DGU planning for evil twin big day
The 4 of us instantly connected and chatted over dinner as if we've known for years haha
Yup it was our first meet and hey good vibes circulated among us so it was really cool
I got dropped off at Changkat for some drinks over fashion show
Oh yeah on Wednesday nite hahaha gila!
Had a great evening and yeah I've just realized this week my juicy schedule is really jam packed!
Got a print shoot for CD tomorrow yo! Hope I can find the place....
Time for beauty snooze.... zzzzz

Am In ♥

with Kings of Leon yo!
Man I've been searching for the title and singer of "the song" since I heard it on telly la
Hahaha always missed it and yeah.. damn so lembab baru found out! Woohoo!
I think the lead vocalist is sexy especially his voice aga ga ga ga
Scruffy messy guy never turns me but somehow his voice is mmmmm
Fooh! hahaha
Caleb (damn it's one of my fav names) Followills pushed himself to be comfortable with his singing style and written most of the lyrics for the band
Click the vid for "the song" and listen to what am raving about... *melts*

"Use Somebody"

I've been roaming around
Always looking down at all I see
Painted faces, fill the places I cant reach

You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody

Someone like you, And all you know, And how you speak
Countless lovers under cover of the street

You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody
Someone like you

Off in the night, while you live it up, I'm off to sleep
Waging wars to shape the poet and the beat
I hope it's gonna make you notice
I hope it's gonna make you notice

Someone like me
Someone like me
Someone like me, somebody

Someone like you, somebody
Someone like you, somebody
Someone like you, somebody

I've been roaming around,
Always looking down at all I see

Definitely can relate to the songs man...
They're my fav rockband now! Oh yeah!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sorry Is Good Enough?

People tend to slip, stray and act beyond the boundaries
Do you believe in second chance?
Hmmm... I always give chances; those lil ones forgiven ones but if it's too much to tolerate till it painted a scar
I bid adieu and life goes on...
Depending individual tolerance I would say... dang!
Oh I never have grudges and yeah positivity clears your mind for the next course!
Gotta let go! Oh yeah!

Dear Chris Brown,
I love your music
I love your style
I love your moves too
But... sorry ain't good enough for me
Though I'm not hatin' you... keep your hands off the ladies yo!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Life is really freaky that you just cannot comprehend what lies ahead for you!

It is really funny how the universe works!
Lately things happened in my life are kinda hard to digest
Especially those you meet and how it links to one and another and the best part is when you found out that your past is haunting you... yet again!
It is all god's will and as I believe he just know how to test those who has faith in him
To be more aware and realize that you can never run from those things you hope to chuck away and buried deeper far from your life.... hmmm...
Seriously I never regretted anything that I hope for to have a happy ending
I just have to accept that it was a journey for me to be a better person
Despite am slow in accepting it or learn from past I'm always trying to be positive and strive to survive
Life is really short and I guess I haven't fulfill some of my dreams yet
Cos I was always busy entertaining and pleasing others apart from my own self *slaps head* waaaaaakeee upppppp!
Oh and am tired of planning things... As for now am just letting my juicy boat float away and see where it brings me
Actually I never plan things.. I just wish it in my heart and somehow he does answered my prayers!
Yup.. careful what you wish for!
A dear friend told me that I do have a happy virus and spread it all around me
Awwww.. that was really the sweetest thing anyone have ever told me ♥
Haha I seriously hope so but yeah... probably am gifted not to sulk and sink with the pain am feeling for that long
I wish people around me will be more kinder and really sincere being with another
Honesty is the most expensive thing that I could ask for in this life
Let us see where the juicy boat will find it's permanent destination shall we....
Wish me all the luck and happiness as am wishing for you too
Much ♥

Dreaming of a mermaid and living in the sea

Am totally brown from swimming, jumping and dipping in the sea
OH YEAH! It was a good beach getaway and I wish it was longer
We took a fokker plane for the first time and sent to T3 in SZB by renkebeli wee in the morning
It was a great bonding too and we had serious fun by being free and crazy happy dancing around every where we feel like to
We bitched about a lot of things too haha
Our last hols together the two of us were 5 years back to LON
Good ol times!

My mind is still there in that peaceful lovely sea blue clear water swimming with the fishes
No am not joking serious and one of 'em really swim with us!
We named him roscoe cos he just couldn't leave us alone... unbelievable!
Laying by the lazy chaise with no worry of time passing by aaargh... I do think I belong to the beach
Bro entertained my craps all the way hee hee
He made me as a sand mermaid (will share the vid)
It's a gorgeous place and though it was pretty quiet I wish we stayed longer.... hmmm...
Here are some picchas to share with ya... (I know am just lazy to upload 'em lately)
Oh yeah it was in Redang Island in the east coast so you know
The crystal blue water so clear that you wish you stay there forever!
Can I built a lil hut somewhere there to retire.... One day maybe!

~pix later *yawns*

Monday, July 13, 2009

Am going... am going... finally!!!

Do the munkee dance w evil twin and king kong!
I received great news and the love boat gonna sail awaaaaaaaay as planned!
Wee hoo hoo!
Am so so glad and happy for 'em... awwwww....
Ok tat was the important juicy part of the day and also am finally packing (errrr.. not yet la just gonna chuck couple of bikini and wraps) for some fun under the sun and sea!
Ciao bella! Adios Amigos!

~ got home (safely) and too weng cos celebrating earlier w evil twin while king kong played badminton
left my car and driven back by magic dust
it was a tough time to pack cos it was all scattered in the wardrobe room
awww.. the list was too sweet and a big help of cos *blush*
damn.. really I couldn't believe that I have no plan and control sometimes haha
but tat makes an interesting adventure innit...
HELLO SEA! Wait for me............

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Do you believe in one?
I always do and it's weird when it happens to you when u least expected
It's been a terrifying roller coaster ride the last few months
Somehow when you stay sober and aware of your surroundings you can get the answers you looking for
I didn't expect to bounce back so soon
But I guess I have a lucky star somewhere to bring me back to reality
Shit happens and it doesn't mean it will kill you
There are more greater and worse things that could happen to others
I still have my family and crazy friends as support system
Things are looking brighter I hope....

Hopefully the magic dust will last
It is really shiiiiiinnnnggg..... shiiinnnnnggg I tell ya! Haha!
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