Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Short getaway

Juicy escape... are always impromptu
Those sort of where just pack and go.. haha usually to the island baby
This water baby need some dose of that once awhile and am lucky we are living in a country that we can just escape to the warm water over the weekend :)

This return to Perhentian Kecil Island Long Beach was after two years
Which wasn't a nice experience last I was there
The perception change this time as I had ton of fun in the water and lazying at the beach under the hot sunny sun
It's the company that you are with that matters
4 of us gals made a good combo ;)

Anyway I had fun and I don't mind doing it again! Yay!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dream Big :)

One day when I opened the sliding door of my balcony... 
I saw this....

A paper plane randomly flew on to my home. No it wasn't a love letter but somehow it made me smile.. Secretly I made a wish :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

F*****g best song everrr - Wallpaper

I shazam(ed) this song while came back from work last nite playing with the fat fur ball at home
We danced to the tune and he was like whoa!
Until now the tune keep playing in my head cos it makes my heart skips and all smiley haha 
Oh well... Enjoy!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

WGC 2012 - KL Convention Centre

This is the first time I participated with WGC and it was a nice experience.
Any conference, convention or exhibition are always a great platform for networking as we meet different ppl in the industry.
Most of my friends in Oil & Gas were also involves so it's more fun to be around.
So far it cannot top of the best trade shows I've been which was CeBIT in Germany.

Stayed there for 2 weeks in their home stay and entertaining our client from Brunei, experiencing the buzz from delegates around the world, learning new tech and gadget was the best time ever. 
Here are more snapshots of WGC this year :)

Trying out steering the ship and I got two air pillows for my effort ;)

Miss Malaysia Deborah Henry representing Schlumberger pavilion. She commented how she likes my top ;)

This guy Z is hilarious. Look at him trying to look funny which he doesn't need the rayban to do so. If you have seen his ride well you know why all the gals go gaga over him haha! 

This guy D is trying to show his hidden talent to all of us. He can sing but Ariff the vocalist for the band member which is also a friend couldn't keep up with D anxiousness  haha!
The best booth goes to Gazprom :) - well under juicy vote haha
The majestic view of the twin towers at night

It was another great networking and experience.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ma mere :)

  • our mommy's birthday
  • as well as mother's day
  • king's birthday ;)
She's the most amazing woman in our lives...
 We took her out to my favourite hang out place Publika. We ended up eating in Ben's :)
Our iron lady wonder woman

Mommy's 59th birthday cake :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

General Lisa's Baby Shower

Last Sunday on the 3rd of June I attended my first baby shower 
It was for our dear friend Lisa whom I would say are blessed that she glows during her pregnancy and didn't suffer the bloatness of water retention
She's embracing the motherhood very well even though we all knew she'll be the last person among us to be a mommy! Haha never say never!

Another dear friend has taken care of the deco 
Izreen did a great job for the day. Fluff + stuff rocks! :)

It was a great time bonding with everyone and yeah those who were neither a mommy or married gathered in one of the loudest table teeheehee
So many interesting topics we covered which includes "jom main..." sms sent to a friend who then showed to me.. OMG! *shakes head* crazy bunch of friends they are! 

So many yummy finger food and cupcakes. All looking too cute and pretty to eat!

Baby Safira is the cutest! And Ilaika is the prettiest :)

World Peace, World Harmony, World Unity - WGC 2012

It's wee hours in the morning. Couldn't sleep as I just finished doing up the minutes for meeting tomorrow. Ugh! I just can't slip my task nor responsibility la...
Oh well, had a tiring day running around as our dimwit guy work alone in organizing our participation in WGC 2012. Seriously he really in his own realm. 
However, am looking forward for the whole week as today when we went to get the tags not many booth or pavilion were ready yet. My fav from the 8 halls would be with Gazprom. Why? Cos they have beautiful and hot ladies as well as on the opening they have little gymnasts bending flexing with the music. Impressive!
Have a good week all :)

Oui! Tres bien!

I seriously need to polish my French again. Also to take up yoga back. 
Anyway for those of you who are as fascinated with anything French like me do check out the French affair in June :) *click*

Je voudrais aller au cirque et le marche de france :)
So exciting! Hope to see you there too!
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