Friday, October 31, 2008

Think.. think.. think

It's weekend and I AM THINKING A LOT after I woke up this afternoon
Rolling on the bed thinking.. shutting my eyes... thinking... fell asleep for 5-10 mins.. thinking
What to do next.. should I do this? Should I just leave and disappear? Should I ask for help? Or should I do that?
Arrgh! I hate uncertainties
I peeked over my balcony and thinking should I jump in the inviting pool
No am not jumping out of my balcony and commit suicide... haha!
A gal was soaking in that deep blue pool while reading a mag on the shaded side
But I'm hungry... waiting for bambam to finish his work no... I didn't help him as I plan cos I didn't hear the phone ring this morning
Fed *pebbles* and waiting for my laundry to finish
The whole house in a mess... ultimate mess... should I just cooked some instant noodle first and clean up?
But I'm so lazy *sigh*
Neighbour's cooking waves through my house aaah... smell so good! *stomach growling*
Well... I think first thing is I should be washing my face and brushing my teeth
So gross right ahahah... Gosh am so so lazy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bohemian Rhapsody

Friends That Cracks Me Up!

Happy Halloween!
Finally hippieman signs the damn pay cheque
I think too much la this pendatang! Macam setan!
Since he got together wif the boobie biatch everything turn upside down
So chaotic cos I presumed she's realling digging his gold ugh!
Now I really have to take a step ahead from slaving my life to him in that "kes bunuh yang died down" condo of his
Mental torture sial!
Just came back from NizzDaMan birthday karaoke @Red Box Plus
Straight from work freshen up at a friend's place we drove to town
I thought just wanna go home and chill but I think I really need to forget about the dilemma awhile
Missed the all girls nite out at MOS but heck am old to partay on weekday *sniff*
Singing my lungs out really ease the pain am going through haha
Especially when we sang BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY woohhooooohoooo!
I luv luv the song! Started learning and singing in the backseat of the car with my babybro on our family road trip when I was twelve haha yeah he was eight
Thanks to our mom and dad flower power child we were kekeke!
Well back to the karaoke everyone were sporting oh yes this is another set of juicy peeps that I luv to hang out with -________________-
Discovered a new soon-to-be-mommy who has a lovely voice cos everytime she sings I couldn't stop looking at her and it gives me those kind of happy errr... shrills?!
Maybe she could sing on my wedding?! Ahahahaha... ;P
Another new wifey who was shy can really rap and we were rapping as if we were pro (konon!)
Yo! Yo! Yo! Bwahahah!
Now back at home I quickly blast up my happy song and stripped down dancing in my panty and spaghetti strap cos I FELT RELIEVED!
I was popping a pill to *pebbles* while listening to the best electro 2007 (how irony is that) LOL!
It's his hormone pill la (I'm not a cuckoo mother k) cos it helps to grow back his coat yay!
*dush* *dush* *dush* the sound goes behind me ahahhaha!
Now I wish I can shuffle wahahahhaha!
Looking at the mirror while dancing damn I NEED TO DIET! FARK!
Despite the bullshit I swallowed today like everyday for the past last three weeks since we moved I had happy news today
Got an extra cheque for my Colgate ad last year woop pee dee dooo not much but ok la...
Got a call for an interview which I'm really hoping for cos the package was pretty good but I gotta see how this person is cos I would know if I can work with the person instantly when I meet them face to face
But oh well just hope it will be alright soon hmmmm...
Oh yesterday a Managing Partner came around my area during lunch to meet me for an informal interview after I called her the first time half an hour earlier!
The position would be something new but I was thinking heck I have to be choosy even am desperate now cos I don't like to just jump and give my non 100% commitment
So what I gotta do is just forward her my resume and see if she is comfortable with my expected package lah
(which I doubt so)
A celebrity friend of mine also looking for assistant but she said am too expensive haha
Tomorrow will be helping my dear bambam with his stuff
K gonna clean up myself and head to bed *smiles*
I'm happy but am gonna save that feeling a bit until everything fall into place
Ok the song is calling me now *dush* *dush* (put yours hands up for detroit)*dush* (i love the city) *dush* ahahahha
p/s: I'm excited about the LV girlie but gonna save that a bit too till I get my visa done oooh! Kopak!
Electro soul run free yo!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bambam Lamb Is Da Bomb

I think he really enjoys doing barbie
Cos he does it with passion and patience and they all tasted sweet and yummy
We packed our stuff and grabbed a cool couple with us along cos most juicy peeps can't make it
Before that we dropped by at Ms Fudgie's first open house at her lovely new home for lunch
She serves beriyani and it is so sedap that I had another serving LOL!
The same catering (well I wish she can cook like that heheh) for her wedding... nice!
Doddie was there too ah am glad she came and still looking the same back in high school!
I think we are all blessed! :)
Pix stolen from Fudge

In PD weather was sunny and nice but less wind
Cleaned up the apartment as usual and we replace the pantry supplies
Bambam lighted up the house with lampu kelip-kelip hehe
After dinner we chilled in the house while dancing to Wish's music
We played card games and saying out odd/even numbers between us (dunno what exactly it is called) but it was craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy fun!
I totally need the break man and oh yes we kept saying Fark McGregor! LOL!
The funny part was when two super happy hyper from Glenfiddich boys start marinating the stuff ahaha
Too bad the digicam died on me so picchas later lah
But the memory stays with me... aaaah... bliss!

Second nite my darlings came to join us wooheehoo
It was impromptu cos she was asking how it was so I did not expect for them to turn up
We picnic by the huge balcony and Anaz showed off a cool portable dvd and screen player to entertain ourselves while the boys grilled the yummy stuff
Played mercun after stuffing ourselves full and oh boy it was good!
To light up the big guns we all drove to the beach same spot where we had the fireworks for new year with my family
Oh yeah!!!
It was nice sitting, playing and watching my friends
We all maybe have some problems or other things that messed our minds but being together we cherish and enjoy the moment and be free
Friends like this are hard to keep.. finding is easy but then if it'll last with you?
Oh yes I thank god he has showed some kindness and let me be surrounded with friends whom I can always count on *juicy kisses*

Third day we spent the whole day playing in the water
oh oh I got the vid! :)
So many green tapes on my pink float cos it's bocor badly haha
Wish was saying he felt like orang kaya sipping drinks lazying on the float with his shades on and the view of the boat and yachts docking hahahahahahha
I love people who loves to berangan cos they are not afraid to express themselves!
Me and Nora just soaked in the wading pools while catching some rays
They were impressed that bambam now can swim ahahaha! Ceh.. one of my swimming students got to show off his skills kekkeeke
We even feed the fish by the dock haha with meemee can you believe it!
Hmmmm... we all thought of staying longer but I gotta come back to reality and sort all the mess asap!

Ik houd van u (I love You)

Yes cos you showed it to me too!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh yay! It's gonna be a long weekend

The day past quite quickly and I found a kopitiam to have lunch (alone!) *sobs* and they had astro on
So eating my thai style fried rice and sipping hot barley I just lounged there
Sad right my working life now OMG!
I hope the sooner I get the better off I'll be and bring back ze ol me!
There'll be some open houses too this weekend but bambam so keen to check out PD
I dunno I'll just go wif the follow but getting out of town would be good to clean up my mind
Also will be catching up wif the newly married from of mine at her place in the golden triangle
Aaah.. I should put on something nice cos dressing up will definitely uplift my juicy mood!
Have a good weekend ya all!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Distraction A Better One. I NEED A JOB!

This is just too cute not to share!
Doncha think the wallpaper is so gorgeous! Yup it's the same as JPG site
Kerli - Walking On Air from Kerli Fansite on Vimeo
Check tis hottie out!
Am amusing myself by checking out cool vids and now you can see am sharing most of them lately
Seriously mental torture is the worst thing you have to endure cos when you're mentally drained your body is not functioning well
Getting tired easily and just don't have the heart to think of anything correctly
I lost my appetite and even buy my own packs now.. WTF right
But it's ok I just need some distraction to take my mind off and staying sane
Waiting.. ugh I hate waiting for something not concrete but I have no choice
It's a down time, bad time for everybody
Economic crisis gives a big impact to everyone and at this time I'm wishing that I should be smarter enough to cover my bases
Well that's me always sway and being too optimistic that I forgot to keep up a certain thing
Find solution! Find solution!
Anybody can help me?
Yeah am looking for another job.. please let me know if your company has any placement as a PA, HR& Admin just buzz me cos I don't wanna die here rotten.. alone *sniff*
Thank you!

If Love Is Just Pure & Simple

Check out this short love animation...
Aaaawwww.... it is simply sweet and beautiful!
A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.
Pretty innit!
Anyway it has been a long day today so far so good *prays hard*
I don't give face to that idiot hippieman and when a close friend asked me to meet up at her office during my lunch break I jumped into a taxi to town
Yup I'm temporary car-less but you know what since I don't look proper (at all) I plopped inside the salon across that damn idiot condo and asked the hairstylist to wave my hair a lil
I deserves a lil pampering and looking more presentable too innit
So far it was very informal gosh I really hope it will be alright soon enough *prays harder*
It rained badly and traffic is beyond madness so we detour to her house before she send me off
Had another informal meeting while W1 was having dinner with his guest in the ultra modern mansion
Two things achieved so far.. for me and for her
Got my angpow yay and the sin city is looking 80% A-okay
Gimme more positive happy happy vibes
Insya allah... Amin!

p/s: Oh dear hippieman, you may torture me this past few weeks and tomorrow I'll take my juicy sweet time to write to Bank Negara for you.. bleurgh! That if I feel I need to farker! I can't wait for the day man... Patience!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Supergirl I Am

Last nite while blogging and trying to collect back my confidence piece by piece and listening to Superwoman by Alicia Keys elevated my mood a little
After reading AzniBagaholic blog before I run off for lunch I took similar test
Just to distract my mind off from this little hell
Oh yes he was barking again and I quickly ushered the travel agent guy to go downstairs to have a puff escaping from the madness
Anyway here's my result!
It put a smile that this silly lil things can uplift my mood and add to that extra piece of puzzle that I need to complete soon! *smiles*
Your results:
You are Supergirl

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Iron Man
The Flash
Lean, muscular and feminine.
Honest and a defender of the innocent.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero am I?" quiz...

Thank God

I've been losing my appetite
At times my body is not functioning well when my mind is too occupied
I gotta find things to amused myself
After dragging some puff at the balcony while talking to bro he told me to get back my confidence and keep on being selenga
Hard as a rock and ignore! ignore! ignore!
He said maybe I have no more entourage that's why I lost it.. well partly maybe its true but I think I get overly sensitive lately *sighs*
Talked to Jas, KC, Jap and of cos bambam on my predicament but now I realized I gotta stop feeling sad
Today as you can see I've been posting up loaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads stuff
Oh yes cos it helps to distract my issues now... digging up picchas to share and vids too
I can just babble and drown myself into it and now I feel so so relieved and slightly better
Oh I spent the whole freaking day updating, collating info to launch and embark to another pasture
I don't think I wanna kill anybody... hmmm.. yet?
*think happy stuff*
*happy thoughts*
*happy happy happy*
*happy happy happy ho!*
It's so ironic this song was playing while I'm typing!
Alicia Keys - Superwoman from Nab on Vimeo.
Everywhere I'm turning
Nothing seems complete
I stand up and I'm searching
For the better part of me
I hang my head from sorrow
Slave to humanity
I wear it on my shoulders
Gotta find the strength in me

Cos I am a Superwoman
Yes I am
Yes she is
Even when I'm in mess
I still put on a vest
With an S on my chest
Oh yes I am a Superwoman

For all the mothers fighting
For better days to come
And all my women, all my women sitting here trying
To come home before the sun
And all my sisters
Coming together
Say yes I will, Yes I can

Cos I am a Superwoman
Yes I am
Yes she is
Even when I'm in mess
I still put on a vest
With an S on my chest
Oh yes I am a Superwoman

When I'm breaking down
I can't be found
And I start to get weak
Cos no one knows
Me underneath these clothes
But I can fly, We can fly

Cos I am a Superwoman
Yes I am
Yes she is
Even when I'm in mess
I still put on a vest
With an S on my chest
Oh yes I am a Superwoman

Thanks Alicia!

Bringing Out Juicy Baju Raya

Ze ol ones and new too!
Yeah yeah yeah
It is still raya and am proud to wear my traditional clothes to the open houses cos it's the only time I put it on other than wedding or kenduri haha
Here are more picchas of makan over the this month long celebration woohoo!
Azwin's open house at her new spanking minimalist condo

Baju kelawar + sarong: Gift from mom Gold earrings: sevendays Matching black brown stone bangles: Indian shop @brickfields Tote bag: Cherry Lin LV

Bambam never shy to wear florals or ol skool prints... Juicy luv luv!

My extended lashes heheh

Kebun Mimpi's open house

I like the geisha painting admired by my bro

Cream Kebaya Top: Plaza Sentral Satin orange printed pareo: Online shop Bag: The Stam, MJ Dangling Earrings: Cupid Goddess

Somehow having the same name we can also end up wearing the same colour scheme without planning ok!
Great minds think alike ahah!

Linda & Irwan's new home

Isn't he a heart breaker?????!!!!
OMG my lil baby godson Ian is too cute to cuddle
Such a show off he don't let other babies to touch his toy lappie tsk tsk tsk

Hakeem/Judge is in town and dropped by at che's house

W1's Open House, Ampang

The most coolest open house wif super VVIP DYMM Yg Di Pertuan Agong as guest of honour and I shook hand wif the Queen! Yay!
I was actually dead tired but thanks MuiMui for inviting
It rains non stop and the buffet oh yum! My sarong was too tight to savor all the feast haha!


I'm Going Crazy Now!

Nothing much I wanna say
Sorta have some mix feelings never been depressed and stressed all worked out like this
Kinda biggest challenge I have to face
Yup... life has its ups and downs and right now it looks like a road block that I have to slam through
Oh well!

Gotta tell myself there's always a SOLUTION to any problems
Let's face it wif juicy pride!
Rihanna - Disturbia from robcio on Vimeo.

Lace Rage

I luv luv lush luxe shiny materials
Maybe I have the eye for anything lavish, eloborate, gaudy to some which just fascinates me

Wish I can have 'em all.. am gonna have some lace, embellish stones lil project of my own! Weeeee
Here is juicy mommy vintage lace jacket yo!
Passed down to me and imma just gonna keep it wif me for now -_________-

More Arm Work Out

So so so....
I've been well we've been really hooked wif wii and spreading the wii love to our closest haha
Here's what happen when you go crazy on wii wif baju raya uh huh that's gonna be moi!
Picchas picchas
Creating our own wii player

Entertain yourself looking at us being retards beating each other ass off in boxing bwahaha!
Juicy Wii Addict from Nurul Rahman on Vimeo.
Seafood galore
Here is what we had when bambam craving for seafood to uplift my mood as well as satisfy his big appetite
Gotta luv the chillies and chopped garlic

Start off wif shark fin soup his favourite and finished up three quarter of the bowl

Yummy butter crab

Super soft crispy buns, *this* people is my favourite and cannot be found anywhere else... yet!

Down it all wif hot chinese tea
They say you can see some meaning of the tea leaves once it settle in the little cups after you pour it but too bad I can't read any

Can you interpret it for me? -__________________-
Happy Birthday Femy!
We celebrated his bro birthday sometime last week at TGIF OU
He's the opposite of him well more reserved, slightly darker and in the world of his own
We barely talk and by now he should know am a real crazy and loud one cos I went off quietly to tell the TGIF peeps to sing a Happy Birthday song to him
Too bad mamabambam gotta leave early to fetch the non independent younger sister of his from her dance practice
Oh yes she's an amazing dancer you know those hip hop modern dance and did back up and opening for few concerts
Last I heard she even met Wade Robson of the famous dance project show of his in MTV
Dang! Go girl! I gotta see her picchas!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reverse Psychology Is The Cure

I had to be numb at the moment and that is the best option at the mo
It's okay I've been in the same rut almost all the time
Hmmmm... let just hope it wouldn't be tat long *looks up*
Anyway they always say if you can't beat them just join them!
In my case just give them a taste of their own medicine ugh!

Lately my mind has been so occupied and the social life I could keep is just catching up at mamak
Cos it's just a step away from my flat so it's cool
Tonite I dragged bambam to check out fashionisette @The Attic
I like the place cos it's cosy and met a lot of ol friends
Even babs sporting a crazy afro do was there and since bambam asked me to say hello I obliged
Cos it would look odd just to ignore besides *cough* she don't really look good heheh *looks away*
Had two jugs of harimau after me contemplating not to touch any
But hey what the heck I've been so so stressed and pressured instead of doing what I should I opted for another way
My bad..
Yeah seriously am not ready and can never be double face
It ain't my style.... soon enough I would choose the right path...
Got lotsa piccha to share...
Wait ar peeps.. Am so so disturbia now weh
dum dum di da dum dum da da da daaaa..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

At the rate am going now...

I should be paid a consultancy fee!!!
Please bear wif the cussing in this post cos that bloody hippie man being a real pain in the ass
Working and staying in this country can actually manipulate a foreigner being the same lame attitude like the majority
They squeeze they give no respect they being sneaky!
When I know somebody I would give my utmost respect in adapting and accommodating to their character, behaviour and sometimes their mood
But one can take as much isn't it?!
The problem wif me is am always being bloody too nice, give face always laugh it off oh it's okay it's just them
I shouldn't be too emo shouldn't take it personal
Yes my weakness is let me tell you loud and clear and transparent of feeling for that person first instead of MINE!
MINE!!!! I should think of myself first! ME! ME! ME!
But nooooooooooo... repeatedly another person comes first
Memang pantang if I sensed that person is super sneaky
Like WTF lah kan just be straight forward la babi!
Don't have to pressure me and then point the fingers to me subtlety at the end of the day
I can smell it la you doink!
Yes, I don't think I can take your bullshit crap anymore mofo cos you don't run my freaking life
I'm a fast learner and I give well not 100% but at least 95.5% lah cos am not perfect!
These type of people I would say they have inferiority complex
When they know you can lead a better life than them oooh they cannot cope wif that!
Make that person life miserable too!
Thank god for some positive vibes that I can rely on lately seriously it means sooooo much to me
Giving me the support and courage of what to do and things to be done for MYSELF!
Yes I gotta start thinking of sorting myself out for a better healthy life!
I may want all that sparkle bling bling in this life but hey MOFO it can be found somewhere else too you scumbag!
Buying a penthouse decorated like shit wif kamdar curtains (oh wait kamdar has better choice now) doesn't impress me at all!
You can work on your bloody hammock yourself and just die there!
God please give me strength to brave through these challenges but am tired...
Seriously tired >.<
It ain't my game anymore...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh oh oh NO!

Am easily tired lately cos after settling down at the new office I just couldn't stop working
Anyhoo a lot of things should be tied up and the mess I've gotta clean up is not even mine
Bah! That's always the case innit others washing their hands off and dumping it to the next person
Sheesh... but hey when ever you work for someone you can never escape or have a choice
My mind has been pretty occupied too, getting hard to sleep at nite >_<
Driver told me to use short cut to get to Penchala Link
after hours traffic
I zoomed through and was happy to beat the lots
But.. but.. when you drive around the neighbour hood I learned not to drive fast cos it will look as a safe and empty road but always have some unexpected dumb idiots who dunno how to look at their bloody rear mirror when reversing the damn car!!!!!
BANG! *shaky shake*
OH yeah I was shaken cos one drunken idiot smelt of beer kiss my chevy ass UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!
No surprise at the left hole a souvenir from bambam's bro which has not been fixed almost half a year!!!!
Ok usually I would be very very angry upset yelled and screamed but but becos of my work occupied mind and partly due to the monthly cycle I can get a lil vulnerable and cool off
Stupid me didn't realized the big freaking dent caused by that drunken idiot and oh yes when he wanted to shake my hand for saying yeah whatever OMG *slaps self repeatedly* I just wanna go off!
In my mind it should be a lesson to him that THANK GOD he rammed my car not some motorcyclist or jaywalkers and killed them!
At least I could fix my car innit *sighs*
Things happen and hmmm... am gonna be so broke man
Well I hope that china man really open up his chinky eyes not to drink and drive during happy hours!
Poor my baby chevy....
On another note have you ever like meet eye to eye wif one person and you know that you know that person
It's just you can't recall and you scared it maybe a wrong person and just look away and walk straight...
I swear walking back from lunch the gal I saw was my pet sister in primary school
Just couldn't do anything while we looked at each other and after a couple of steps later I remembered he name is Amelia
Gosh having period make me so stupid sometimes ugh!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh Gee Am So Wii-ed

Bambam got a surprised for me when I called him to asked if he comes to eat beriyani at mom's house
But after awhile I think I can read his mind and promptly told him that "You are getting wii don't you!"
I can see his eyes blinkering on the other line and he said... "ummm.. yeah..."
Gosh part of me I'm upset for him not joining even though he said he will earlier but the other am happy wif glee
Wa saw my expression of switching instantly of the idea and asked them to come and play! Ahaha!
Bro was in good mood so he entertained us all wif his other side of him

Che and Irwan who left the lil prince behind

After stuffing ourselves we picked him up and went to my place to test and get our arms a lil late nite work out!
Jas finally carried *pebbles*
His coat still not recovering and his tail now looking like feather duster, yeah am naming him now...
*pebbles duster*

The tournament and see tat busybody cat not leaving behind

Guess what time we slept?
Wait.. they even camped out in my living room okay...
Haha it was good fun and my arms still hurt like a bitch!
Husni! Let's have a session soon he he now that I've practiced!

Happy Birthday Two Juicy Libra(s)

This way too late to give a shout out to super juicy gals
It was also an impromptu celebration for them cos I was stuck in the middle as each of them want to surprise another
But I didn't tell any of them either until tat nite itself heheh
So here am giving you two gals a belated shout out of HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY
~wa (1st Oct) ~jas (6th Oct)
All I wish is plenty of happiness to you both ey!
Luv luv xoxo

It was a super sing song nite cos we covered lotsa songs haha
The two boys menyanyi penuh perasaan
Everybody just letting lose in our baju raya yo!

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