Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Babybro!

Enjoy your last 2-series!!! LOL!
How time flies innit....

When we were holidaying in Dy-O's company apartment in Port Dickson with mommy

When we celebrated last new year holidaying in Bali, Jakarta

Monday, August 23, 2010

I shall wait for you!

Here's the perfect Parisian chic for juicy feet!
Love flat shoes *drools*

Catch Me If You Can!

It's been 13th day of fasting month 13th ramadhan!
Woah time pass us swiftly and I think I've been saying it for so many years that I juggled between work and play as much as I can :)
Did I tell ya that I was in Vung Tau and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last week?!
Ha ha ha
Yup I was and earlier was in Bali and Jakarta and Singapore quite an extensive travel innit
Without realizing I actually covering Asia leg this year and few local islands... Alhamdulillah!
There's a blessing in disguise and what ever it takes or comes I braves thru it the best I could :)
I wanted to upload and share so many exciting picchas since early of the year which I will find time to sit and be glued to juicy lappie to do so....
What's interesting tonite?
Oh yeah am gonna be breaking fast (berbuka puasa) with my idol
And who's that?
The most admired and respected man in my life that is our former Prime Minister
Yang Berbahagia Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
As it is a private function it'll be more intimate and from my last stint with him I owe him about RM6 for 2 picchas I snapped with him hahaha
Have a good one to you too ya :)

p/s: Age has been catching up with dy-O it seems he can't really moves so much and now it impact his right hand. We've been trying all sorts of treatment after the MRI scan. My only wish that he will open up his heart to ask for forgiveness. Insya allah. Amin...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Salam Ramadhan and Selamat Berpuasa To All Muslim Friends All Over!

Happy Birthday Bambino

Enjoy your last 2-series dear!
We've known each other coming 5 plus years
We dated and broke up for a year and he is trying to win my heart again now haha!
I leave it to GOD to open it up for me but by giving him another change of being in my life now probably he has soften my heart
If it's meant to be it will happen innit... that's what they always say!
You're the most compatible character who can tolerates my sillyness and temperamental haha
May you be wiser and of cos put me in your top priority this time!
All the best and may god bless us always

Dolphin Bali Living Up Juicy Golden Dream

I'm gonna say that it was freaking fantastic fabulous dream come true!
Thank to Johnny, Ucil and Gombloh... who are they?
The cutest dolphins that I played and swam with personally and thanks to a bunch of cuckoos who waited patiently for me LOL!
More to come... stay put!

Friday, August 6, 2010

I was in the fashion page for local fashiongirliethingmajik site


Remember I went to Urbanscapes without fail every year and guess what... what I wore can be found here Tongue In Chic site *grins*
There are other hot gals w interesting fashion sense too
Check it out!
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