Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chin up :)

Snapshots of late last year

What had happened late last year when I was leading my life journey?
Been a year Daddy-O left us. Al-fatihah. We all miss him dearly...
I was busy with work understanding the industry and participated in company events.
Squeezed some time to do things I would strike off from my bucket list. That includes fencing, wakeboarding, shooting training :)
Travelled to Paris in October (where I can use a little bit of my beginner French - je parler un peu francais). Then to Dubai count down for 2012 (which I fell ill due to fever and diaorrhea - worst flight back home everrrrr!) but had a great time with two lovely ladies.
I finally moved to own home after waiting for almost a year to get the keys. Alhamdulillah!
Pebbles really happy for me and he enjoys going up and down the stairs haha...

Oh well, life is how you make it. How you make your choices and choose where it will steer you. Sometimes it's ok to make the wrong choices as long as we know how to get it back to where it should be. Otherwise have faith and be grateful that we can still breathe and walk on this ground and don't waste it! We live only once.. Be good do good and all will be good :)
Be prepared for the vomit of juicy life late last year hehehe
Bisous xoxo

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why do friendship fail?

How have ya been? moi? bien merci :)
It's been awhile since I jotted down my thoughts. That's becos time is too little and sometimes I wonder if it's alright for me to share my views and thoughts with you.
I am the same person. Struggling juggling with self being, career, family, love, friendship just like yourself.
Too many things happened that I rambled mostly over twitter haha but certain things I told myself it meant to be that way. So I just gotta let it go.

Friendship.. sometimes I really wonder why do people change? I mean change of heart towards you. What did I do or what did they have been doubt about you that it drifted apart. At times I do want to defend myself being treated unfairly. But is it worth the time explaining something should not happen in the first place. 

Jealousy - envious - is the root of all things! Just be grateful. Simple. 

We can't read people's mind though. Perhaps we can but we can't penetrate deep in their heart. Changing mind can be saved. Changed of heart will take a long time to be healed. That is if it ever comes back! 

I believe if Almighty want us to be friends it will not stop there regardless what happens. He'll make it easier for me and you. Either life is much more better without you. There always a reason.....
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