Monday, September 29, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Maaf Zahir & Batin
The above pretty card can be bought at the +wondermilk page so click 'em away

In this coming festive season after a whole month of fasting and lay low I take this opportunity to all my muslims friends around the globe Salam Aidilfitri

To those who have has had hurt me which resulting me retaliating back at cha just move on and give it away
I don't bother your life so please give me a juicy peace life too
After all it's better that we are not associated anymore and please respect this personal journal of mine :)
Good vibes are definitely welcome!

Anyhoo, have a good holiday and visiting your loved ones :)
Buzz me if you're in town cos I'll be staying back here and rolling on the empty streets in my lace kebaya!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Juicy Alba + Special Glamour Issue

Apart the fab svelt bod I really want that hair for raya hu hu hu!
Go and try yours LOL!

Create your own FACEinHOLE

Gimme Some Steak Please

Bambam was in good mood of having special dinner for buka puasa last Friday
So we went off to the nearest steak house around the corner, Eagle Nest
The sirloin garlic steak I had was well done! and of cos we ordered half dozen of escargot and shrimp fracaise as appetizer plus glasses of warm sky juice -_________________-
See the good thing about us is we luv luv food and quite adventurous in trying out anything except those bugs or internal organ stuff la...
Ok not quite adventurous but appreciate good stuff haha tats better innit!
The second part is we surely knows how to entertain ourselves or irritates each other for attention LOL!
Yup we are easily amused..... too easy at times!
Thanks for the luvly dinner bulat!

Saturday was crazy bollywood birthday party in the evening
Will share picchas of the awesome nite haha - find it below!
Both my feet hurts like as hell... Ouch!

Picked up my online shopping in SS2 and went for my lace fitting
Was at Show Pink Junk sale but didn't join cos of the limited space and crowd and besides I don't really wanna rush for the party too (which in the end we came quite late) what's new?!
Instead of selling I managed to snagged a knitted studded bag Vivienne Westwood inspired and a wide silver waist cincher (WWF belt as Afzan's puts it) at a fantastic bargain
Gosh I just luv luv junk sales man - read: I'm a hippie at heart

Spread your leg!

There was quite a number of ol handbags you know those where your mom or even grandma used to have on sale
I don't really digest the coolness of these kinda bags cos first of all it's too small for me to chuck all the stuff and secondly the strings are usually too long and looks slightly better if you sling it but the shape too dressy
Ah I dunno it's the latest craze among the youngsters who think it's sooooooo vintage and cool but it's just one of my fashion pet peeves
What's yours?

Anyway after breaking fast at @parent's place today I chatted wif mommy in my ol room turned to guest/praying room upstairs
She showed off some of baju kurung she bought and funny thing was she also showed me a big blue container hiding the raya cookies away from the two hahahahahahhahahaa
Yeah up in the room okay...
They all look inviting and guess I too have to wait till raya LOL!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Junk Sale

Hola peeps!
Before we celebrate raya am joining another junk sale hosted by Show Pink @Bombshell Salon in Bangsar
So please come all and don't forget to say HELLO!

Look for my stall at JUICY.POP.GARAGE k
Will be teaming up wif my pretty partner and she has lotsa new colourful stuff for ya

See you there!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Strengthening The Friendship

This holy month byk betul gathering wif friends
Which is nice as everyone tries to accommodate their time to buka puasa together
I'm happy that am included in their program -__________________-
So here are some picchas I had this month while breaking fast outside

This was when we had yummy banana leaves and kick ass sotong goreng wif Jas and her friends @Nirwana (mana lagi!)

White top: Zara| Black A-line skirt: MNG| Black diamante belt: August 8
Black patent shoulder bag: CW| Black low heels: Juicylicious Sole

Everytime am in BV always forgot to stop by here

I looked like a school gal kan haha

Pasar ramadhan Tmn Tun where we always tapau

Choc cake yumyum! Cannot beat MsCB's friend

Mom's Place in DP
I was sick and for the first time doc said I got gastric ayayi... >.<
So if you notice two separate occasions I put on my MNG velour cardi cos I caught fever
But tat don't stop me from going out too haha! Anything for my friends!


Azwin's place @Sterling for pot luck
Didn't bring anything cos we came later and I was still unwell :(


Mamak session @Kota Damansara

Ayen|Penang|Nads|Yanie|Jas|Moi|Sham|Wa|Anas and bambam taking pix

This was one of the nite after berbuka we went to little India and got some goodies

See the colourful candies oh I luv the coconut ones

One of the first dishes mommy cook for ramadhan

Grilled prawn and fish curry.. *drool*

Yup gonna berbuka wif my colleagues pulak later heheh!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Juicy Go Green

Submit a photo = plant a tree!

If you noticed am supporting the blog movement of Canon Goes Green
Please do your bit in making the world a better place to live in and that can start from our home
Not just submitting your photo only but do register for planting of 2500 tree saplings in Kota Damansara
Hope to see you there too!
Yes am excited *grins*
Now you can go green with envy -_______________- bring out tat green monster for a good purpose!

Green is soothing innit!
Spread some juicy goes green luv *winks*

Juicy Got Wii-ed

Yesterday was super awesome!
Since the berbuka puasa was cancelled wif another set of friends while on the phone wif HusniStylo he jemput me to berbuka at his awesome crib cum art gallery i.e. Kebun Mimpi
Wow the art by Quddin was strikingly attractive esp the mix colours :)
I need a bigger wall/house to own one lah!

Ouch my arms hurt! Wanna know why....
Cos he broke my wii virginity last nite after we chill out at his cosy tv room
It's so funny cos I thought it looks easy but hell no cos you gotta move and press the button simultaneously to control your character
Ok la I admit am super lembab cos I'll be the last gal on the juicy planet to get hook on wii
Infact bambam wanted to get it probably months back but I kept saying No la let's save up for travelling
but but now I think we still can save up and also get the wii.... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Husni let me try most of the games he had starting from tennis, bowling, baseball (I suxx), golf (not too bad) cute as hell go-kart and donkey kong (ultimate hand moves needed)
Memang layan and I said I can be anti-social and kill ze party animale in me if I get wii at home LOL!
Best ah!
Husni!!! Before I get my own I will redah your house k sharing is caring maaaaa...
Call me bila off day! We have another wii session *winks*
Gimme the nunchuks please...

Oh he'll be moving soon and he asked if anyone is interested to buy this awesome light from Bali (I think) for the price of RM800
If it suits your style and home and want to know more can contact him directly via the link of his juicy crib tu eh!

I'm gonna travel to Japan later yo... hait!
Shit am late!!!!Ta!

Monday, September 22, 2008

crazydoglady eid mubarak

Is it me or time wheezing just like tat...
Next week raya ok! *phew*
Wonder if my lace is ready from the new tailor *ponders*
I didn't manage to go for terawih also this year still not too late will ask my juicy babe when she's going

This fasting month lotsa catching up wif friends weeeeee....
Somehow it's more meaningful *wide smiles*
But tak sangka in this blessed month got also some anasir-anasir which are quite abominable to entertain
You can't take the drama from the king or queen even in the holy month yo! LOL!
Fret not no blood splatters!
My deepest sympathy cos as much as I try to colour their dull life (am sure secretly they agree) still can be so ungrateful and being hateful pulak later on
It's all about the colours baby not just black and white doh!
Sincerity is missing from the heart that's why lah they act weird like tat
Wonder why the connection in the first place >.< Hantu PHD (perasaan hasad dengki) tak sempat nak diikat di bulan mulia ini
I think so *raised eyebrow*
Whatever... *do the W signs like JC*
I wouldn't wanna be in the TinKosongChampionship as MsCB puts it either lah

Nobody has to like me in the first place so just go away please!

So apart from the anasir-anasir well the whole month am glad not much money wasted on extra food
Ye lah fasting month your appetite grows bigger especially walking around the pasar ramadhan
I craved and eat a lot for nasi kerabu but none actually has the oomph!
Oh! Oh! Which reminds me that tomorrow I should get the moist layered choc cake which I didn't eat cos accidentally left at bambam's house so orang lain sapu the other day *cry*
Like everyone complaints that we don't actually lose weight in this fasting month I think I got the same issue too
Not that I eat a lot also but how come?

But among all my mom's ikan terubuk bakar is still da bomb!
They say nothing beats mom's cooking ey *smiles*

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Is Too Short

Yeah I find it too short
Didn't have time to actually chill and sleep in long hours
Friday travel to Seoul wif my juicy gals
Yeah we had Korean BBQ suggested by
Ms. Fudge
Kak Teh Yan finally made it there too oh yes! Gegar!
The food wah wah was super yummay can also beat bambam's marination (such word?) LOL!
We were all kenyang, took picchas and walked around bit and then continue lepaking @TGIF
Great evening
it was *wide smiles*

Konon everyone nak pakai heels but end up me myself too bought a pair of flats to walk around the mall
Vincci was on sale so apa lagi and my first time wif my leopard Guess heels kinda painful (lupa gigit)
Besides how can you resist VINCCI SALE yo!

Yellow top: Naf Naf| Silk pattern scarf: H&M
Dark denim: Ms Selfridge(superb cut)| Black patent LV replica bag (juicy bling bling)
Chili red studded flats: Vincci

Our hot plate/grill plus steam boat

My overloaded plate and oooh that half bitten yummy crispy bread

Group picchas please

Afzan's super pimped up ride and I drools on the juicy rims

J.P.G rolling

Saturday was selling @The Podium wif the BB families

Not a good one (for me and few others) cos I think it lost it's touch of flea market where one should be a thrill and rush of finding quirky stuff and happy vibes
Too much CLOTHES on sale lah
Perhaps also it was middle of the month so salary is not in or fasting month or not many peeps know where the hell is Menara Hap Seng
The venue is cool but perhaps the location not accessible to public
I like the entertainment and of cos BB trade mark rubber duckie -_______-

With ma partner

This is my batch gal during
MAS called Annie
Maybe been 3 or 4 years we last saw each other but you see shopping definitely connect peeps too
Huhuhu and she likes the coke tees of mine and bought two

Wrapped up earlier cos me and bambam said better we go jalan-jalan somewhere LOL
My partner also his sister couldn't agree more wif us cos she also can date wif her bf too *grins*
We had berbuka at his house wif his mom
I played wif the lil kitten whom they called
Chanel but I prefer Marshmallow

Oh! Oh! Bambam got me a pair of pretty nude heels and a pink monopoly yo!

Yes it is in pretty pink box! Woohoo!
See how cool pink it is *bimbotic giggles*

I love the baby pink dices

Sunday lazying and there was the storm The wind sound was freaky yo! Played the first time of my pretty pink monopoly wif bambam I beat his ass ahahaha he said the set is too pink for him to handle Berbuka wif parents at their place Lepaking wif my juicy babe who got me a pair of glitter earrings from her ronda-ronda in Curve LOL! Yeah we dreaded our boss will be back to the office tomorrow ish ish ish
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