Monday, February 21, 2011

Février est un mois chargé

Bonjour mes amies!
Tu vas bien? Cava...
Am in beginner 2 and this time I skipped a lot of classes and its getting harder
Blame it on work :( she seems really not happy that I need to get off twice a week much earlier to go for class (i.e. not be able to stay back and I requested to go back at least 6.30 pm mind you my class starts at 6.40 pm) bleurgh!
What ever I'll catch up with my classmates and make sure that I will master the language of LOVE!
Nobody gonna break my spirits! *beams*

My post title translated to February is a busy month
Yup! Up and down but blends with my positive vibes where I did a lot of interesting stuff over weekends :D c'est la vie!

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