Friday, November 10, 2017

Health & Fitness Journey

After I left corporate world, I felt a sudden need to recheck myself and realigned my thoughts to a more focus in self improvement and inner peace.

I do miss being in a team challenging ideas and plotting out strategies.. but looking back I was sucked in to a deep negative hole fighting with demons masked in human form in suits just to be on top...NAH! Thanks for the lessons and all the perks.. I wanna be me again and I don't need to be the greatest actress to fit in!

So, I slowly maneuvered myself to exercise more as I've tortured my body i.e. eating unhealthily, smoke a lot, binging outings, late nights to escape from work stress. I lost my metabolism as I've now aged passing the mid thirties crossing to forty for goodness sake! When I made up my decisions, it's usually when I'm listening to my body... and I can hear it screams Oi! Wake up and give more love to me! ME! Your body that is a vessel to your soul!

Yeah.. once I left the company well I was lucky to negotiated my departure with my top boss, my CEO whom was offering me to stay and instead I took up the compensation as I needed the break. My GM was an ass.. seriously and I don't bother to have any farewell cos their drama is beyond I can comprehend. My body rejected to be in their presence too as it was up to vomit blood some may say! Their time will come around to the corporate leeches and monkeys...

After our maiden trip to America... New York is the best city in the world! I'll blog about this I promise... I psyched myself into following videos on simple exercise routine. Trying to squeeze few simple work out. Then, I started for group work out as I need some social interaction. I signed up with FIRE and enjoyed the kick boxing classes. I like the vibes there too. People are pushing it at their own pace and motivatig each other.

Now I am more conscious in my eating habits, more fruits and oats... veggies too less carb. I was doing well until I had a collagen drinks which spike up my weight as hell! All those work out shedding weights toss in the god damn drain.. but at least I'm telling myself I gained my stamina back and I learned!!!! Beware of your poison!

Here are some photos of fire yoga and #pinktober ride yoga classes I had joined last month

I might hit the pool now. Happy weekend!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

hello november!


One more month to bid farewell to 3-series!!!
Frankly, I'm not feeling any much different except that my bedtime is preferably earlier as sleeping is precious nowadays, I cut down my sugar intake and loading up fruits+veggies, I like the morning air and I have lesser friends cos I tend to be selective and cannot tolerate b#lls*t....

As life has never failed to teach me a valuable lesson, I count my blessings instead of complaining and sulking about it.

A lot of things I've checked this year after I left that giant corporation for sure. I can't believe clocking day in day out on that twin tower for the past 4 years. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and knowledge that propelled my career to next level!

So what's in store currently you may ask? I might be talking to myself here... I miss pen down my thoughts and feelings.. so many things to share!

Ok my fitbit has alerted my bed time.. brb and good nite!

Here's a snap of us at our neighbour hood mall haha!



Monday, August 7, 2017

2017 it's a LIT year!

Hey guys!

It's been another 2 years hiatus after my last post! Geezz.. people don't write anymore!!!
We got all these Instagram, Snapchat and FB live updating on our photos every seconds.
I had to record my feelings, what I've been up to.. places that I was lucky to visit this year and taking another round of career break too!

The big four is creeping at the end of the year..
I traveled to most of my bucket list this year e.g. New York, Angkorwat, London, Paris aaahhhh... am truly blessed!!!

Oh a lot of people's face masks fell off this year too and never ending drama for some people...

I gained weight and hoping I can be 50 kilos at forty!
Got a lot of work to be done...

Let me rants about the masks that I've mentioned in next post :)

Hang on tight!
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