Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Juicy Socializing

I am so happy that one of my media friend who recently got promoted has organized a successful fashion and tv event
Collaboration between Melium Group as well as LiTv
Since my french intern around I always drag her as my chaperon hehe
We have attended for several labels and today I am not gonna miss it!
Cos it's JUICY FAVOURITE brand of all! Yes it tops of Chanel :p
And for those of you who loves shopping (who doesn't?) please bring your purse and check out their last instalment at a very cool residence next weekend :)
The trio behinds it Christina, Azlin and Natalie source out your own individual needs and cater it to your style!
They did a good job and I have been their loyal supporter heheh
So go and check them out!
Here is the current MAC promo. Go GaGa

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day. Alfatihah.

I miss your jokes.
I miss your smiles.
I miss your stern voice.
I miss looking at your frown when you think of something.
I miss your hugs.
I miss your bullying.
I miss your mr. knowing it all.
I miss yourself sitting in the arm chair while watching telly.
I miss your missing and knowing you are out there somewhere.
I miss singing with you.
I miss listening to your stories even though we know you're just bragging.
I miss your time of teasing mommy.
Seriously I thought I wouldn't miss anything or all of the above but now that you're gone...
Tears trickled unexpectedly when I think of you.
Daddy, Ayah, Dy-O I love you. We love you and we'll never stop thinking of you and give you our prayers.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It is still early of June and so much things going on :)

Interesting things I may add!
Our home in Sg. Buloh is going on small renovations where we changed the fencing front and back
About time!
Mommy got her new ride, a different car this time as we think that the stolen one earlier is not a good car to have
She is also busy with her small business with Aunty A and making a good progress too
Alhamdulillah she's feeling a lil much better now and we also dah naikkan arwah Dy-O's batu nisan
We all missed him dearly and holding on to each other remembering him
It is so different when you lose someone who'll never ever comes back
I pray as much for him to be laid rest in peace and I hope the Almighty will protect him together with my grandparents, other families and friends who have bid for eternity... Amin.

A year ago we had barbie in the backyard surrounded with lush greeneries from our green finger mommy, bought first classic Chanel bag, run for Go Green which we did not completed cos both of us pancit, bought first home co owning with bro for mommy and world cup craze!!!!

Hope good things more to come for me.. for all of us!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Go Green Love The Mother Earth :)

l'amour de la terre

votre stupide ĂȘtre est ennuyeux

Being gals, ladies, female, la femme we tend to have unexplainable characters
The opposite gender will never understood us cos we ourselves cannot comprehend each other
This one particular friend she is harmless (if she's reading this I hope she understand my opinion)
Harmless in away she don't really abused you (we all do take advantage each other to an acceptable level don't we?)

You see am a carefree easy going approachable and friendly person. It is just my nature.
I am blessed and surrounded with great people around me to a certain extent that I learned my lesson not to be too nice to people
I am very accommodating but please don't take my sincerity and over rides it
The problem with Ms.X is she's trying to be friends with all my friends that I hang out with i.e. instantly add them up on fb even it was a brief chat and connect immediately from there
I don't mind sharing friends I don't mind if you get along well
But perhaps my understanding of juicy friendship 101 I learned to respect it by not conquering a friend that I know of from a friend
With easy means to connect with any tom dick harry these days via social networking, bbm, whatsapp etc; people are so freaking easy to communicate
Just click add or scan barcode to get connected
I am more selective these days to connect with anyone new therefore I only give out my bbpin to those whom I think deserves it :)

Back to my story Ms.X the reason that I always shut down with her was becos she tends to make plans with my friends that she just met once or twice. Perhaps those friends are interesting people therefore she need to have constant connection with them. Sometimes we are trying hard to accommodate our time to catch up but somehow out of sudden you are tagging along with their plan! Errr.. excusez-moi?!
It's not a big deal but if you were in my shoe I guess you would understood
You don't suddenly met a person and claimed that instantly and doesn't mean that when the person is nice to you obligating and you think they are totally OK with you
My other friends are quite upset and indirectly becos of you as a friend of mine conquering our own friend with your plans and my other friends feel that you are not a very nice person to be friend with!
Your action also embarrass me in away that you perhaps don't understand ever cos you keep repeating it
One best word to remind you is : CALM DOWN and CHILL don't conquer!

Another experience I wanna share is friends who got married and becoming housewives
I noticed those that got married somehow could not get along later w the single ones cos I think they "think" they are better than you?
I try to keep my friendship w them but if it's ME who always accommodating to their choice of place or I have to pick them up or I have to buy them food or I have to be their ears w their domestic problems ALL THE TIME I think I can't handle that
Doesn't mean we are single we don't have problems; we don't have work issues; we have more energy?!

Some decides to end the friendship by giving the silent treatment or just deleted you completely
I think am nice.. as always too nice! So if I can't give as their expectation they think it's a CRIME!
Oh dear please.. so much things I gotta handle yet am still giving my best to please everyone
Just too bad and sad you don't value the effort or even see the sacrifice I did to (some) of you!
People change according to time and I don't regret it :)
It's your prerogative and you can just keep on stalking me via this humble blog, twitter or fb ;)
I have nothing to hide and like they always say the ocean is not as smooth always... If you've stronger bond or even try to understand and compromise with each other what you did will never happened between us!
Have a good life!
Life is beautiful for me to sulk.....

Monday, June 6, 2011

e-shopping is amazing *WIDE GRINS*

*confession time*
I have been slowing down on wandering around the malls
At times I got lost cos my steering wheel swerves to them accidentally! LOL!
Somehow these days you don't have to leave your desk and your lappie to satiate your need of urm shopping!
Since I joined bazaar those days and met amazing and wonderful people thanks to bijou/mariam there are thousands ok am exaggerating hundreds of links that sells their stuff online
Some are too kiddish for me (but whatever it is am still 10 yrs ol heheh) finding something that really makes me flip rarely happens or they would be too small for me when they arrives in my post box

So I have been following this petite gal vivy and she's truly a cili padi cos the way she dresses are just a lil different from people her age and yet she looks decent and elegant :)
Her humble thoughts that attracts me and a loving gal to her family is a rare gem!
She recently came up with her own online store where she gathers and collaborates with local designers as well as those in neighbouring countries!
But of course you can go direct to the boutiques but how can you keep up with their new stock/stuff kan?
This supavivy link FV is a brilliant idea for people like me!!!!!!! I <3 it and hats off to her :)
Bought some stuff like mimpikita, innai, baci, gallo and others from the site and there were a lil hiccup in my 1st order (but they gave me a voucher w the code - sorry) how cute is tat?! haha
Everything arrives nicely in their signature package ;)

Another addiction juicy fingers always go to is thepoplook
I stumbled on it via twitter :)
It has also been my best e-shopping ever! Here am sharing some of the stuff tat arrives on my desk the next day...
Supa fast pos laju service innit :p

My kuching cat in plum finally arrives too! Woohoo! Am saving it for special occasion/event
So there I share some of my BIGGEST secret with ya. Happy shopping but please leave some for me okay xoxo

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To Marilyn Monroe or Saloma?

Had wonderful time celebrating in 50s themed birthday held in Coliseum Cafe
To those who have been there looooooooooong time ago or recently, the place never changed!
Only my steak this time wasn't as I expected but oh well it was a celebration anyway! :)
The guests were all sporting and donning a'la 50s guys came in vest, beret and cigars so yeah it was a fun night to remember
We were taking picchas every nook of the cafe :) being a drama queen the birthday gal, Sariah did most of the art direction heheh!
Since parking is kinda scary at the area I bid early and joined a handful of my Lipe crew in cbb
Been awhile I took my dancing shoes out and let my hair down! woopeeedoo!
Amazing gals nite out and sometimes you gotta dress up and go all out and dance to your heart content!
It's a form of release for me so yeah join me next time!

Joyeux Anniversaire Maman!

Je t'aime!
Today 1st June 2011 is my super bionic woman cinquante-huit birthday :)
It is also her anniversary but sadly Dy-O is no longer with us :(
She sprained her ankle last Sunday when we went for a wedding
The curb was uneven so she fell and it has swollen even after I took her for urut
Wak the contractor who is doing some reno works at home advised mommy to wrapped her ankle for 2 hours with blended ginger. Guess what.. it works and has subsided tremendously!
Here was when we went to support down syndrome children PDSN dinner invited by MunMun
Mommy looked nice in her bling bling head cover which she was reluctantly to put on haha
She said "takut glamour sangat lah..... "

Bro is away for a company event so I'm gonna spend the evening with her and share some durian cake nearby our place since she can't really moves anywhere....
I love you always and wishing that God will give you the best in both worlds where you have proved to us for being the most strong lady physically and spiritually....


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