Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quand Il Le Temps :) oui oui

Yes it is the time...

After almost 8 years we have decided a month ago to start our journey seriously officially hahaha

He has planned mostly everything, what I do is tightening and acting as advisor for our celebration. We try to minimize the involvement of both mommies and so far so good.. Alhamdulillah!

I like our invite which is simple yet pretty (to my juicy eyes) well some minor things which I should highlight to the designer but yeah.. small lil things that should just let go

I have my own invite tracker and budget in excel sheet haha yes am so kiasu innit. I really wanna DIY most of the stuff but if only time permits hmmm...
So far we managed to get our own light bulb strings.. Doing it from scratch yes! Oui! Jadore
Will share with you when it is ready!

Anyway, the best thing we did today was....

Yup our own monogram that I have we created ourselves. I foresee this is the first stationary for us and more to come heheh!

Can't wait to finalize all the preparations for our petite soiree...
Wish me lotsa luck!

Bisous xoxo

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Things We Do

Boy every time it's year end there will be lotsa things to do people to meet and celebrate..

Not that I am complaining however, it helps to occupy my time and a good distraction from work. I realized also that friends come and go.. not only works for me but to the rest as well.

Next month is a big step well changing my official status heheh.. He said he has prepared some guards incase I speed off from him :p 
Like I always believe that if it is meant to be with Almighty's will and blessing it falls into place.. Amin. Insya'allah.

Actually, there are more things I wanna say and share with you. However, let me have some rest and beauty sleep. We were tired from torturing ourselves in the gym and pool earlier. Yes.. I think I am the fattest I have been and I do not think I will be a skinny bride hahaha oh well... catcha again!

Bon nuit xoxo

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What is the fuss about?

Hi :)
As early October I have we have planned something big together.
You must be wondering or you may have guessed...
It's something that has come, that we should to continue our journey together :)

I feel that I want something simple, something that will not make us suffer later for the sake of impressing, something that should be intimate with people who matters and something that we both would agree it's celebration of our union.

Deep in my heart if it's meant to be it will fall and sail smoothly... be it in anything in life :) always have faith and when the time is right it will fall into place easily for you.. alhamdulillah.. Insya allah.

We have finalized most of the important stuff i.e. location, paper works, religious procedures, wedding planner, catering and importantly my dress! I hope it will turn out as I imagined. Nothing fancy yet it should be special :)

The negotiating part is the tricky one cos this wedding planner is not somebody I know it's his friend and he wanted it WOW haha talking about my groomzilla... Heheh I told him it's best we save some cost for our honeymoon rather than pay for something so temporary!

Wish me luck xoxo
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