Tuesday, April 21, 2009

La La Land Where My Rabbit Hole Is

Those impromptu plans usually end up being super awesome
It was a long trip
It was simply bizarre
It does tasted and feels weird eventually
It goes slow and on and on
It is hard to take control at times
Where you just wander everywhere like riding a wild horse
Towards the end of the journey something really funny happens
And it take all of us to the other place that we laughed about
About this naughty japanese cartoon character with it's tongue sticking out (wth!)
While the other lost in some hotel called rendezvous
The sun were really teasing us hiding between clouds
And there were shutter glasses and rainbow towel around her neck
She looks like she wanted to go swimming but she was actually dancing ha ha
We kept on laughing at our silly acts but no voice came out
Truthfully it was really tiring in the end but too bad nothing was captured cos all were pretty occupied
Then I know that we should always stick to the original plan and not let it repeat again...
Damn it was quite scary and awesome at the same time.....
Yes I am quite confusing now innit...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sloppy Weekend

My body finally surrender to the flu and fever
Yup, I just need to stay in and rest
Also being stress out doesn't help me to fight it over
Quite bad experience lah but that is life
It got to me thinking in the la la land
Until I become really paranoid (lately)
I gotta stay positive and things happen for a reason innit
At this moment I think I might have some withdrawal symptoms
Just gimme a moment...probably it's best that I should be alone for sometime
See you soon...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spoiltbrat Nuisance

I seriously can't wait to leave the stupid infested place man
LB has been annoyingly pest
So penghak! Hope I got that right cos seriously am biting the bullet everyday now
nce.. god just looooooooove to test me this way
I have a dream...
Everybody does so I am not letting the pig to get in my way
Sometimes I DO BELIVE that MONEY can't really BUY HAPPINESS!
It's PROVEN all the time in my juicy face I tell ya!
Be grateful of what you have now... -_________-
Simplicity is the best!

Luxe Savorings Can Be Quite Ridiculous

What would you do with excess money (will I ever be?!)
Gosh I just saw these on the telly...

Designer gourmet dessert
Luxe macaroons recipe
Grand ice cream

Definitely gonna poo poo ♦ diamonds ♦ ahaha

Friday, April 10, 2009

Confession of an (American) Shopaholic

Was out with a gf to watch girlie movie/chick flick @Cineleisure
Cos Afzee said he don't wanna watch gay movie ha ha
It was an impromptu thingy so by the time we were infront of the counter the only seats left were the first row frm the screen (you kidding me?!)
The boy assured it's 7 metres away from the screen we took it and chose the corner two seats on the right
I REALLY HAVE TO WATCH IT since I've been the book worshipper back then
When will I meet Sophie Kinsella? *grins*

As expected a burst of juicy colors over Isla as Becky outfit
Those crazy colors combo that I like and ppl will think am a nutcase if I mixed them on
Neon green and pink, purple and orange, blue and yellow ya da ya da ya da
I don't wanna judge any frm the book and just go with the flow and YES!
Will Jerry Brukheimer ever disappoint me? NOOOOOOO!
So it was good and boy that sexy Hugh Dancy who played Luke Brandon is really a swoon!
Ah.... the infamous green scarf (though it doesn't appeal to me LOL!)
Though it's American Becky but it is sure a great one to watch!

Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse-licious! Nuclear Explosion of Colors!

Oh oh! Put your juicy shades on cos you'll be blinded by the super yummy pop colors collection below!

See even Marc J painted those juicy graffiti in fuschia over his body heheh
Sprouse is MJ long time admirer!
At first it look funny and kiddish but when I laid my eyes and touch (more like stroking) the Neverfull GM yesterday daymn! It's freaking hot and gives me the butterflies aga ga ga ga
It's a design kinda "the more you see it the more you gonna love it!"
So I Google who the heck is Stephen Sprouse and his choice of juicy colors on his site~see below I scrawled the wall (the pink one) and those lime green (so juicy colors okay!) and GRAFFITI
Man... *takes a deep breath* I was super duper excited
Sorry some people may not understand wtf am feeling but some WOULD know he he

Can you resists it???????!
The Neverfull MM is retailed at RM2500 in the Star Hill store
If moolah can be planted just like that man.....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Curly Swirly Hair Today And Loving It!

She was in good mood all of sudden
The function went well I supposed and I was working hard!
If she's happy and I AM safe and happy! LOL!
The curly effect (it was ringlets when I stepped of of the salon) was courtesy of A Cut Above (to which I banned from my experience ages ago)
But this time is different cos juicy ain't forking out any moolah haha
They used a mini flat iron to curl my hair... aaah! (new tips)

Fetched her bff and went to the giant luxury mall in the city that is Pavilion
She couldn't wait to get her hands on that LV Galliera PM so the sister bought it for her first (I want that sister!)
Dang! I could only just drool hehe
What moolah can buy eh... one day ~insya allah!
So the best part was when she said on the way back that I could use the voucher she won in a lucky draw contest
Wanna know what is it????
Not telling you now he he he he he
God answered my prayers.. yes wishing a lot of other juicy things HARDERRRRRR!
Oh her sis bff is a well renowned couture designer which carries the initial R.I
Whom Afzee and family used to tailored their baju raya lah
He said when we were departing oh.. you working for her? Oh my god! I pity you..... (with a frown)
Ha ha ooopss... somebody sure terasa one right! LOL!
So confirm I'm not emo or crazy all these while *big laughs*

My feet hurt becos of two things: Dancing In A Mud + Dancing With Lap Sap junkies! The Itch Sucks but the Work Out Hell Yeah!

You know what there's a question mark at times playing in my head
But I pushed it away
Anyway I miss going out on a date
And I wish am a boy and bring a girl out for a date haha!
I don't think there is a different now
It's all in good fun Nurul!

Oh after a long hiatus from the party scene.... these last few weekends were crazy
Yup I danced on a muddy grass with Jay Kay
Another nite I was dancing on a chair in my plastic platform heels by Melissa thumping on Lap Sap mixes!
Crazy! Yeah, I don't think I'll ever grow up to my (real) age! LOL!
For now at least.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Movie Date On A Tuesday Nite

Afzee just got back from all boys (bachelor party) trip yesterday in Philippines
He sure had awesome time (regardless what happen there) which I let him go with my open heart
You see, some of my guy friends couldn't believe that I would let him but in my mind if you love them set them free
As if they can't cheat or betray even when they are near you... trust me.. NEVER trust MEN
Regardless what age but to me if shit happens always for a reason and in my juicy life experience god will always compensate me in some ways... I thank the almighty (always)!

These few times I've been going out socializing and mingling around town am glad that my juicy attraction scale is still up yo! Ha ha! Saham masih ok!!! Aha haha!
But guys trick are mostly in my pockets la but definitely I enjoyed the attention given heheh

Since he's been away for three nites and I miss his company told him that we should go out for movie
Watched Fast Furious 4 and oh boy.. the sound of V8 and the mustang really turns me on ya ya ya
It was actually the first part of the sequel on how they got together laaaa...
Cos when we saw Han we thought the director forgot that he died but tak kan lah doh!!!!
The show was good and we talked about some serious stuff over cheesy nachos in Laundry later
Times are bad and we're hanging tough don't we all!

Jas buzz me saying she had awesome time (sure lah) and currently in my hometown Amsterdam -_____-
Oh how I miss Europe!!!!!!!
Babe come back quick... missing my ongkie partner yo!

Anyway I took a quiz from fb earlier haha
If I were a brand I would be Prada!

Click images if it's too tiny for your juicy eyes -___-
Here is something that I wouldn't mind to have from it

Oh! Welcome back bambam!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Juicy With Jay Kay (Jamiroquai)

Sometimes I don't believes when my juicy luck strikes!
Guess I just don't care and let it just come to me baby!
Jealous? Non?
Tee hee hee

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Binging On Anything Sweet

Lately I've been binging on snacks, chocs all the time
Guess I have too much stocks in the fridge and in my metal drawer at work LOL!
A lot of reshuffling has been going on
Ya da ya da ya da
Been uploading some picchas in my fb and it takes ages to complete

Bambam gonna fly off to Clark with his bunch of buddies this weekend
Agh... I miss him already cos we've been spending a lot of time together lately
Had juicy ritual on Monday nite tee heehee
I deserves a break yo! Baaaaaaaaaaadly and now he's going off first! Dang!
But I hope it will be an enjoyable weekend with my bro cos he got some tickets for F1 and I'm looking forward for Jamiroquai!
If am around and nobody spoils my juicy weekend!

Tired today cos I've been to 4 different furniture stores within an hour!
Fella, Courts Mammoth, Ikea and Harvey Norman
Found out we got a very attractive discounts at Harvey as a developer co.
I eyed some nice arm chairs and dining table
But but ugh... I know I need to sort other stuff at home before rearranging the whole concept of my juicy nest!
Here are some orchids I stole back from one of the birthday party last month
Better I bring them back rather than they chuck it in the bin right....

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