Tuesday, December 13, 2011

La Vie Est Bonne

How was your weekend?
I had the most fantastic 3 days going on full speed back to back :)
Friday had a lovely dinner in Frangi w my partner in crime Madame C and lil Ms Abby
Had the most amazing smoked salmon for appetizer and wagyu cheek so tender as main
We polished off creme brulee as dessert
I wasn't mentally prepared to hop around CBB but yeah
The nite went whizzing crazy fun (as always!)
It was an early celebration for my birthday haha

Saturday nite went for Tiesto
Yup! Outdoor rave baby! It's been a loong time since we've been to one!
A bunch of us *cough* ol farts had a great time enjoying the music, ambience and feelingggggg :D
Reminiscing ol raving memories LOL!
All in all I am blessed to be where I am today
I thanked my parents and especially my late dad for being who they are and let us tasted the dirt ourselves in order to survive :)
Alhamdulillah. Alfatihah.

Monday, December 5, 2011

New Year Zooming Nearer

How time flies. It's already the last month of the year.
The best, awesome and my favourite month
Not just becos it's my birthday month but so much pretty things or mingling time and festive mood in the air :)

I was told by mommy that I am born on 2 Muharram
That means my birthday is in the new year in islamic calendar :) so it's earlier than the western calendar (cepat tua haha)

Daddy-O has left us a year one month and 3 days
Visited him last Saturday and gave my prayers
It is also sad that our CBN schoolmate arwah Aina Shireen has passed away due to asthma attack
I only found out thru sms and it was too late to go for her funeral. However managed to pay my last respect at her grandma house. She left two beautiful young daughters. Alfatihah.
Age doesn't matter. Sick or healthy doesn't matter. If it's Almighty calling we have to surrender to Him.

On amazing note of my life this year is that, finally I got my dream home
Yes, it was worth the wait. Patience will be rewarded in a better form if you can wait and be positive.
Dream can be achieved. With effort and prayers :)

I was in Paris early October. It was a great trip though it was an impromptu.
Haha you'll be raising your eyebrows with my last statement right. Who would go europe at the last minute.
Well I did and it did happened :P
Thanks to my lucky stars and a gem friend.
How I missed Paris absorbing the city of love and lights.
I practised my french well. Je peux parler un peu francais.
Seriously they treated me much more nicer once I speak in their mother tongue :)
Went to the Louvre, Versailles took the Bateux Mouche admiring la tour Eiffel and even had tea with Joanna in Laduree
J'aime Paris et tout francais! *beams*
Will spend time to share la vie Parisienne in my next post!

Thanks to my gem friend I attended two gala dinner for the elites in Kuala Lumpur
Organized by well known socialite magazines Prestige and Tatler
I enjoyed the food for sure teeheehee
Without realizing that both events I had opted for purple ensemble :D

Our dear friend Hakeem aka Judge also tied the knot finally!
He met his wife over twitter! Can you believe it?! Well they did it. Congratulations to both of you lovebirds :)
The lipe + cekodoks minus our General Lisa :D
There's a lot to do for my new home to make a juicy one lah
Gotta do the flooring and painting the walls
It's a new project and expensive one too
Dream home is not complete without the touch of the added personality and character innit
My ol home was never like the rest as it was decorated with my intuition and mood :)
I think I've outgrown the bohemian phase so we'll see what am feeling now yeah!
Stay tune ;)

Below are the magic of scissors carving my silhouette at the Portofino IWC event I went in Solaris Mont Kiara
How awesome innit!

Friday, July 29, 2011


I had this idea for a loooooooooooooooooong time and it's time to do it finally hehe
Gathered some friends who wants to sell off and share their stuff to the right owner we came up with the garage sale which will be happening this Saturday at your friendly neighbourhood in Damansara Perdana
Check out the poster below and come all grab your bargain or just hang out with us!
There'll be lotsa goodies to share!
See you there love love :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Road trip to east coast - Cherating 18.06.2011

Had a wonderful getaway with bambino, moi petite francais bebe, Joanna and iranian gal, Athena (lovely name innit)
Funny when I think sometimes I ended up with people from different continent haha
But yeah life is short so you gotta make it an experience and just go with the flow
Good ones you keep and not so up to your level you just let it drift haha
Well not everyone I met can earned that immediate close friendship but I rather keep the quality ones
It was almost 6 years ago my last trip to Cherating with A and my bro where we stop for a night from Perhentian island on the way back
It was a memorable one!
We stayed at the same place Impiana Beach Resort and the place never changed and still well maintained
The two gals were excited and I was too jumping around itching to go to the beach haha
On the way to the hotel I asked A to stop by to one of the stalls along the road selling keropok losong freshly fried!
Yummy and asked the two gals to try them out :) they liked it

When we checked in our room were huge with living room, dining room and a bedroom with four poster bed
The gentleman has to crash in the living room while 3 of us squeezed nicely on the bed hee hee
We had a nice long verandah but one thing lacking were switch plugs! Had to remove the couch to use the existing one for the lamp shade and out there a tiny lizzie jumping on the floor!
I was shocked and jumped on the dining chair cos it was freaking black eeew eeww!
Lucky our Iranian heroin smashed it with her flip flop and sent it away phew!
Drama haha
We played hop scotch and I was the leading hehe.. in Malay we call it Ting Ting
Funny that we trying to recall back how we played it and since I have two foreigners they played it too in their childhood so we were playing while bantering on the rules of the game LOL!
Basically we went there to celebrate a friend, my former colleague's birthday
The birthday was held in a cool little bar under the hut by the river called Little Bali
They had some sketches titled Pirates of Cherating and it was so entertaining!
Amazing time and the highlight of the trip was I did makan ikan baung (a tiny weenie piece) after I was dared by Joanna
Ewww... seriously I never had any river fish before especially when they look like snakes e.g. ikan patin, keli, haruan ooooh... NO! I maybe exaggerating to you but yeah my family don't eat such fish so there...
Cos the restaurant is famous for it's crispy fried ikan baung and the fish kinda lost it's shaped hehe I tried and it tasted nice.. but tat's it!
Before we left the town we visited the Turtle Sanctuary near Club Med
It's so sad to see the big turtles in a small pool swimming back and forth
They were friendly but I can hear them saying let us OUT and swim freely in the sea but am sure they're protected to a certain age until they let them go :)
We went back after that and slept most of the journey. Poor Mr. A hehe
However, we discovered a nice cooling clear river streaming down from the waterfall by the highway
I googled it and found this link with picchas and location of the place
We will go back there one day to jump in the cool water and have a great picnic!

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