Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Life Is Short So Let's Make It To Juicy Fullest

I feel that the *cough* older I get the more I analyze things and people
Before I used to lead my life riding on a crazy bus don't know where it will it ends or stop along the way
Just go! go! go!
The more I analyze the less fun it will be but through experience it's better I think before I act
Yeah, been on a rough ride cos I never analyze anyone or anything but somehow it leads me to where I am now
Which is good cos I would be able to tackle come what may

There are more serious stuff I have to take care now
Cos life is indeed really short
There are too many deaths I heard lately
I just hope I would be able to to live up some of my dreams before I bid bye bye to this cruel world
Why do I say cruel?
Cos there are no more good values in each of everyone I've met (lately)
Probably am at the wrong spot at the moment but it is disgustingly pity to see each of them wearing masks everyday with their foul mouth
Ugh! I just take it as a life test god knows what I've done in past life to endure this predicament at the mo
The other day I asked Afzee to read papers well you know to just keep abreast on current issues
He replied "Why should I read if the front page always about war, politics, robbery, rape.. nothing positive!"
Then I realized yeah it's the same old story and I used to be so eager to read it during younger days (cos my dad cultivates that habit in us) but now all I can say is GREED TOOK OVER THE WORLD!
If you don't fight you'll never stay afloat (survivor)
If I can make one wish is that everyone can be HAPPY for another
Regardless they have bigger house, posh cars, better career, nicer shoes, loving partner and other things
Cos if you can instill that word HAPPY in your life and be grateful what you have I think the world (or where you're living now) can be a better place perhaps a road to heaven!
So be happy always!
Peace and love.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Lost Parcel of My Beautiful Necklace From Beautiful Disaster

I have found a beautiful e-shop which I didn't wanna share
Sorta my lil secret cos I don't wanna ppl to race with me and getting the stuff what I'm eye-ing for first!!!
But sharing is caring innit.. ahaha NOT! (for this case)
Anyway, I've ordered few beautiful stuff from Celine
The service was great on time and responded to all my juicy questions
My last purchase was a tad disaster cos it meant for someone's birthday and passed it's date
Unfortunately after emailing her she told me that my parcel was sent to a different address
So no choice I have to wait wait and wait in anticipation
To reach her and then to send it to me but when it arrives at my door step I wasn't home
I received a call from the courier service and changed it to my office address instead
You see it is nothing expensive but I just love quirky stuff
Those you know you can't see others are wearing it at the same time like you do
We need more local crafty and trendy clothes e-shops at affordable price
Like Old blossom, Cik Labu and Jenguk hehehe (using secret codes) -____________-
But with my current situation now I always missed the stuff that caught my eyes once my lappie screen loaded their pages of their juicy stuff
I don't think I can keep the secrets long anymore ahahaha!
*rubbing palms and whistles*

These finally comes to me!
Merci Celine!!!!
She's keeping another one of my choice FOC as a token from a lil disaster that we've encountered recently hee hee

Nursing my juicy soul with strawberry milkshake from all annoying ticks around.. gah!

Trying very hard to ignore all the nuisance
Should I go to the event later by myself to make me happy?
After all I know the organizer and mingle is good for my system
Yes I've been abandoning a lot of invites, calls, emails and smses
Ugh! What have I got myself into????????

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chanel Flap Lamb Skin: Come To Juicy Mama (Whenever!)

You know what...
Of all the pretty juicy luxe bags in the world we have, this one is the ULTIMATE CERTIFIED SUPER YUMMY ULTRA JUICY ARM CANDY a girl can have (or dream) waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a ga ga a ga ga ga ga
The yummy juicy color, the soft leather and the pretty charms!!!!
And I saw a pixie haircut gal in front of a dvd shop in SS2 clutching it and I just froze there
*envy super envy*
What a lucky biatch to have one sheesh!
Seriously I felt like stroking that candy floss pink bag of hers but I just couldn't move or say anything
*continue dreaming*
Or I need to find a sugar dadda ahahaha!
(Note: It is a joke so you can b*tch about me if you have to aha!)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blackberry Storm has upgraded LB's appearance

Thanks to moi!
Out of friendly suggestion I told LB that she should changed her battered O2 pda phone
To be one of the berry family
There were some weird funny silly charades going on for me suggesting something positive
Cos somehow certain ppl quite not comfortable of me sharing some knowledge or the in thing to her
What ever I AM A POSITIVE person and I will not change that!

Guess what after a week or so (I know she's very impatient)
She dropped a box on my desk and ask me to figure out to use the new phone she had
It was not just a blackberry but the latest one which has not arrives to our shores yet (during that time lah)
I was definitely excited (for her) and quickly fiddling with it

First time which amused me was the touch screen wasn't like other phone or iphone but instead it use a touch and press screen (Sure press)
The whole screen is the keyboard and when typing out sms it can be quite annoying la and takes time of getting use to it
It was quite light for that bulky look and the interface was OK to me
Nothing to shout about the camera but it does serves as a smart phone
Guess what?!
After I've 80% mastered the new toy, Celcom told me it doesn't support the model yet
Yes am laughing cos I know for sure she's disappointed
Cannot show off laaaa....
Maxis beats its competitor this time!

Lady Ga Ga says Live Your Live like a Circus

Music makes me happy
Music makes everyone happy
Regardless the choice of your songs playing to your ears
To me a certain song reminds me of a certain moment in my life
It kinda mean a lot at times travel you to the time that you have forgotten be it good or bad
But sorry lah I totally dissed dangdut (no offense to dangdut lovers out there)
After one experience at a karaoke joint OMFG even the lyrics makes me wanna puke over their dance moves eewww
Here are my current favs

Good nite and sweet dreams

I still haven't found the right juicy page layout hence let us just stick to this stretched minima with a hint of pink and other happy colors around

I have tonnes of nice memories captured over the weekend
To make up the dire need of a proper holiday
Just me me me and me (and bambam too)
Found a very far indeed but worth the time a beautiful park by the lake to tell bro to skate
Which maybe if I have money and time and join him
My body need to be tortured a lil to have the old of its juicy shape *sighs*

This coming Saturday will be a global effort for Earth Hour to achieve it's goal of targeting 1 bil people
Switching of their lights for an hour as part of their global vote
You may have seen the ads on telly where our local celebs and socialites supporting the call
To find out what each of your country is contributing to it *click me now*
During our time here at 8.30 pm Saturday I will be attending a wedding dinner
Am sure they were not aware of this but I wonder will I be having my nasi minyak in the dark?
Hee hee we shall see....

Oh today is a boring day at work
I can't even think of what to eat for lunch
Receives a cmmt from LB about someone complaints on claims I've submitted for her
Doh! Am a new staff la ngok can just tell me what I've missed to support it
No need to make an issue or unwanted drama about it
So so bodoh!
After all as a new "family" I was never been brief about ANY process and procedures!
Not discriminating but I found that over life experience, fat (large) people can be so over sensitive and craving for drama
Ok I don't wanna be one so I better torture myself soon! Bah!

On another annoying person whom I thank god I have washed both my juicy hands over her
I realized that she still can't get over me (who does hahaha) *ego trip*
When you're carrying a baby I think one should watch their mouth and act
You may have been living your dreams of migrating (but too bad it doesn't sound all rosy and peachy when you have to cover yourself all the time cos you're such a show off like me)
Cos you never know if he/she will turn into something or someone that you hated most! LOL!
After all my dear, your current husband was kinda a bunch of guys that I've discarded
Yes, am so choosy and picky and a fool not to just jump into any man (like you even if it's paid) yo!
Like how you're allergic to me now I was like that to him back then when you was not even in the picture
May you have an easy labour!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I juicy love fashion and style; say what you want ! Call the fashion police and I will still be juicy -_____-

Oh yes.. what ever that makes you and me happy non?!
Sometimes I wish I can have more choices in *cough* younger days like kids nowadays innit
But I have cool juicy friends who can close their eyes and tolerated me ha ha
Thank god!

Dress: Birthday gift
Bow belt: August 8
Grey heels: Marie Claire

Blue silk blouse: xoxo
Plaid tights: nichii
White pattern silk scarf: Passed down from mommy
Black ballet pumps: Segue Italy

Black long top: F21
Orange pattern skirt: Thrifted
Gold buckle belt: Bangkok
Chunky ring: F21

Those are pretty fascinators and feathered head accessories that I've been wanting to DIY
Instead I bought them since I have no spare time to make one haha

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kidnapping my parents to LLR and I don't think I wanna take a long drive with daddy-O again

Don't assume on negativity vibes from my post title but hey, try to take a ride with him and it will crash those pretty memories you tried to store earlier *sighs*
Old habit dies hard and on his driving I rest my case
Happy memories that I managed to stored visually in that tiny compact super pow(d)erful newly possession of juicy moi -______-
The journey begins on a (really) slow pace but not till the end haha

Should have someone accompany me in that big room...
The bathtub was humongous and I spend most of the time there!

Sadly the island is kinda dead (compared to my last visit about 10 years ago!)
I guess with the new gov no one really cares about living to its name as a duty free island and tourist hot spot
Nothing to shop seriously and the perfumes are all ridiculously expensive (you can get in KL cheaper)
The Arabs really enjoy the beach though
Underwater World

The penguins were too cute especially the one with side burns haha which was called rockhopper
Taking a cab is quite pricey average of RM20 from one place to another so what we did was renting a kancil (oh yay) to circle around the place
Oh I love driving small lil car more over it's stick shift (reliving my first bought car) tee hee hee

Mommy asked to take a vid of the pretty ethereal jelly fish which I did
But the uploading took super ages man.. nanti lah
The best spot in the island was along Pantai Cenang cos it reminded me sorta Feringghi Beach in Penang
Town was really pathetic with lotsa empty/abandoned buildings
It was quite and eyesore having white elephants around
We strolled by the beach but also it wasn't as clean as before *sighs*

Bought some chocolates and ciggies (made from holland that tasted choc and rose) as souvenir -___-
Oh I found sagun!!!! Best gila!

The last day was so disappointed cos I couldn't take the cable car ride as mommy had severe migraine
So we drove to nearby beach checking out Berjaya which has awesome view

Though I didn't get in the water this time as I have no kaki (gang) to do crazy things with me I must have at least coconut drink to blend in with the island mood around LOL!

Packed my stuff and ready to say bye bye and wondering if I would go back again soon *shakes head*

View of our resort from my balcony

Just take a guess who were they, a big book that lays on the coffee table that I should have check out earlier!

I don't mind another escapade soon!

Both my feet blisters from the 60th celebration last nite but Tun M makes it all sweet and nice

Snippets of one part in juicy daily rice bowl yesterday were like these:-
  • last min amendments
  • tidying up the deco
  • a lot of calls and talking (now I think sore throat demon is doing its thang) *mental note to drink lotsa h2O*
  • walking
  • running
  • saw awful hickey on someone's neck *eewww*
  • dancing involves pocho-pocho, twist and tarian asli (will show vid)
  • cakes
  • presents
  • bhangra dancers in colourful attire (will show vid)
  • guitar
  • Dato A Rahman Hassan's band
  • Dayang Nurfaizah
  • tid bits
  • white and jeans
  • satay
  • coleslaw
  • yong tau foo
  • delicious brownie
  • cameras
  • orchids
  • teh tarik
  • Tun Dr Mahathir
  • Tun Dr Siti Hasmah
  • GTR
  • Bentley
  • pretty pink gem bangle
  • Mild Seven
  • awesome backdrop
  • golf gloves
I need a rest but so much happenings this weekend lah!
Jas and euro trip *sighs*
Time flies and picchas later k!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I wore a pink sequin top, beige cardi with tiny b&w polka ribbon and a nude heels over a navy skirt to work today

So here goes of what I wore last few weeks to work
Well some of it lah...
For you Nana upon your juicy requests!
Sorry sooooooooooooo tired (not so lazy) to update at home and dedicating my juicy time to this juicy blogs
For your juicy viewing pleasure my dear!

This was my first love on a'la Chanel jacket when I saw it in Lane Crawford Hong Kong

Oh I miss HKG!!!!
I wore it to work cos I feel like looking sharp
Hmmm.. I used to all the time due to a lot of meetings from previous work but guess what when I wore it *cough* here...
"Office tu sejuk ke Nurul pakai jacket macam ni?"
*giving the stoned look with no heart feelings*
"Eh memang sejuk la aircond office tu, you kat luar mana u tau... saja nak corporate looking today pun.. rindu!"
She zipped her lips after that.. Kecoh kan?!
Even if I feel warm wearing it like wats your eff problem anyway.. Ugh!
I haven't really dressed up to work nowadays cos I know too many dumb ass will be commenting (sarcasms alert) like doh!

I just love the ruffle long jersey cardi I got from my fav store in the piccha below
It gives that girly edgy look that I totally dig yo!

Yeah I look damn penat here he he
Loving the color block necklace that I got from redeeming free vouchers from my former pimping Masta

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