Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lets! Lets! Lets Go!

If you haven't check it out ever... it is the time NOW!
You will have a blast even if you are going alone heheh (but don't go alone come w me!)
Here is the map...

Worth checking out and having some fun outside (bring your own hat & fan to beat the heat)
Or brollies for sudden shower!

I think somebody is playing with the fast forward button on the remote for time!

Uh huh!
Gosh it is a busy week for me!
Been organizing lotsa thing almost single handed-ly cos ppl just like to tai-chi innit *grunts*
My legs stretched from doing the pocho pocho dance practice
Gosh I just wish I can pause the time like seriously!!!!!
Mom finally back safely and we fetched her from the airport last nite
Her excess baggage was almost 37 kilos hmmmm nothing much she brought back home anyway
But I love the stuff she got for me yay!
Ok gotta run and wish me luck for tomorrow nite....
I hope I don't embarrass myself infront of the royalties!


Pitbull ~ I Know You Want Me; You Know I Want Cha been ringing on my mind tee hee hee nothing related to anybody but the beat is awesome!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

090609 ~_~

It is a nice date innit
Can happen only once
Too bad nothing special for me on this date
Picking up the pieces and still having that thick clot somewhere
Been meeting new faces and thankfully kind ones
Yeah as always I need awesome vibes around me to brave each day
I miss my mom ♥ I know she's somewhere really peaceful
She need the deserve break and mine will be soon
We don't stop communicating w each other and I know she'll pray for my happiness
Yeah.. syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu... I always count her blessings
God just keep me grounded and make me strong!
I ♥ you!
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