Wednesday, December 16, 2009

we gonna partay like it's your birthday!

*doing the 50 cent!*

It was an amazing december! hee hee
Had an awesome pool party at private villa... it was a pyjamas partay
Combination of lovable peeps of cos!
It was the first time I had some doses of hmmmm.. and still standing!
I mean we watched paranormal activity on dvd which was quite disturbing in the end..
Oh we picnic for dinner and watched amaaaaaazing sunset.. feels like we were in Bali hahaha
The most memorable one was when the pool filled with colourful balloons.. Bringing out the inner child in all of us!
I brought my bubble gun too!
Seriously it was beyond than wat we all expected...
Jamming w rock band on wii... Weeeee!
I miss the nasi lemak kukus and nasi kerabu at the pasar malam!
Am just glad tat those were there are those who are dear to me!
I realized I have tonnes of picchas tat are stored in my canon!
God know thousands wei.....
Yup december is also a reason for me to breathe since Mdm Storm and family is away!
Had some glitches w that self centred spoilt one... Hmmmm..

So here I am back from the Glam party and also continued in the rooftop club
Met some old media friends too
Wore bodycon velvet dress.. sucking my tummy the whole nite and feet hurts from the a'la Laboutin haha
Great company and somehow this Madonna dancer was introduced to me
He's moving back to New York.. but I didn't have my cell w me so I can't exactly materialize my US visa!
Oh oh... I got lovely birthday pressie this year... thank you so much and u know who u are!
I was also the GPS for someone and so glad that my senses are always strong yo!
Liza was supposed to text me tmrw and I hope Arvin is safely home!
I know rapunzel is but god know Wull is alright or she scored hahahaha
Oh well. time to snooze to la la land before I yack and crap some more!
A guy I met whom to be a neighbour knows what Laboutin is woohoo!
Damn I miss blogging!
*doing the arnold thingy*

Love peace and all!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Oi you came so fast!
But I gotta welcome you every year like always cos it's the best and favourite month of the year!!!!

This year has been quite unkind and I hope you will wrap it up for me with pleasant sweet surprises!
Lotsa juicy ♥ hugs and kisses!
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