Thursday, February 26, 2009

Escaping Vol. 3

It was really sunny when I swam at 1 pm
I heart swimming under the hot sun cos the blue tiles sooth myself somehow
35 minutes later I managed to do 27 laps with 10 or 15 secs intervals
It felt awesome and surprisingly my back didn't hurt at all from swinging the club last nite
Need to master the right technique cos damn I think I lot really funny haha
It was a peaceful day and it showers badly later in the evening
Bambam had sorta bad day and I fetched him for dinner
Dragged him every where with the excuse at least we walk in an aircond place and actually moves out butt around
He was sighing and all tee hee
I did went mental on the sales but still having damage control
He is really a great shopping partner and told him about the stupid silly dream I had
It was annoying and as usual there's no comforting words but more fuel to fire
Deep down in my heart actually I'm glad that he is a fat boy now bwahaha!
They say good things doesn't last long so am gonna cherished this one ahaha!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twenty Five Things

Was tagged and sharing the fun here so why not eh
Kinda distract me temporary from the hulla baloo at work >.<
25 things of juicy moi
  1. Cotton candy oh how I miss munching them
  2. I think I am a psycho magnet but then again everyone is a pyscho on their own it's just they like to take advantage of my juicy kindness all the time (not anymore!)
  3. Everyday I am thankful that I have people surrounding me and acknowledge of my existence
  4. I always pray in my heart for a good day ahead
  5. I always look up in the sky and appreciate how blue it is
  6. I love eating and trying to control what I consume now cos my metabolism rate is seriously lagging
  7. I have bad time management and trying to improves it
  8. I feel like eating ice cream now and my favourite flavour is Jamoca Almond Fudge from Baskin Robbins
  9. I used to be called a watch fanatic from my stylish aunty whom I've lost contacted with and still collecting them
  10. I have a dysfunctional family but then again no other family is perfect
  11. I think we should swap at birth cos me and my brother should switch our features and character to be a better gal & guy but instead he is more feminine and I am more reckless
  12. Come to think again we are like twins cos we think alike and more like friends and I love him dearly
  13. I really wanna migrate and has been a dream since young cos I feel I belong some where else
  14. I love fashion but always been labelled OTT which I don't really give a flying eff
  15. I pulled my hair when am worried it's a pet peeves but trying to save my hair from serious damage
  16. I refuse to grow up but somehow it's catching up like doh!
  17. I always wish for happiness and laughter is really the best medicine
  18. I learned to eat sushi with bambam and exploring more hehe
  19. I love sambal belacan and nasi padang especially the sambal hijau
  20. I hooked on gadgets especially laptops, phones, cameras see at the mo am using 3 laptops, 2 phones, a lomo, a polaroid, an underwater manual camera and new toy digicam!
  21. I can dance to any kind of genre especially house and r&b haha but bambam said I have a funny dance watever...
  22. I seek for love instead of material which I think a bit stupid la cos I have to sacrifice a lot but hey it can't be forced innit.. I don't brought up to be like that!
  23. I want to have big boobies so implant is good but seriously I am scared of needles so wth to go under the knife yo
  24. Beaches, sea, island makes me go weak cos I just love water and sun!
  25. I've always been on a long relationship and if he's the one at this point of life I have hmmm.... *mentally calculates* 5 serious boyfriends haha
So there
Try to share more but it says 25 only he he

It rains most of the day lately innit
Anyway I love pretty brollies/umbrellas but how many can you get for yourself right
My current fav was the square shape HRC Mountain Peak HK I bought from my trip and a pretty lace gift from ex friend when she travelled alone to China stalking her then bf
See what I found while browsing around
How sexy can this be and the damage is about 140 pounds! *eyes rolling*
Ladies it is Pink Tutu by Chantal Thomas super ultimate sexy umbrella around yo!

I want one!

juicy current moment : Mambo Jumbo

I am seriously FAT
Been gaining probably 3 or 4 kgs! Bleurgh!
The pool was crowded so when Ibby rang me up to hit some balls I followed
OMG! My back, arms and thighs are really sore now
Though I try to spare one or two days in a week and swing it in the driving range
The sound of cluck is kinda addictive haha
Will definitely shut down once my head hits the feathered pillow
Before that enjoy some picchas from my new juicy toy
Fiddling for the first time as a Canon virgin

"Entrapment" and hanging at ze "private" park when it drizzles

Shopping, casting, *pebbles* and my juicy nest

Socializing and bonding

Eating, magazine and smokes

I am loving it -_________-
Getting the hang of this new juicy conquests!
Oh oh I think that I've made some great connections with LB lately
Bring the good qi to me please and am so grateful


Monday, February 23, 2009

What a doh! weekend

Time flies..
Last weekend was a lazy one with crazy friends
We practically camping in her living room and she didn't let us go k
So entrapment as Wawie puts it haha
The best part was when I slept off while they watching Benjamin Button
Oh our lil time out at the park infront of her house was awesome
It felt so far away after some organic encounter bwahaha

I super like the bling bling bambam and me browsing while accompanying Mas+Emma for their wed bands
Especially princess cut *drools*
He gotta work his ass off for that haha
Well he said I deserves it -________________________-
(Didn't say that for a long time innit)
He finally bought me a DIGICAM!
It's gold and full of power packed features (after my endless research)
Now I can go back snapping but still learning the niks and nooks of my new juicy toy
Oh yeah!
Picchas later la busy gila with work *sighs*

Friday, February 20, 2009


Am making pasta feeling famished but friends are meeting at the corner shop below later
Hmmm... I shall continue later heheh
Wawie is back from her snow wonderland and ze awesome couple Mas+Emma will be arriving tonite
Shall have a great catching up with 'em

Earlier I had pudina pratha and jhinga masala for lunch with an old acquaintance
He offered me a job which was quiet interesting... thinking and negotiating hmmm
I wanna skip the family day tomorrow cos I don't bother to mingle with anyone
My lil god daughter who barely recognized me anymore has grown and her lil brother who just turned 2 is addicted to computer games!
Yes he is a toddler playing like seriously holding the mouse correctly on computer!!!
Kids nowadays... gosh I was so so amazed!

I just wanna have a great weekend and miss my family....
Have a good one too ya and here what happened on my last weekend...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sprinkle Sprinkle Little Star

It was a high tensed situation for everyone near me
Guess this is a crazy wacky month
Less love more tense WTF
I seriously hated so much of where I am now but I have no choice bah!
Patience is a virtue ya da ya da ya da

Spending time with bambam cos making up the distance of being apart the last few days
Deep down we have our own issues but trying not to think about it
Oh my god.. my hands are so dry!!!! I just noticed it while typing this out
We had nice dinner at Sakae Sushi
Suddenly I had too much of salmon dose cos they tasted so good with the wasabi yum!
There were some nice pair of comfy flats from adidas (sleek series) and GAP but I prefer the former
I dunno why I'm attracted to flats nowadays probably due to nature of work kot
Oh oh I love the smell of pomegranate body polish from Body Shop and ze baby pink with black lace trimming beauty case I got recently
That gives me temporary happiness haha

Dang am trying to configure emails and blogging from e63
Speaking of that the other set was given to that great licker tsk tsk tsk

Monday, February 16, 2009

Crash and Burn

Once I jumped in that dark blue tiles pool I couldn't help but to just swim and swim and swim till I lost count how many laps it were
To a point two of the guys inside stay on the side and left after I stopped haha
The weather is super hot and feeling so dehydrated, dipping in the pool at nite is awesome ~ simple pleasures
An arab looking gal asked if I can show her how I swam so I told her the one close one open sync as a key of rule
I think I seriously gotta charge for lessons haha
Felt lighter and relieved from the tense at work

Claimed my rebate from renewing the car road tax oh dear there goes the moolah outta ze red patent purse of mine
It helps to pay other debt but it seems that a lot of other things to pay like changing the wear and tear of my chevy
Brought bambam to NZX and as predicted he is a happy chap
We had snacks at the cute Fullhouse Cafe and loving my honey aloe vera drinks in a mini jug

Anyway my body still sore and getting back to its usual rhythm
Those silly emm twats not going to spoil my resting day
Yeah I pushed myself to work smart(er) now and be the selfish bitch cos pleasing everyone is not a paid off duty man... grrrrr...
Whatever... had some quality time with bambam
He might be selling the bugsy beetle he has now cos I know deep down he's eyeing on that yellow one lah
Told him to prioritize our expenses hmmmm...
So much things to pay argh! Tired lah!
LB is plotting a secret rendezvous with her lover
If it's away from this lil country tak nak pulak bring me as a lamp post??! Mmpft...

V-Day with Tuanku

Oh yeah so you think it's a marvellous day with the royalties?
Haha freaking pins and needles yo!
Story more later
Gonna jump in the pool for recovery period
. . . .

It was a 4 nites 5 days body resistance we had to endure and all becos of super kancheong lady boss
Bodoh gila but I gave my best so that I can counter back when its the right time
Cut long story short I was the resort, house keeping, operations, f&B manager lah chasing people until they hated me for nothing *sighs*
No doubt it was a great experience but you see it can be handled better and more professional (if they are one!)
What to do am assisting a brat whom I discovered is the BEST ACTRESS ever in emm drama
I stored a lot of nos in ze new e63 from Tuan Polis to Tuanku's bodyguard bwahaha
The best part was after those protocol torture and all both Tuanku walked to me so that I can sembah and shake their hands before they walked on that yellow carpet to their gigantic ride
If other peeps can't appreciate what am doing but at least I had royalties to acknowledge my effort
Hah! Picchas later la cos it's all captured from chuckie lah

Bambam spent V-day with his (my less fav) friend
Either of us didn't get anything but usually we had our dinner outside trying fancy places
Well we're not a big fan of celebrating it but a good fine dining at least once every year marks something in our relationship -______-

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trip To That Red Resort

I know some of the day I will be the lamp post
Well maybe I'll spill it out here one day
I learn to talk less and erase unnecessary stuff in my life
Less drama can be dull but it's good for your soul

Only I get to drag chuckie along being another lamp post
God saves me.......

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Oh yes am enjoying this cute piccha effect thingy heheh
Photo Effects. Old TV set
It was a quite long weekend non?
Finally got my hands on E63 courtesy of the kepoh-fos (full.of.shite) co
Bye berry come to juicy momma one day haha
At least I got my own line and separate them from my personal ish
Thursday nite catching up with Jas, WorkaholicRos and KeyMasterThiru over nasi goreng USA at mamak
We were mental laughing at our silly lil jokes one after another
Time flies and I couldn't wait for the weekend
Anuar, Piano & You

Friday nite accompanied LB and family to watch him performing at Concorde
I was like ok not a big fan but I love his songs
Lucky I went back and changed cos everyone were so dressed up literally dress to kill the nite wei!
All these blonde ladies blowing and setting their hair in curls decked in blings whoa!!!!
But when Anuar Zain sings (he came out so late by 10 pm and invites was at 8 pm) OMG!
I fell in love with...... his.... voice!
I only knew Mungkin cos bambam always sing it during our sing song session
Best gila power ok his voice it is so hmmmm... mesmerizing? Oh well he can put me to sleep becos it is so soothing like a lullaby! -_______________-
Our table was no. 3 so we were seated next to the stage and if I'm not so perasan he did blinked his eyes three times three different songs while singing and smiling at me bwahahaha!
Yeah yeah either he's a confused or whatever we've heard about his preference well he is charming in his own way especially when he sings
Just like the handsome astronaut of ours innit! Haha
They've got the charisma
Nanti la upload the vid no time la

Waterfall Hopping
Yeah we went to two waterfalls
I missed the nature and I need a short break away so off we went to FRIM
Had less than five hours sleep but I dragged myself from the bed and prepared bombay toast for our picnic
I remembered it was almost hmmm.. fifteen or sixteen years ago since my last visit there with my family!
Am so happy that it is still untouchable well not so much and it is beautiful
Maybe am gonna make it a frequent visit then
The water is gloriously cold and so so refreshing
Tak puas and wanting more we decided to bring the boys to another waterfall where I had slide down two storeys 3 years ago
But this time I wasn't that daring anymore and was too tired
Thank god they have upgraded the place better roads and picnic spots but of cos we gotta pay to get in now
It's called Sungai Sendat and there were too many people this time but we had super awesome time
I took a nap on the foldable picnic lazy chair that bambam brought along while he drifted away listening his music
Aaaaah! It was good!
Waiting for more picchas from Sue
Here is me and the macho men with the ice cream man

OMG just look at my fat juicy self!! Yikes! Dammit!

Enter Sandman
Saturday nite followed bambam to watch live band with his buddies at Quattro, Spring
Maybe it is just me but Avenue K has this lack of feng shui (as in gloomy, eerie kinda vibes)
The band was ok and they played my Metallica song so I was super thrilled! Heheh
Couldn't catch up with mommy and bro cos I had my cycle (doh!)
It seems going haywire lately man and it is not cool I tell ya!

Am off (again!!!!) to that red resort for Tuanku's visit haih!
Gonna pack my stuff and catch some rest

p/s: Rihanna's concert postponed! Heheh... yay nasib tak pergi and thank god I sold off our tickets earlier!

Shopping Non?

Well my current office location is *cough* put it like this I can just pop in during lunch and take a cat nap
Just sharing with ya if you're interested
I shop less nowadays partly due to being super pooped after long hours
But I may just spend my lunch time tomorrow and check this out -____-

OMG the current spring fashion campaign of H&M is old skool cool
Luv luv the super big hair!!! Also that hot kohl peepers!!!

Memang juicy sexay!
Talking about sexay check out the cut out heels below I received in my inbox from shopbop
Heels are now are higher and edgier doncha think so too?
Mmmmm... nice but I can't afford to run around in it! *cries*

A random thing I did today was I went sing song with my two lovelies hehe
It feels kinda awesome when I know am breaking the rules bwahaha!
I love them both of cos!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Escaping Vol.2


I managed to escape yet again.. partly due to my mom's health la
Looking at the program OMG they gotta wake up at 6 am till 11 pm through out the 3 days of team building in that average red resort
My body definitely cannot cope up since I've been working over the weekend
It feels like I got my juicy life back!
Temporary... is still good! Phew!

LB said something about blueberry which I know it was meant as black haha
Mommy make a small joke out of it cos my mom memang tech savvy and loves electronic gadget
I think one day she may have a blog haha
We shall see if it actually landed on my palm k
No high hopes after some observations

Accompanied LindaMelon looking for party place for lil Ian's first celebration
Enjoyed my time with both of them and boy he is getting cheekier and he can actually walk now
Heart breaker and attention seeker!

Moshi Moshi
I love Daiso cos it reminds me of 100 yen shops in Japan
Yeah you get everything in store in the value of RM5
I spent almost an hour alone and another hour with bambam when he joined later
Got myself a pretty dream valley gerbera potpourri, silver pen holder for my other office, pink skipping rope (yes I need to do something for my thunder thigh), pet hair sponge remover and awesome tea holder with lavender scented candle

Did you know that Sony Vaio came out with super tiny slim lappie
OMG comel gila and so shiny
It's called pocket style PC *drools*
You can just slip it in your jeans back pocket and the price is so attractive
Coolness -__________-

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All sorta dreams when you close your eyes

My horoscope read like this today:-

Today, if you can be more flexible, you can be more powerful. Bend and be mellow.


Your philosophical side is showing today and you may spin almost any situation into an excuse for bigger thinking. You may not have the time to get too deep, but you've got the right attitude

Had super weird dream last nite where I was running back to the old office of hippieman picking some of my stuff I left behind while he was barking at me from across table
Then I saw the French having more hair! LOL!
Fast forward I was in an elevator and somebody has cut the line we were going down really fast you know like you've seen in movies
A girl was trying to make calls from her cell phone and I was mumbling something
Then... I woke up! Wah that was a tired dream lah

Later in the evening bambam told me he was upset in the morning after he woke up
I was like did you had a bad dream and something that makes you jealous
He shrugged off and he told me about it he he he silly boy!
Yeah.. he only shows off his jealousy in his dream ke ke ke

My sweet old friend buzz me and told me she had to hear from me cos she dream about me too!
WOW! This is super cool kan
In her dream about something pretty sorta tea garden party for my big day... woooo... haha
I find it quite cute la!

Ok am sleepy and hopefully I dream something juicy tonite k!
Sweet dreams!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ze red packet

My fav chinese colleague resume to work today
YAY! Well she's our doraemon as I called her cos she'll bring out lots of stuff from her room to share with us esp. food
If she said she'll make fruit/veggie juice for us she'll come out with the extractor/blended as well
If she said fruits she'll bring the whole watermelon or papaya sebijik!
... and sliced it for us giving spoons to scoop to our mouth! How generously kind kan!
She's the one who bought me a birthday cake when I started working less than two weeks *hugs doraemon*
And today since am still eligible to receives ang pau she gave me one
Thank you my darling he he he! Best!

My other fav Indian colleague is still on leave
Sadly she's leaving us by end of this month
YES my work area is so muhibah (harmony) and I have my sanity there!
But as they always say... good things never lasts!
Oh what a bummer!

Gimme my sparkles back

I contributed last weekend yup been slaving in that average red resort
The journey in that 4 wheel Porsche was scary and again this time we saw another accident involving a car on fire!
Nevertheless I had fun with the press especially after I refreshed their memories
They were really happy till those corp comm ppl started paying attn to me
I was never a show off except for my love of OTT stuff
There are times or things you don't have to share until the right time comes innit
Even the big man realized my existence and LB was surprised too
Look la don't under estimate quiet ppl who don't really shine (yet) and do their job silently
Yup am keeping my sparkles at the mo and only I need it for myself sharing it with my loved ones ONLY

They can be so predictable... bah!
The best part I don't have to shimmy to dangdut songs to impress anybody ahaha *shakes head*
I have my juicy standards yo!
But I *had* to pocho pocho which was fun and it was my 2nd attempt haha
The first was when I was in Perth where MuiMui taught us
Man I miss that gal since her escapade to Sin City tak catch up lagi *sighs*
Check out the vid below even students from Sweden learning it!

Mommy still had that pain on her palm and I poured out my frustration
She was super supportive and listened to me while giving suggestions
Yes she's my wonder bionic woman! Love the part when I used her computer and she showed all bookmarks for the links to me! *cries lovingly*
Thank you so much and I hope she recovers soon!

This woman in the music vid also always amazed me with her style! *hats off*
Gotta love the yummy heels! Aaaw...

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