Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SATC weekend

All the chipettes!
Our dear friend came back from Dublin for good
Haih... must be for a good reason cos I would stay out there forever hehe
So we had all gals weekend with her and oh boy it was an awesome time
Sleep over, out for some live music, dvd nite, baking, trip to the hair salon, made up, bought new outfit and rounded up our weekend with a perfect dinner
A lil bit of o'drama in between and we came out with the most used phrase over the weekend "bitch slap"
LOL! It's been awhile I laugh this mad and am glad we all had one of the best simple pure fun weekend!
Love you gals loads!
True friendship is a treasured gift!

It was simply fabulous!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shut Down Mode

I miss the badminton today due to cramps
Supposed to hang out with the gals later for dinner but instead fell asleep infront of the telly
So tired... and I just feel the need to hibernate on my own
Don't have to answer calls if I don't feel like it
Need not replying sms or bbm or emails (of cos work related kena la) to anyone
I realized I missed how it feels to be so happy and contented and the need to share my love with
Yeah with someone who will loves me unconditionally....
Wondering why in the end my act of kindness always been tainted, broken and thrashed
That's the reason I never settled for less cos I know the one for me is somewhere there or might just not exists
Gotta focus on my plan and as always am usually side tracking
I have seen the sign so yeah you're not good enough for me
I need a pillar and not being a pillar for you... I've done enough

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On Full Speed

Today both of my staff were not in and luckily Mdm Storm mood is A-Ok
A lot of work though and both of my mobile phones kept on ringing, chiming and making other sounds
At one point I was holding it with both hands and putting it down on my desk as if it was two revolvers ahaha!
Sorry my imagination runs wild all the time *tongues out*
Ok if it was it will look like this.....


Today I shall let my body rest from any form of work out la
Tortured for 3 days in a row so yeah gonna chill and relax my mind
I kinda like it when natural sweats produce during the jog or badminton I did cos I felt like I flushed out all the toxins from myself
I need to CLEAR MY MIND!
Need no baggage at the moment and very SELECTIVE now
Yup, call me selfish but I only hangs out with POSITIVE people
I don't need to drown with your problems/issues as everyone has and it is how you DEAL with it

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Healthy life for a healthy start!

My body is a lil aching from exercising and rotating activities to keep fit
Went for run/brisk walking at the park on Saturday and swimming on Sunday
We were crazy (and noisy) in the pool when we jumped in after the rain cos we were busy learning the V thingy
Haha wonder wat was it?
Sort of hand stand with your both legs lift up and spread wide open (mine was too much I looked like a damn clown)
And today after a short jog at the park I played badminton for 2 hours
My oh my I'm amazed I have the endurance but sure konk later he he

Got a lil concerned on my first purchase... can't wait for my car loan to be settled!
Chatted with bro about it and he seems to be firm with his decision
Good for him! I gotta sit down and discuss further with everyone *sighs*
Somehow it gives me the cold feet haha but yeah it's about time Nurul!

The assistant took off to Jakarta to celebrate someone's birthday
I said ok as not much help needed and for sure the same favour can be asked later when I really need it ;)

On another note.....
He thinks I have forgiven yes I do but I don't forget...
Oh come on... I didn't paused my life just for you please...
I was okay and definitely better now so beat it!
Changes is what I was hoping for but looking at the rate now.. hmph!
God bless!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Maybe resolution #4 will strike off soon!

Trying to maintain reso #1 and # 5 when ever I can la... So far so good ;)
I've been driving mommy at the show house few times recently
Most likely we will make a deal out of it
We are happy with the place... area so-so but maybe it will be better in future
To me home is somewhere is not busy, hectic and away from the city
Yup, I'm not that kinda gal who will live in the smack of the hustle and bustle of the city
Noisy and polluted nah...
Unless I won a condo with it's private pool and up in the sky I will not complaint lah hee hee

January almost saying good bye to us and most of my weekends has been fulfilled with loved ones
Been doing some running at the park and swimming too
Yup I need to shed some kilos especially on my bum... aiyoh!
Finished reading two books and bought another two
I did some shopping too this month and will chill till next mth haha!
Catching up with latest movies and I watched Case 39 earlier...
Avatar still on top of my list for awesome show

My birthday space cake were shared with like minded peeps after we came back from rapunzel's mom birthday dinner
Oh man... eyes were heavy after that but at least I get to share it la!
We wore white dresses coincidentally that nite...

As always I will lead the poco-poco dance lah at the party hahahahaha!

Oh friends who came to juicy crib kept saying that pebbles is fat haha
I don't really realized until I see his piccha
You think so too?

He is my fluffy furry lil boy laaa...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On the 5th day of the year

How are you doing?
Oh hello my blog! I miss you....
Work pouring like madness that I was stuck on my chair till the sunsets in...
*images of beautiful sunset when i was in bali comes to mind* which was more pleasant of cos!
Well as long as I sorted each one with the help of A-ok mood from mdm storm am just content
I'm actually blessed that I have good friends and trying to make the effort to catch up with them
This year I also will make a point to spend more time with my (queer) family and ME ME time!
Back to my resolution and trying to achieve cos it got me thinking during the New Year's dinner at Uncle Akhbar (which I found out later was former hubby of Dato Farah Khan) villa in Sanur he said he evaluates his reso every three months
Targeting to achieve them before the year ends which is a good discipline rather than planning but no action nor implementation
Which is true! It is so irony that I plan for people esp my boss organizing her life and yet I don't even do that to myself!
The feeling of accomplishment how small it maybe gives a big satisfaction and am gonna try and make it work
Reflection is good too so that it reminds you to make better judgement

Anyway, the nite before I had birthday dinner treat from exbf
Yes, we got into talking terms back and since he is so persistent I put the hatred away and being neutral
However, it would be refreshing if I know there is at least a bit of improvement in his life la..
It doesn't trigger any kind of signals to me so yeah.. what ever... just break my principal la talking is fine...

Read some tweets "that gal" I kind envy due to her blatancy got arrested the day I arrives Bali for smuggling a small amount of drugs.. well 3 bongs too wth!
Some people are just too stupid but probably she just get the kicks out of it... stupid kinda thrills
Then most likely she was bailed out la cos she did tweeted something later... hmmm...
Kena raid kat clubs pun ketaq ni kena jail... gila!

Anyway hope that things are better for all of us and don't do anything stupid.. silly is fine :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

HELLO 2010!

Oh you came so fast!
Goodbye 2009!
It was in a blink of eye... cos each day was filled with loads of stuff going on in my life till I abandoned this small lil space of mine...
Last year was a pretty tough year for me... I even got my canon stolen!
Make things worst my picchas since July was in the memory card... *sighs* adieu juicy memories!
On a positive happenings I've been in out travelling and staying in villas since my birthday hee hee
Legend waterhomes in PD was awesome with juicy circle
Yup the pyjamas pool partay haha

Rapunzel invited me to stay in a villa with her in The Banjaran Hotsprings, Tambun Perak which was super awesome

We were there to try out the facilities as invited by her dad before it opens to public
Steam cave was amazing! Can't find it anywhere like that and Jeff's Cellar too was unbelievable
Too bad it's in my canon so it is just stored in my head!
Anyway, how was your new year celebration?
Mine was hmmmm... mystical and different kind of experience
Will share more in my next post!
Yup... new year new resolution.. what's yours?
For me...
  • to take care of my health
  • to take up another language which I have been procrastinating
  • to organized my wardrobe (it's a tough call close friends would understand what am talking about haha)
  • to buy a place of mine own (insya allah)
  • to smile more and be happy (irregardless of the situation arises)
  • to blog more and have a me time which is good for my soul
Hope you have a wonderful year ahead and may this year be kinder to me and prosper with good health and wealth!
Here are some picchas from my trip with cam borrowed from mommy -____-


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