Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time Warp or Speed Zone

Yeah... am just stuck somewhere or just wheezing in a buzz!
Lemme see... I've drafted post(s) that gone half way haha
It's a madness thingy going on around.. a lil paranoid or shall say more careful in the choice of me leading my journey
Not gonna get any outside vibes interfere with it
Cos somehow you didn't realize it did and perhaps when you're vulnerable these unwanted sources seep in your skin
So yup! Change of course, of course!

Since I was back from holidaying in Bali, I had gone to Perhentian Island with Ms Chatterbox (just the two of us!)
She's one of my travel buddy cos we stick together no matter what... unlike urm.. my trip earlier to Langkawi Island where I got ditched for some random strangers.. Not funny!
(Unexpected) things does happened innit but am always in good hands (thank god)
Of cos made new friends which is awesome (collect + select method of cos)
But Perhentian trip was a diff kind cos traveling with no guys can be tricky (extra careful needed)
Stayed in a simple shack with fan and mozzie net hehe (first time!) Konon adventure lah...
The island is spoils by drugs consumed openly at nite (WTF!) segan la sikit! I was shocked and damn pissed
Do your shit in your freaking room please...
Our room got peeped on the last nite by some idiot Tom (highest suspect is the chalet supervisor)
This is in Panorama Chalet so so sad and freaked out that we took the second boat off the island
Rather pay extra and stay in Bubu Resort instead like my previous trips *sighs*

Nevertheless some juicy experience from the island trip was I got a pretty nice tan hehe cos spending a lot of time in the water under the sun, saw 2 turtles kissing (how rare and wish I got underwater camera then) also baby shark right beneath me while snorkeling
Made awesome friends from UK Becks, Cameron, Lucy + her tiny bumps
I still luv the clear water and enjoying it all the time there *blessed*
Also made another friend when we took the cab ride from jetty to airport Hedy who runs a backpackers/hostel in KL
We savored the supposedly best nasi kerabu ayam percik restaurant in Kota Bharu called Yatie
We shared our travel experience and had a good laugh (oh this reminds me to drop by at her hostel and say hello!)

Roped in to join a group of adrenalin junkie for white water rafting in KKB
Gosh I was super excited that I couldn't sleep the nite before haha
Thrilling and gosh definitely giving it another shot next time
My arms hurt like a bitch and bruises everywhere haha
Polished off with steamy hot nasi lemak with awesome sambal after oh my what a day it was!
Unicorn was asking about shrooms if any of the orang asli plucked em off hahahaha
Amir of Hanz friend and our guide Rizal tempted the both of us to go travel with them doing crazy stuff like rafting and bungee jumping backpacking in Kathmandu in April!
I was kinda tempted but then mom would think I have mid life crisis or going insane if I were to tell her am off to Nepal mommy for soul searching hahahahahahah
I would go but have a lot in line so hmmmm... maybe... just maybe...
the UK peeps came to town and we meet up in Sky Bar, Trader's Hotel
So happy to see them and we had some cocktails and white snapping picchas
Met two of Beck's friends one from her hometown Leanderr and aussie Carla
Happy vibes it was!
They came over the next day to my place and took them out to Curve for lunch after fetching them from lrt station
We swam in the pool and getting to know more
Too bad couldn't join them in Palate Palatte later at nite cos I had to go for Marcel + Dayang showcase in HRC with boss and colleagues
I prefer the former anytime baby!

I made contact again with unicorn giving it an evaluation
Got me a LCD screen tv and wii full set with his first pay for his new job (improvement!)
But I ain't gonna be tat easy cos frankly I can managed myself but in comparison we shall see if chances can be given lah
He got a yellow sweepea soft top (I did wish to own tat years ago) we collected from JB
Good condition but was leaking cos the top was soaking wet from really stormy rain on the way back
Simply fun and no pressure so yeah I felt comfortable

And then I was off to Singapore last weekend with Rapunzel meeting Carla the Koala
Celebrated both birthdays and was in casino too! of cos no gambling rather shopping la since the rate is freaaaaaking expensive!
Crazy fun weekend too and seriously am so so blessed with the madness impromptu goings on lately he he
Tat summarized my crazy moments now and yeah lotsa juicy picchas to share too!
If am not stuck in the time warp again or in the speeding zone I shall upload it la la la la

Be right back!

p/s: am freaking fat now officially! fark been 4.5 kgs heavier sheeesh!!! WTF!! DIET TIME!
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