Friday, July 23, 2010

Doo doo doo

Heyya! Sorry for not updating and failed to share any picchas...
Some connection errors getting online at home and yeah day in day out just like that
I was in J-town last weekend to visit my dear friend who gave birth to a healthy baby boy
Baby Stanley is of cos super adorable
Macet (traffic jam) in Jakarta is!!!!!! I appreciate traffic in KL anytime now haha
Stayed in Harris Hotel cos I kinda like the one in Bali and nearer to Annette and family
Bambino followed me and he was quite excited with another getaway
Yeah yeah am trying to see if we are still a good travel buddy/partner
We took early flight woke up at 4.30 am (me up at that hour???!) yeah cos it's cheaper and arrives by 10 ish
Took cab and told him bring us to Mangga Dua and the nearest hotel to the complex as we gonna lug our bags and do some window shopping.. yeah right hehehe
My first time there and it just reminded me of Sg Wang Plaza though lotsa nicks nacks u can find there
Got few juicy berry covers in sporty white and yummy hot pink al cheapo
Bought kaftan w diamante in two diff colors haha
We had super sedap soto ayam there too and he had two bowls okay...

Sheesh I gotta run brb *winks*

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