Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm back and it's soooo not cool!

Back to normality and reality *sighs*
But then again I missed beraya and people here and of cos my furry boy!
Lotsa amazing memories in our wonderful RnF holiday
Will share picchas and of cos it'll be sometime LOL!
Aaaaah.... cold weather I don't miss u that much tee hee hee!

Friday, September 17, 2010

2nd stop Sydney!

We're in Sydney now!
Staying over at Anita's crib which was really a spanking posh apartment right next to the Casino
Baby Gabriel is a big boy from the last I met him
Couldn't believe that am finally here :)
She's a super sweet host who made us sambal ikan bilis with nasi putih wei!
Sangat lazat dan puas!
We hoped on the ferry to cover the Darling Harbour and Opera House
Walked thru George Street and of cos checking out Supre haha
Had to be in a supa looooooong queue in the cold for our dinner in Mamak in China Town
But it was all worth it
Unbelievable that chinese opening up a mamak place I tell ya!!!!!
We ordered roti telur bawang, half a dozen of satay, chicken curry, kangkung belacan and teh tarik
Great portion with good price but most importantly it's tasty
It's almost 3 am here and we're back from dancing the nite away in Ivy
I tell ya the club is awesome and Dj was playing hard
Even though I have back pain from walking a lot in the supa cold weather it didn't stop me from boogie-ing with the gals
Marvelous time...
Gonna crash now and till then ey
Good nite all

Hola from Oz! :) First stop Melbourne

Oi! Oi! Oi!
This year lebaran aidilfitri was a different one for me :)
Spent the first two syawal with familia and attending open houses
Went to boss's house where unexpectedly Tun M and family came with his whole family
It was really nice and both Tun wore the same color as me in navy blue yay!
Then we adjourned to Threza's house in Damansara Heights where I missed Ezrin who brought our friendship together
Thereafter we went to my darling Jas's house where her mom lovely nasi briyani is to die for
Of cos I felt guilty digging in but hey it's a celebration hee hee
Second day bro drove us family to visit our grand uncle house in Malacca
Tok Chu betina is unwell like Dy-O it was a sad situation and yet it was a reflection for all of us
Am so glad we got together and yes it strengthen our bonds :)

Third of raya I flew off to Melbourne with my partner in crime for holiday!!!!

I've visited the city before but nothing like this as it was a HOLIDAY!
Wander around every nooks and corner of the back lane
It was like coming back to another home cos catch up with lotsa Malaysian friends
Ha ha ha
Weather is blardy cold than I expected but of cos I was prepared and took out juicy boots ey
Australia is a land of dessert heaven I was spoiling myself with cupcakes, jaffa cakes and hedgehog + caramel slice
Reunited with caramel supa shakes oh so yummay!!!
Generally it was nothing to shout about other than quirky shops and sculptures around town
Shopping wise it is pretty steep hmmmm... DFO Southwarf was a bargain and it's supa huge
Got a CK stud rose ring plus a 50s swatch diver's watch :)
Melbourne CBD is a foursquare where u can cover within a day walking
Oh I also went to ACMi and checked out the Tim Burton's exhibition which was something
Lotsa piccha to share but lately am sooooooo lazy to upload so haha will do when am really FREE!
We also covered Melbourne zoo where some monkeys did a performance to us oh la la plus Queen Victoria market (which was cut throat) cos it's so touristy
The hotel where we stayed i.e. Novotel is the perfect location as everything was walking distance
Met Becky with her bf Tim in Cookie on Swanston Street where the rooftop bar has amazing view of CBD at nite
We got a blankie to cover ourselves up for the breezy cold wind
Hopefully we can catch up again once we're back from Sydney :)
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