Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Merdeka!

Time flies and year end is approaching in a blink!
So much to share but so lil time for me jot it down...
Juicy life now rolls in a rumble and certain things are just stored in juicy memory :)
Met few strangers and connected some are bitter some are sweet
Oh well life is not perfect and tat makes it colourful innit

Hmmm.. fasting has been a food fiesta cos so many choices for berbuka ;P
I think am piling on kilos haha
It's a month tat binding the ties too so it's all good
Managed to go for terawih this year and am so happy!
Bought enough baju for raya I think he he
Have a blessed ramadhan and enjoy your hols!
Here is a piccha of me and my ol fav sista recently

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I miss ranting/venting out cos I was a lil lost somehow yet too occupied!

To be honest my life is freaky weird this year
A lot of wake up calls, being thrashed, back stabbing, weird hook up, manipulated, sacrifices and yada yada yada
I clearly think I was pushed to the edge and yet still standing (even looking lost) to maintain the sanity of my juicy self
That's what you get when you're interacting with a lot of humans
They have many characteristics even the underlying ones that you have to accommodate somehow to make things easy...
Time can only tell you the true self of one person
Not necessary you know them inside out (even you have shared darkest secret) you cannot sum them up
I've always failed and they turn their back against me
Seriously I like to analyze myself later on.. it's like being nice always taken for granted?
Being a good sport yeah hey wassup no worries let's do it doesn't mean I do not have a sensitive feeling!
I am like other humans have feelings but perhaps I'm gifted with mountains and tonnes of optimism that I always gives in....
Which doesn't favour me in the end as a lot of them abused it... Bah!
Strongly I would say I am just tired of being NICE!
I am just gonna CHILL and take a back seat and stop saving the world haha
It's ashamed to see the choices people make to suit to their own selfishness
Yeah it is not (that) wrong but what ever it is deep down in my heart I would and could never do the same like them
It's almost thirty two years am living and that special place or the state of bliss am wishing for is no where near
I have no regrets but I guess I am just bad at not planning things or probably I am living in the wrong year or era
Just make the best of it innit... Gonna apply the 90/10 principle in life ~_~

"Absolutely everything we do,give, say or even think it is like a boomerang..... It will come back to us..."

10% of life is made up of what happens to you and 90% of life is decided by how you react

Thank god career wise is moving up (will have a bigger room but I need a raise!) and this year I've witnessed a lot of beautiful weddings
At one point I made it happened in three days haha
Didn't know as an archer I would have some spare ♥ arrow
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