Friday, January 30, 2009

Revisiting on juicy astrology

It's uncanny that my horoscope read like this today:-

There's no need to worry that you are losing things today -- it can be replaced.


You're not typically absent-minded, but today you find yourself constantly forgetting to do little things like lock the door behind you or grab your wallet as you leave. Try to backtrack a lot!

Right after I had those blonde moments yo! Ack!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bugsy Fever Blonde Moment

I am so knackered from work today accommodating to mood swings and running around hmph...
Visited jbstreet and clicked more than 10 places hopefully kena some lah
Just preparing myself for worst scenario I don't trust anyone so back up back up haha
All friends are flying off and planning or going for impromptu trip and I wish I could too
It's like impossible here at the mo... crazy gila bangang
Which leads to a silly stupid story later am gonna share later boohoohoo

After work bambam fetched me and we went to OU
I changed to jeans, tank tee and slipped on the velour Ed Hardy hoodie (check out the bedding yo awesome gila) changed bag carrying only my purse, card holder, home keys and access card
Decided to wear heels cos I've been missing them lately
We had thai curry laksa for dinner and he dragged me around to look for those tiny fan for his new beetle
Member mmg tgh super excited and we walked to and fro new wing an old wing
I got serious blisters both feet later cos I must have been walking god damn A LOT this past two months
We went to get a white jewelled slipper so that I can walk instead of limping
A short stop at my favourite store and had yummy takoyaki
Happy la...

Only then when we reached home and he walked me back I fished out the keys from my bag for the padlock on the grille
Tak boleh unlock it... !!!!!!!
Ok I had this problem before that those Solex type can have the same issues which leads me to peed in my skirt in the guest bathroom after I managed to unlock it... I know very embarrassing but shit happens kan
So we took turn trying it out until an hour later when Jas who happens to be with Thiru came around and he tried his luck too while we waited for the lock smith to rescue
Sorang was super hyper about his new car and sorang lagi lak was contemplating to get another boots after she shop one earlier and loving those two she tried and me... I was floating cos seriously I am super exhausted with blisters while motivating the other guy to try his best
I later was poorer by sixty bucks (saving forty) after pleading much while those guys teasing me to flirt with the locksmith with my non existant cleavage for more discounts bwahaha
Guess what....
It was ZE WRONG GOD DAMN KEYS which belongs to bambam house
WT.....H!!!! I did bang (lightly) my head on the wall cos we both didn't realized it was his keys cos he NEVER ask me to keep it in my bag!
Tension tak....
Dah la kaki sakit, standing outside for more than hour, tired gila and poorer paying for nothing OMG!
The locksmith laughed and said it was his first case and treated it as ang pau dammit!
I laughed and then cried cos I realized too tired ppl plus too hyper excited ppl leads to serious BLONDE MOMENT!
Ayo!!!! Sakit hati but shit happens kan... *big heave-O sighs*

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If only it was longer

Weekend passed.. CNY this year was pretty quiet
I missed a CNY lunch I've been invited cos something came up more like terbabas from juicy ritual
Anyway ze power packed weekend was a dvd marathon with crazy friends
We made fun of the foul word we discovered by certain low mentality ppl
Jokingly we can call it bur bur clan who will always say Apa ke lanch continued with OMG!OMG!OMG! (inside jokes)
Surprised birthday cake for ShamBlaq at his restaurant anniversary
Eating at uptown I had kerang rebus and some fish head curry from Jas
Bro cracking jokes making us laugh uncontrollably continuously
Bambam drove down tat cute faded red bugsy from down south which needs some jobs to look like a happy wee beetle
We had a juicy "private party" as Wawie puts it watching NRG cos they kept on pointing and singing towards us crazy gals
Cooked spaghetti mushroom bolognaise and had peach melba for dessert
It was a bliss
back to office today and LB was barking on the other line in the morning WTH
Lashing out unimportant ridiculous things which I guess I knew where it came from...
OMG! Seriously in this bad times I'm more careful with my work; been so committed, working on weekends with no rest and not even cheating on MC.. losing my juicy sparkle (almost)
Guess ze M seriously cannot see anybody capable of doing a good job on their own that they have to pour out acidic vomits to kill tat person eugh!
So ashamed with my own race... Mana nak maju lagak je lebih eeew...
It's bad times so I guess I gotta hanging tough la... *sighs*
Ain't gonna sacrifice my personal no as charity anymore... stupid cheapskates
Tough world yo!
Am still dreaming of riding bicycle to work in my juicy boots far far away hahaha
Anyway eff 'em all lah... So penat entertaining bullshits
Here are some happy picchas stolen from FB
Ushering NYE 2009

Black shiny sequin dress - colours
Long black assymetrical cardi - F21
Pattern leggings - Topshop
Chain link two tone bag - CW
Dangling earrings - Gossips
Falsies - sasa

AJL Red Carpet 2009

Black embellish satin dress - pressie frm Ibby
Wide jewel belt - sevendays
Black jewel bracelet + grey clutch - V+
Patent sky high heels - pressie, Charles & Keith
Guess am digging more black dresses these days... hmmmm...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Picchas from your mind

Also I've been tagged by a blushing bride tootsie mootsies to:-
  • use google image to search the answers to the questions below
  • choose a picture in the first page of the results
  • post it as your answer
  • after that tag 6 people
Here it goes~
i am juicy so so juicy that you'll get addicted sometimes LOL! i really want to go to USA and covers all Disneyland around the world. Wait I also wanna go to Greece my favourite place is my bedroom my favourite thing is my Tag Heuer watch my favourite drink is chrysanthemum tea my favourite food would be tom yum and anything hot my favourite colour is rainbow ok if choose one will be anything pink i live in a 2+1 bedroom condo i was born in the heart of Kuala Lumpur i attended Anugerah Juara Lagu last Saturday nite my favourite story is Killing Me Softly well that comes across my mind right now haha my hobby is collecting shoes and playing with camera i wish I can live in a blissful life and blessed with good things too

Feel free to join in the fun!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai

Happy Chinese New Year!
Here are cute cupcakes I found over flickr of Anita Jamal
Too pretty to be eaten innit!

I too was awarded by Ms Bagaholic

Here are the things you gotta do
  • copy badge "2008 Cute Blogger Award" above in your blog
  • link those who has awarded you
  • each blogger must share 10 facts/hobbies before awarding another blogger
So here goes mine -___________-
  1. I'm a shoe lover and I think the last time I check I have more than 100 pairs stored in the other room
  2. Not much of a chocolate lover except for patchi haha ice cream can be orgasmic especially if it's Jamoca Almond Fudge from Baskin
  3. God knows how many jobs I've been and the best and worst experience was when I was flying with MAS. It sucks but it builds my confidence on not letting ppl stepping on my head. I miss having the 5 star hotel room on my own and just pampering myself soaking in the hot tub... aaaah
  4. I love traveling and each travel has its own special memories. I wanna go back to Amsterdam and stay there
  5. I can be a shopaholic ok ok I am one and yesterday while queuing to the cashier for a black legging I managed to add a brown wide belt and satin felt chain purse hahahhahaa
  6. Maybe I told you before I've been repeatedly hurt by monkeys, baboon and gorillas becos I trust people so much. I think I am a psycho magnet as bambam puts it
  7. I love sequinnes, embellishment, sparkles and anything that blings. I love OTT stuff.. it's in my juicy blood
  8. You wonder how I got to be juicylicious? Cos I love JUICY COUTURE to death but it kills me that couture is breaking my bank haha
  9. I love snapping pictures each and every object or anything that amuse me and am still waiting the new cam from bambam
  10. I wanna get married one day but seriously I'm trying to have a small one and the invites will be SO limited LOL! I hope nobody will get angry cos it's my god damn BIG day hahaha...
Oh that's it... 10 facts only that I can list here haha.. I can rant more but am so sleepy
If you're interested you can continue the chain cos my juicy battery is really dying now to think of anyone cos almost all juicy circle has been awarded lah

Have a great holiday ya!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been stoned

Followed my mom after work for some talk and all at Jalan 222A
She busted a sum of moolah for our family, well something that can help to make things better physically, mentally and emotionally (I do hope!)
Will explain more lah and wow the stone really make a difference
Here is the link if you're interested *click me*
I *can* lift up that fat bambam of mine LOL! Serious!

LB gave me four hundred bucks to get a phone
Yup I'm not going to use my own as a charity for the company.. na ah!
I was thinking like seriously which phone should I get for that amount hahahahah WTH wei
Gotta brainwash her a bit more.. Gila cheapskate!
I jumped into the contractor's pick up to fix her house so we can get it done as quickly before the holidays
Shouldn't trust anyone and she better compensate me for getting her requests fulfilled much ahead from her expectation! *pats self*
I do pick up my momma's wonder bionic woman traits hahahhaha!
Thank you mom... love you lots

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Case of Bejewelled Ballerina Pumps

bejewelled ballerina pumps
bejewelled ballerina pumps by juicylicious
I love shoes!
Yeah I heart anything pretty, edgy or something sexy to cover my juicy feet
I dunno why la but some has passion in handbags, accessories but I guess I just love awesome shoes

My current job requires me to bid bye bye to my lovely heels or pumps above 2 inches *sighs*
I need to run around between offices and wearing them either gonna hurt the heels and of cos my feet too
Bah! So I've been browsing around for ze one pair that makes my heart flutters haha
Between these two months I've been spoiled by bambam three pairs of shoes (they were on sale) heheh
So when we had a stop over in one of my fav shoe store in Bangsar I found a pair of sparkling pumps that instantly swept on my feet and purchased 15 mins later haha
Sucker.... but no this time it's on my own...
The puppy eyes and baby talk doesn't budge him to take out his wallet... bwahahaha!
No camera man...I miss taking piccha.. wait la I show off to you one day...
Still waiting..... *tapping fingers*
I got the one similar to those emerald green from Lanvin *drools*

No Longer Jungle Gal

Last Saturday managed to catch up wif Sazwa at her family's house where her minime Qirana Atiya had her aqiqah and turn 6 months
Such adorable lil one with big cute eyes and rosy cheeks
All the aunties and uncles (that's us) were busy stuffing ourselves with the lovely food and had bowls and bowls of ais kacang yg dibuat sendiri woohoo!
Too much choice of desserts and it was heaven
After the gathering my head were really wuzzies from all the babies and lil kids running around in the house haha! OD-ed with their sounds yo!
I love kids anyway -_________-
Bambam was blushing when we talked about engagement, weddings etc at the cafe
Make a mental note must ask for MORE mas kahwin ahahahahhaha for ME!

Up close personal with ze astronaut
Sunday I forgot I have invites to watch AJL 2009 (Juara Lagu) in Bukit Jalil Stadium
Say what????! But it was a red carpet invite so kira tak payah beratur and berebut-rebut la
Before we went in the afternoon we had lunch in my fav banana leaf place mana lagi Nirwana, Bangsar
Saw ze sex addict monkey with a mat saleh right across our table haha of all the people
Dunno which client laaa.. god knows....
Later I cut queue (not purposely cos the shop owner called me) at the threading salon and she complimented my simple polka dress haha
So happy cos I'm rushing time anyway and sorry to those waited hehe not my fault and I'll make sure I wear another polkas next visit hehe
The boys pampered themselves for foot reflexology while I trimmed my locks @Shawn Cutler
I love the saloon cos both my shampoo boy Kenzo and stylist Jackham treated me good without pressuring me at all
You know where they like to ask you to use this and that product and didn't listen when you repeatedly reminded them just trim it and don't LAYER it too much
For a moment (my usual weakness) I always itch to cut it short or restyle everytime I stepped into a saloon but heck I should be patient enough to keep it really long this time *winks*
I was a satisfied customer and I shall return there again

Ok back to AJL my god there were thousands (ok I maybe exaggerating) people queing for the show but with our VIP invite (ceh...) we walked on the red carpet yo! Kekekee
Nothing much to brag about but when I saw our astronaut walking pass by our seats I jumped and knowing LindaMelon adores him so much I grabber her arm and said let's go say hello! LOL!
I did and introduced myself to him and shook hand
You know what he said back... "I've met you before didn't I?" Like DOH!!!!! When???? In my dream??? Maybe.. *blush*
Despite the rumours and all but he does look dashing in that black suit la and I purposely lay my hand on his tush (not bad) while ShamFendi snapped our piccha woohoo!
His gf or partner definitely not amused but that's the price you pay for going with public figure innit
I know am a notty juicy gal but I don't steal and keep... *winks*
The show was above from my expectation gila first time I heard all those songs and really enjoyed it
Faizal Tahir did an awesome performance but too bad he didn't win overall la
My aunty sms me saying he was delicious and sent text back and forth after she saw me walking outside before the show started hahaa
Damn I have a cool aunty and I guess notty runs in juicy family boohoohoo
Shaaaaaaaaaaaaam.... upload the picchas pretty please!
Thank you for a great nite and making my weekend an awesome one
I heart the mouse pad!!! Yay!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Escaping Vol.1

Dunno if I should be pissed, angry, grateful or what but seems I have no weekends off for next month
Ze calendar is power packed!
Ugh! How like that?????
Chances are highly missing on Rihanna and Valentine *sobs*
After lunch yesterday if I can divide myself into 4 Nuruls maybe I couldn't manage to escape and tag along (unnecessary)
What to do... *sighs* Tired being employed laaaa...
Went off to LB's "show room" today cos the contractor can take the measurement and fix the necessary
Ze nanny can talk and talk till dooms day I guess; tired of listening the whole god damn journey
I'm not really happy of what she did (she doesn't know it) and the person she dislike cos too much M vitamin in their system
Twice I kena and gotta be alert with this two fellas ugh!
To hell with politics man....
I wish and I hope I can build my dreams soon *kick bambam's butt* (too)

A dear friend's dad passed away (Al Fatihah)
My heartfelt condolence to you and family
It's your one year coffee shop anniversary too and I'm sorry that God loves him more and he passed on the same day

Smelly boo got me ceramic size 28 curling tong, jumbo!
Also awesome arm candy
Pretty lavender seeds pillows that *pebbles* likes too
Royal Ed Hardy sweats woohoo!
Last nite over the phone he asked about our next step of together *blush*
Told him I like Mauboussin hehe
A girl allowed to asks mountains, moon, stars, sunshine and rainbow before they become his property right LOL!

Later am gonna cherish the moment spending my time with gfs
Gosh I need to distress la wei.....
Work work work nak muntah darah dah
Ya la period pun came 3 weeks earlier... WTF!
Gonna pamper myself this weekend gila-gila
Have a good one too k!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Witnessed Ze God Damn Tsunami

Brrrrrrr..... *shivers*
Seriously it's annoying yet funny at the same time when people shouting out of frustration innit
Annoy becos somehow you are pulled into the drama indirectly if you're nearby and funny thinking about WTH are they acting like uncivilised human being *eye rolling*
I told myself I don't and try hard to go crazy like that (maybe I used to, teenage angst) cos I believe you can never earn the slightest respect with such behaviour

I'm tired... I can handle a looooooooooooooooot of things in my plate
But there are certain extend that one can accommodate right
I hate complaining... but looking at the calendar seems like I'm seeping into another tight dark hole shucks!
I need my social or alone time like FREAKING SERIOUSLY!
Like I always used to say...
Bloody hell!

Monday, January 12, 2009

My mind is processing minus ze pause button

Oh dear am really tired
I'm not complaining but somehow couldn't keep up with things around me *sighs*
Tired of organizing things both myself and LB but less on ma juicy-self
Gotta load up on my supplement... My cycle came 3 freaking weeks early WTH!
Is juicy body angry, upset but I must admit I don't really eat properly and sleeping late
  • I run around in kitten heels today and thinking of getting a roller blade so I can skate to and fro between the offices faster especially those pairs below I saw in Nice
  • The tribeca black embellish cardi I got two months ago stumbled in its paper bag among mountain of other clothes keep me warm in the freezing office
  • Shared 3 pieces of Big Apple donut with my colleagues for tea
  • I made teh tarik for the bankers since the tea lady went missing.. doh! Realizing I made better ones 35 thousands above juggling through turbulence before LOL!
  • I might be a permanent fixture in BMR for work which I'm trying to escape cos I don't wanna miss Rihanna concert which all the 10 of us has gotten the tickets.. eep!
  • There's heat rash on my ass cheek and hydrocortisone is doing its thingamagik... bah!
  • Bambam said he bought a sporty watch and Ed Hardy sweats for me oh yay!
  • Watched Golden Globe Awards with a gf and we yak about those gorgeous dresses, hair, accessories the stars wore at the red carpet and I love what Drew puts on... looks yummy like candy floss and Eva's chilly red is effortlessly stylish - it was all distressing, seriously haha!
  • Sting looks weird... what's with the bearded look yo!
  • I told gf about juicy flirting moment winking my eyes to Ralph Fiennes and he winks back while whispering to me no picture in Cannes on my trip back to Paris after watching F1 in Monaco.. that was like 5 years ago when he is not bald as in the Globe Awards
  • Cooked instant noodle chicken flavour sprinkled with oregano for gf while she did her 10 mins shampoo and blow dry in the master bathroom sink
  • Scare *pebbles* with the hair dryer and he's actually happy to have visitor
  • Munching on my Cadbury flakes before hitting the bed -_________________-
Ok time to rest... Good nite!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Marathon and oh! I found my flakes

Drove bro around today looking for his stuff
We had super power packed lunch @
Seoul Garden later and covered the ol and new wing in OU
Really stuffed ourselves gloriously (I'm hooked on the teriyaki beef) and amused in our own little world as usual
Couldn't careless on our surroundings and laughed like mad teenagers LOL!
I told him I wanna open an ice cream parlour if I don't get to be a zookeeper one day haha
Scooping and rolling the ice cream into a nice ball is a bliss *bimbo giggles*
Ice cream turns me on at any day yo!
So much fun and found there was this awesome shoe store hidden in one corner telling myself gonna grab few pairs sometime when am comfortable with my budget
Sales were every corner and
Anya Hidmarch has this awesome pumps at 60% off.. ayayi!
So many people shopping for CNY and the air hmmm.. there was once were fishy as hell
We wonder! WTH!

Bambam texted me saying he accidentally scrapped his head while shaving this morning oh gee
He said it was really cold over there so he feels kinda numb
I replied but still waiting for his reply... been twelve hours now *sighs*
Missing him and I hope everything is alright

While looking for spring onion and other stuff to make my juicy potato salad in Cold Storage I found my Cadbury Flakes *jumps in joy*

OMG I've been wanting it since forever man.. happy happy so happy

I'm still contemplating to trim my hair cos I know I will cut it shorter if I step into any saloon
Dammit I better wait for my size 28 curling tong that bambam managed to get for me to arrive then I'll consider again lah
But am bored having it coiffed and badly need some kinda magic to it

Had two nites of dvd marathon
Seriously I have no preference and enjoy every movie I watched even those reviewed as lousy ones
It supposed to entertains you innit so here are the trailers of what we glued on

We also watched one Spanish horror called The Orphanage kinda similar to The Others and open minded non judgmental indie movie about experimenting sex titled Show Bus
It was really cool and crazy haha
Check it out if you have time *winks*

I hope I'll get to do some laps in the pool tomorrow morning... ugh...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Dig Ol Picchas and Stumbled On Hats Galore

This was taken long time back in fact it was towards the end of 2008
It was our first time checking out
The Attic and bambam was in a good mood to chill outside so off we went to check it out

There were small stalls selling stuff and pieces from local designers too
We had fun fun fun
Especially trying out those cool hats belongs to dear
Janet who happens to be younger sister of Yvonee Lee i.e. writer for Trolley Dollies

I like how this awesome hair piece was handmade and though didn't purchase it there I found something similar in my fav shop weeks later

Gosh... I'm still contemplating laaaa... Miss snapping and taking tonnes of juicy picchas
Saw gorgeous clouds last evening wish I could capture it!

Bring All That Juicy Jazz To Me

I need a white background and a bigger layout
Too lazy to look around and have to settled for this at the mo
Need juicy fresh changes and right now time is not blending well with me
Picassa 3 kinda a hassle... too canggih lah so it slows down

Ok am so impatient now cos every minute is super precious *winks*
Hope somebody brings me back something pinky *hints*

The nite before bambam left we watched dvd at home
Quite cool show on how a high school friends turn flatmates gotta do their own porno to cover their bills
It's hilarious, not too subliminal and kinda sweet in the end
Catch the trailer below


Miss You Lah

Bambam texted he arrived safely in chinky land with no sleep due to crazy timing with the no frills airline
Poor baby and I was missing him already
Today I felt so lazy and spacing out realizing I didn't rest well enough and been working five days in a row though others only serve the 3rd day
My eating time/choice of food is kaput lately and also trying to eat less but yet am expanding and wobbly here and there shucks!
Lazy! Lazy! Lazy!
A gf asked me to get my juicy mojo back and keeping up with what she's calling me as Ms Sociology

Heck I need my time alone and yeah time is precious for me now yo
MMmmmmm.... I wish I can follow him and need a really good break
Longing for travelling and breathing new air
Before that I'm thinking of climbing again... damn I miss that feeling!!!
Work those wobbles

Missing you!
Eventhough it's less than 24 hours but I miss you so much boolat!
I bet *pebbles* too
Rihanna is performing in town and just heard in E! on telly saying that she'll be covered from shoulder to knee
I can't be excited (yet) cos I hope I can escape
There's The Tings Tings and Prodigy too in Singapore

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Unplanned Yet So Awesome

Oh gee it has been a week since we celebrated new year, the year of ox
Time flies is all I can say... been here and there and lil room to breathe
It's all good and in a way am glad things are keeping busy both myself and bambam too
Before that I got cool lappie(s) from work... and.... I got a wifi at home (free) woohoo!
Enjoying it while it lasts haha yup am punching the keyboard in my tiny balcony.. quite cool la
So much things happen within this past week
Managed to have date with dear mommy and discovered fabulous stuff together
I paid some of the money I owe her.. yes it's the first time I actually asked from her ever
Trained totally independent even in deeper shit before so this time I had to >.<
She's my super bionic woman till now

Before the year ended managed to have a sing song nite @Ceasers
As usual sure got some unwanted drama la when we gathers.. confirm cannot run from it haha
New year eve was super duper awesome cos we didn't plan anything and had an impromptu gathering and it went super smooth sailing

Since Mas (no longer can be pimpin) in town with his fiance AwesomeEmma (yay!) and meeting her the first time we wait and plan ours for him
I managed to get table reservation for dinner @The Apartment (fusion dinner was average and you gotta kick and only then they do it for you.. normal kan) and introduced the happy couple to my juicy babes
LindaMelon had singing session so she dropped by to see us before we pushed off to Sunway MOS
I'm a sucker for fireworks.. yup we watched them over the high glass window with clear vision where they launched it in the lagoon... Perfect!
Frankly the atmosphere was like a freakshow or circus and thank god it's where they don't bother you
We had a great time with the group though and continued to another fav couple awesome abode
In short it was kinda fantastic nite for all of us with no pressure haha
Going with the juicy flow really well -________-
Even if I missed Vegas but still home with juicy loved ones is where my juicy heart is! Oh yeah!

Went to BMR again over the weekend (working yo!)
Overnight at LB's mansion and managed to take the water slides this time with the kids
Oh yeah I definitely can blend in
Work on Monday too and till now... I just wanna pass out
I'm expecting a lot of visits to our projects this month *sighs*
Gonna miss my bambam cos he is leaving to chinky land in a couple of hours
Have a safe trip my drippy smelly boy luv luv
Shop shop for me my dahling

Oh I miss snapping picchas
Still waiting for the right one la... *winks*
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