Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quand Il Le Temps :) oui oui

Yes it is the time...

After almost 8 years we have decided a month ago to start our journey seriously officially hahaha

He has planned mostly everything, what I do is tightening and acting as advisor for our celebration. We try to minimize the involvement of both mommies and so far so good.. Alhamdulillah!

I like our invite which is simple yet pretty (to my juicy eyes) well some minor things which I should highlight to the designer but yeah.. small lil things that should just let go

I have my own invite tracker and budget in excel sheet haha yes am so kiasu innit. I really wanna DIY most of the stuff but if only time permits hmmm...
So far we managed to get our own light bulb strings.. Doing it from scratch yes! Oui! Jadore
Will share with you when it is ready!

Anyway, the best thing we did today was....

Yup our own monogram that I have we created ourselves. I foresee this is the first stationary for us and more to come heheh!

Can't wait to finalize all the preparations for our petite soiree...
Wish me lotsa luck!

Bisous xoxo

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