Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Things We Do

Boy every time it's year end there will be lotsa things to do people to meet and celebrate..

Not that I am complaining however, it helps to occupy my time and a good distraction from work. I realized also that friends come and go.. not only works for me but to the rest as well.

Next month is a big step well changing my official status heheh.. He said he has prepared some guards incase I speed off from him :p 
Like I always believe that if it is meant to be with Almighty's will and blessing it falls into place.. Amin. Insya'allah.

Actually, there are more things I wanna say and share with you. However, let me have some rest and beauty sleep. We were tired from torturing ourselves in the gym and pool earlier. Yes.. I think I am the fattest I have been and I do not think I will be a skinny bride hahaha oh well... catcha again!

Bon nuit xoxo

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